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Today, 03:21 PM

Have a look at noonsite.com.    Lots of info on countries plus a fairly current piracy report

Hi gumby, haven't seen you here for a while.
How's things?

In Topic: Shipping rig with rod rigging

Today, 03:14 PM

Resurrecting my thread here to move on to a discussion of when and how best to replace the standing rod rigging...
The move went fine, and I did manage to get her launched & rigged and went out a few times before the end of my very short first season.  She's sweet sailing boat, couldn't be more pleased. :wub:
But I just know my paranoia about 25 year-old rod rigging is always going to be nagging at me.  I haven't yet spoken to a rigger, and I have absolutely no idea what this rod rigging costs to replace, but I'm fully expecting a ridiculous expense.
My question is, is it sensible to approach replacing it all in piecemeal fashion, like a few pieces each season, to spread the cost out?  If so, what would you replace first, assuming all of it is in visually equivalent condition with no apparent defects or damage?  I'm thinking the headstay is a good first candidate for replacement since it's hidden under the furler & foil.  Or are the shrouds more critical as a more likely potential failure point?  Which takes priority, uppers, intermediates, or lowers?  Backstay?  Where to start?
Or is it just a dumb idea altogether? :P

Speak to the rigger, they used to X-ray the heads of the rods for cracks etc.

At 25 years old, I'd expect the advice will be to scrap the lot and start again.

In Topic: Shipping rig with rod rigging

Today, 03:09 PM

A lot of rigs get shipped with shrouds and spreaders attached, pretty much a case of clean the rig and put it up when it arrives at the destination. For the rigs which go this way it is common to have a means to tension the rigging while the rig is down. 


It should all be kept in tension during transport.

In Topic: Maybe the front didn’t fall off but the keel did

Today, 03:00 PM

There's more to come out about this I'm sure.

A fuckup of monumental proportions.

In Topic: Boatley sued, Anyone heard of boatley

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

Sounds like a great plan, I'll shut the fuck up.