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Yesterday, 06:10 PM


I posted about this awhile back. I think it's a brilliant idea. Although it would make way more sense in a recumbent position with incredible aero. You could have two super light cyclists permanently in super aero pods on each side who stay there all race, 

it's not brilliant - it's stupid...
and i ride 125 miles a week, when the weather lets me...
if you are going to have guys in the hulls pedaling.., you might as well use some kind of motor
an accumulator is not really very different than a battery
if you are opposed to using fuel.., how about a bank of lithium batteries that are charged by guys riding bikes before the boat leaves the dock? just unplug the boat and go sailing...
they should just use a small gas engine, and be done with it...
Hell, why not go the whole hog and just have someone standing on the dock with a remote control in their hands.

Doug Lord is having a hardon at the thought.

In Topic: PHRF Blows

22 February 2017 - 10:29 PM

If PHRF sucks so bad, how come nobody can figure out how to replace it?
IOR: gone
IMS: gone
IRC: gone in many areas
ORR: already being bitched about


The bitching described on the front page is not my experience. Folks where I sail generally accept PHRF for what it is and just enjoy the sailing...it's really not much of an issue. Maybe that's because most of the boats are older with well established ratings. Either way, get over it, or take up golf.

Or Cycling

Or clay/skeet shooting, nobody or rating system to blame.


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22 February 2017 - 10:05 PM

It would be even funnier if we could find a newb who doesn't yet know how to sail upwind.

He not a newb, but he's eminently qualified.

I nominate Doug Lord.

In Topic: VOR 2017-18

22 February 2017 - 09:39 PM

Still very quiet on teams. 
I can only see three so far and not so long to go until the start.
How many will Volvo have to bail out to get the entries up this time. They must be spending a fortune rebuilding the fleet.

All 8 boats are happening. When they put the the 3M sponser wrap on the hulls just before they come out of the Boatyard and into daylight for everyone to see ...Hey presto they then anounce a new sponsor participant.

The whole thing is fucking artificial and contrived marketing nonsense...unfortunately like this race now. That's sad on many fronts.

Time for Volvo to take a large bow for keeping it going, particularly during the GFC ..but please get out after this next one before you fuck this crewed RTW race and it becomes irretrievable.

Let someone else take over Volvo please.

Who and what would you suggest?

In Topic: Worst day of work ever?

22 February 2017 - 09:36 PM

"Theres no foul play suspected from our end, said Middlesex OPP Const. Liz Melvin."

Sounds foul to me.