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Front page: J/ackoff...

24 June 2008 - 06:13 PM

I read the front page bit about the dick on the one-oh-stupid going through the Opti fleet with the same "you dumb shit" thoughts going through my head as everybody else...

Then I remembered having to pick our way through an kids regatta where the PRO had set up the course across the entire channel of a creek that has a few thousand boats upstream (heads out to river which leads to bay).  What kind of stupid ass sets up a course like that?  You didn't think that maybe just a few of the peeps with boats up that creek might want to take them out on a saturday?

So was the front page picture a dumbshit move by the PRO with the opti's or just another dipshit with a 105?

Sorry if there was another post about that pic.  I looked but didn't see one.