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Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Drops in the UK from 1600 and has done for a week or so.

It's a pain when trying to boost the vote for the cunt that is LB, but it's a bonus as it's only method known to man to shut wofsey up.

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Yesterday, 09:50 PM

...begs for votes???

Such a poser


Don't worry, cunt awards are only 4 weeks away.

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Yesterday, 08:48 PM

This whole basket of wankers should be thrown out the nearest window. What a bunch of fucktards.

This is anarchy Ish after all and we really need some fresh blood.

Enjoy the fuckery of rambling expats etc, they don't stay to long.

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Yesterday, 08:34 PM

How did you do in the voting?

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The big problem I see is this continual fighting over the result, coupled with the obvious - Dave had absolutely no plan in case he lost.
GB needs to get a leader in place quick and needs one to stop the he said/she said and blood letting. Three months with no-one steering will definitely lead to carnage, perhaps Daves concept to try and put him in a better light. Also one that is going to be strong enough to deal with the shit from both sides in GB as well as Europe.
So to me the real question is who the hell will this be. For my outsider 2c, Boris is an opportunist who shouldn't be considered. But then again May seemed to be hiding from the public after coming out for remain. Labour is in self destruct at the moment. Who is going to step up?

I actually think he's got a plan.
He's resigning WITHOUT invoking article 50.  That means the next prime minister has to 'pull the pin' on the grenade and live with the consequences.  Look at how the pro-exit folks are frantically walking back the promises they knew they couldn't practically fulfill.  That's political calculation, not passion and belief.
My personal belief is that Cameron's strategy is a series of snap elections to provide political cover for his faithful EITHER outcome and ultimately, the pin never gets pulled.  The guy on the hot seat is Boris.  If he was a true believer, he'd be RUSHING to fill the void but I think he's a politician first and knows this is an uncertain political proposition.  
The question is can he (Cameron) convince the Germans - who have their own issues - to go along and wade through all the mess.  
Aaaaaand, Boris decides not to pick up the grenade.  Totally shocking, I know.
Soon, there will be the inevitable 'crisis of leadership' and we'll have a NEW round of voting where - MAGICALLY - the newly elected government will receive a DIFFERENT mandate from the people and decide NOT to invoke article 50 after all.  They will, instead, seek to find some other 'concessions' to deal with the immigration problems while remaining within the EU framework.
Thats the only good news story we've had since this shitfight started.  The mans a fucking clown.
It'll be interesting to see if anyone in either camp has the testicular fortitude to actually lead.  They are all just playing a sad game of Political Chicken for now. . .

Looking at last week, who can tell about elections at all in UK?
Hopefully a few of the Conservative options will drop, like the clown who campaigned so hard to leave and hasn't got the balls to even attempt to show us his path to his glorious utopia.
Boris Johnson, an upstanding member of the glorious elite playing at politics, until it didn't go to plan that is.

As for the opposition????