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In Topic: Ridiculous Mistake, Ridiculous Punishment

Today, 01:56 PM

Sucks to be Dutch.


Be british. Punch some photographer. Blame that fucker. No punishment. Be sailor of the year.

Dirk de Ridder misses a 500,000.= euro contract  with Abu Dhabi in the VOR according to clubracer.


There is a philosophy that the punishment and the crime must be in the same magnitude.

Ridiculous Mistake, Ridiculous Punishment (Well choosen title of this thread) 

When was he ever mentioned as crew for Abu Dhabi?

In Topic: paedophilia topic form rules and real world offenders

Today, 12:25 PM

Just a heads up. Don't forget it's Mikey posting BS about another poster that led to the pedo rule.


Mikey lies. A lot.


In Topic: There I was minding my own business.....

Today, 12:24 PM

said the green frog

In Topic: Submachine gun in a Gucci bag...too tacky?

Today, 12:16 PM

Snap! I even had a little look for that earlier.


Stand by to be called a stalker Mad!

It'll only fall on deaf ears unless somebody quotes him, he's been on ignore for ages :P

In Topic: There I was minding my own business.....

Today, 11:09 AM

Mikey says thats okay