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In Topic: Nicole Scott is back - Flog that horse again

01 July 2013 - 08:04 AM

Guess Where?


When will this woman give up!!


Ok, we all know that CASSANDRA.DECASTRO is most definitely 100% ( Nicole Scott, Nicole Kippin, Judiann Shultz, Colleen Tozer, Judiann Nicole Gibbs, Jordana Nicole Taylor Stevens, Mandy Goldstock, Nicole Scott Kippin, Nicole Atif and many many more no doubt!!  So don't be fooled into thinking Cassandra's negative comments on this thread toward Nicole Scott are genuine, I'm sure it was just to sucker some users into PMing her (hopefully no one did)


Over one month has past on this thread and no one is playing hey Nicole? 


So you thought you would resurrect this thread to fuel your sickness/illness/addiction for notoriety and adoration with a GUESS WHERE?


Well it doesn't take an Einstein to work out that the photo is of Taranto Ontario Canada, now does it!


But the question today to CASSANDRA.DECASTO is....................................................

How do you get to Canada on government Centrelink payments, with a severe case of depression/agoraphobia? Not to mention the most recent case of pneumonia.


So glad to see that the depression, agoraphobia and pneumonia has all cleared up, must of had something to do with a certain court case being finalised, what do you think??