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In Topic: 2016 moth worlds: Hayama

Yesterday, 05:13 AM

Greenhalgh broke a shroud in first race and missed the second too.


Lots of other damage and a lot of back markers decided not to go out. So only about 45 finishers in each race and maybe places 30 to 45 scoring only on first lap. (moth racing has a lap scoring system, look up some moth SIs if you want the details). Tough day, not that windy but big rolling waves which occasionally peak and make big holes to fall into.


Meant to be 5kts windier tomorrow and waves increasing from 0.7m to 0.9m.


At least the waves are pretty fast (15kts?), so if you slow down a bit (to 20 in my case) you get some time to judge how to pass the next one. I have no idea how the fast guys go though them at 25+.



I think they just shut their eyes Phil and use their Jedi powers... its the only way I can explain it...