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In Topic: Frivolous lawsuit against gunmakers slapped down

Yesterday, 02:30 PM


They're not popular at all, I'd say that 70% of cartridges are 12g, with the rest being a mix of 410, 28 or 20.
No need to use them, just change cartridges depending on what you shoot on the day, a huge choice in 12g of shot size and powder.

In Topic: Frivolous lawsuit against gunmakers slapped down

Yesterday, 02:15 PM


Those arguments are a tad specious since the gun manufacturers are, AFAIK, the only consumer industry whose product is intended solely for the purpose of killing and in the case of handguns, solely for killing people.
And please spare us the obligatory target shooting bullshit. I shoot targets from time to time and I'm pretty good at it but I don't buy that crap.
If you love guns, own it - don't try and excuse all the harm they do as "the other guys fault".
I'd much prefer a hearty "Fuck You" than all the bogus rationalizations that gunnies throw up - at least it would be intellectually honest.

This is one of mine that i use for clay pigeon shooting, I wouldn't say that is designed solely for killing.
Mad, that's a beautiful gun BTW.  
Thanks JB, it's one that I'll keep forever, it's a little light and does give you a bit of kick. You know when you've shot 160 clays!
I got it when I traded in one of my other guns, turns out to be a custom grade 5 Browning that somebody had built for them, about £5k if I wanted the same again. Fixed choke, so no steel through it. I'll buy an open choke 26 inch for skeet at some stage or I can use my Berretta.
I seem to be building up a collection, but the Browning is favourite multi purpose gun.

In Topic: Frivolous lawsuit against gunmakers slapped down

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

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Shooting Doves.
Freaking perfect.[/quote] 
What's wrong with that???[/quote]With a 12guage?
Why not?
Hang on, I think I have the answer here in my files of things I know, but should not.
Yes, here it is.
If you're a little boy and you're used to shooting doves with a 20 gauge and you try your first shot at one with a 12 gauge but get a bit off balance trying to remain hidden while raising the gun, that gun will flatten you. And you'll miss the bird.
But other than that, no good reason I can think of. Either way, they're a PITA to clean and to get the birdshot out of them. But they are very tasty.[/quote]
Hey, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

However, 410s or 28 gauge are the one for quick little birds. Light weight, plenty of knock down power unless you need help in the accuracy department, much cheaper shells if you use a 410.

You can use a 50 pound claw anchor on your little sportboat. But you wouldn't.[/quote]

410 cartridges are 35% more expensive in the U.K.

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Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Try this Bob


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23 October 2016 - 08:15 PM

I trust you are being ironic but with gun nuts one never knows - they are not exactly noted for a lighthearted sense of humour.
Just in case you aren't, I'd remind you that Doves are a common symbol of peace

I'm not being ironic in the slightest.  Doves are a very common game bird here in the US.  And they are really tasty..... yummmy!


They're considered a pest in some places, some landowners will give permission and even pay for them to be shot in the UK.