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You need psychiatric help.

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Mikes not here for the sailing!

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You poor bastard, what did you do to deserve that?

Check your PMs.

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Enjoy it.

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at least he said killed. I hate the hunters that use the harvest euphemism. I "harvested" a couple of bucks this year. yup Jim, you just went out in a field an picked like an ear o' corn![/quote] 
I agree.  Its just another PC word that's come into the lexicon.  I hate it.  A similar thing creeped into in to the USAF and I think Navy aviation language as well (IB?) in the late 90s/early 2000s IIRC.  Whenever we would do simulated air to air combat against an adversary, we would use the "kill" word on the radio and in the debrief to describe that you had a successful engagement with the other airplane(s) and that had it been a real missile or guns, they would be dead if it met all the criteria.  For example:
Rocket 21, KILL western bandit, 22 thousand, westbound
But somewhere along the way, "Kill" became a bad word and we now had to use "target" or targeted" instead.  I recall in a Red Flag mass debrief where you go through all the air to air engagements in a big auditorium with the replay on the screen - you were not allowed to say the word Kill.  It sounded so gay and utterly PC.  The word Kill was actually deleted from the 3-1 Multi-service Brevity codes in the 2005 version of the book.  Not sure if its back.  We rebelled against it furiously, but there was a huge PC push on in the military to sound and act more gentle.  Fuck that shit!  The whole point of the military is to break things and kill people.  
Maybe it is because I am new to hunting and the phrasing from the PA game commission uses harvest, but I use the words pretty interchangeably. I am not trying to soften what I am doing, which is killing, because I am unapologetic about it. I might say "great day in the woods, I killed two deer, a buck and a doe, going to report my harvest and then start cutting them up." To me at least, harvest recognizes what I am taking, while kill recognizes how that is accomplished. They are inextricably linked, one implies the other, so I don't get hung up on it.
Agree. No matter what one calls it, Kill, harvest, take, shoot, hunt, catch, & so on, the anti gun & anti hunter  folks want our hides nailed to the
barn door.  Just another case of one group of people telling, & forcing another group of people what they can & can't do.
Kind of like me telling gay people they shouldn't be gay because it spreads AIDS.[/quote]
AIDS also affects straight people as well, I'm sure you know this as well.

Are you really this ignorant or trolling? I'm not sure.
Yes, I know that, however, it is likely that far more gay people get AIDS than 'regular" people.
"Many AIDS victims are gay, some AIDS victims are not gay"
"Many gay people get AIDS, but not all AIDS victims are gay"
"Ignorant or trolling"? could be?[/quote]

Seems that gay women are the statistically the safest group.

A little light reading for you.