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In Topic: Handheld GPS

03 June 2014 - 08:52 PM

Garmin GPSMAP 78SC is what I use as a primary handheld.  My boat is VERY wet.

In Topic: Tools that disappoint

27 May 2014 - 04:42 PM



other than the occasionally hard to reach bolt, dremels are toys, not tools.


better alternatives?


Air or electric die grinders. Dremels are simply a desktop hobbyist version of them.


+1 on die grinders. I have burned out so many Dremels that I went with a Foredom flex shaft and have been happy with it.  The only drawback is portability.  If I'm not at my bench or am not around a compressor I'll use the last Dremel I bought, but I hate it.  It gets hot as hell, too.