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In Topic: America's Cup World Series on US TV, Sunday October 18

19 October 2015 - 01:58 PM

Why would NBCSN cut to commercial with 4 seconds to go to the start?

In the past, they were good at doing dumb stuff like that at Indy Car (CART, IRL, etc) starts.

In Topic: America's Cup World Series on NBCSP Television Network

29 July 2015 - 01:30 AM

The program has potential. It's about the new America's Cup forty some foot boat fleet races. This show was the first day of racing in Portsmouth England. With 6 boats in the fleet.



The TV show has two major problems.


a] The commentators would refer to a given boat by:

   1]  Sponsor name


   2]  Country


   3]  Skipper name

This is way to much for the average viewer to keep track of. 


b] The TV director needs to stop switching cameras!  Helicopter view of the boats approaching the mark. So the director switches to a boat bow camera, by the time they get back to the helicopter view it;s way to late.



Minor issues:


a] Replays should be labeled 'replay' !


b] Time jumps need to be indicated.  They showed boats rounding one make then switch to boats rounding the next mark.


c] With all their computer graphics power, they need to show:

1] Course to the next mark.

2] Distance to the next mark.

3] Wind direction

4] Wind speed.


d] They never described the new boats.


e] They need to stop talking in shorthand.

  like 'that boat doesn't have lock'