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In Topic: Poly Resin v's Vinylester

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

question, when digging out blisters, why do they have catalist acid in them?

 I think the catalyst presence likely represents a cure problem to begin with. Often in colder temperatures, a shop will often boost catalyst levels too high in an attempt to get a cure rather than wait to get the shop and molds up to proper working temperature. The additional catalyst doesn't react and remains trapped in the laminate.

And that's a classic failure.  And it isn't actually a catalyst anyway, it is an initiator but I don't think we'll ever see the terminology corrected.

Sssssshhhhh, you're just gonna confuse people ;)

In Topic: i remember a day.........

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

G'Day to you too, Grumpy.
too hot to do much more than surf SA.
Seems it's not what it was, but things seldom are!
how's Indo?

G'day there Mr Grebe.

Its nice and sunny in UK........for a change and you've missed it!

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Yesterday, 12:46 PM

Only on SA could this ever happen :lol:

In Topic: Botched execution

Yesterday, 10:16 AM

........Ummmm, am I the only one here who thinks, "Botched Execution" - but he's dead, so in fact it was not botched ?


Hat, coat, gone........back to GA


 If your goal was to be married, but you married Rosanne Barr, would it be wrong to say you botched it?  


In Topic: Botched execution

Yesterday, 09:40 AM

Hey Mad, any clue if those cops in that nasty situation were shooting to kill? Or shooting to 'disable'?.....

Not sure what the official policy is with Armed Respsonse Units in the UK, I'm guessing by the fact they're both still alive they went for a disabling shot. Then again, as I was taught, never point a gun at anything that don't intend to destroy or kill.


A shame they didn't take the other option, would have saved the tax payer a frikkin fortune, lets hope they just put them in general population at some stage soon.


Meanwhile, the Sun newspaper has said Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who was also convicted, have together received about £212,000 in legal aid.

A freedom of information request by the newspaper revealed the pair received a combined £212,613.32 to cover legal bills, comprising £138,803.96 for Adebolajo and £73,809.36 for Adebowale.

Legal aid helps with the cost of legal advice and representation for people who cannot afford it.