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In Topic: Carbon mast refinish

28 September 2015 - 09:44 PM

I did mine a few years ago with Awlgrip and it has held up very well.  Mine had a clear finish that was beginning to flake off.  I sanded the old finish off, hit it with a few coats of 545 primer with sanding in between for imperfections, then a few coats of jet black topcoat.  For me it was 5 cans of stuff (the 1 quart cans are more than you need) - primer, primer converter, topcoat, topcoat brushing converter, and topcoat brushing thinner.  It's all nasty stuff and you'll want to wear protective clothing and a respirator. This page has most of the info you need:  http://www.awlgrip.com/support-and-advice/final-priming-and-topcoating.aspx.