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In Topic: Smart buoys

19 September 2014 - 11:55 PM

You might try asking the people at Gilman Corp. 800-622-3626.

In Topic: Rolex Big Joke Series

18 September 2014 - 03:43 PM


I know you didn't write the article in question but seriously, it is hard to run a successful regatta against the tide of complaints and insults coming from a site that your whole market reads. Positivity would be most helpful for all the regattas out there and the sport as a whole.

False positivity is for the inane, and blaming the people that point out errors is for those too arrogant to address their problems.  Maybe you didn't get the memo, but Sailing Anarchy's stories are almost entirely from sailors; in other words, the regatta's customers.  So if you find it impossible to blame yourselves, blame your customers - they are the ones complaining about the regatta.
Another option might be to have a dialogue with Sailing Anarchy in an effort to ensure accurate or even positive coverage of your event.  It's something almost every major event does as part of its media strategy - well, anyone with pro media people.  But the big yacht clubs with volunteer PR support have no fucking clue.  
I have no sympathy for the folks who have for the past decade loudly proclaimed that 'we don't need them/they are insignificant/nobody reads Sailing Anarchy."  Now that they know that their attitude has cost them, guys like Norm Davant and Peter Craig are far too insecure to admit it and try to mend fences.  It fucking amazes me that Key West Race Week literally could have 50 more entries if one guy swallowed his pride about Sailing Anarchy...Norm Davant and the MediaPro/Rolex twits could similarly have all the support in the world if they got their heads out of their asses.

Yeah, like that will ever happen you arrogant ass. If you had bothered to do a bit of research you would have known that the most boats that have ever entered was 115, and it pretty much maxed out the base facilities. The StFYC doesn't need my defense, but they host upwards of 80 events annually, from windsurfers to whatever we want to call a big boat series, ancient and beautiful woodies to sportboats and everything in between. And the members are engaged in more philanthropic efforts than can be counted. Just keep throwing turds in the punchbowl boys...NorCal is quite content without your brand of help.

In Topic: Rolex Big Joke Series

18 September 2014 - 02:45 AM

Did X Ray come down after the other OCS boats restarted?
If so, Himachi was not OCS, regardless of which side of the line they were on when the gun went off.

My point is that if Hamachi saw X-Ray come down, then it was reasonable (correct, even) for them to think they weren't OCS and not come back.  It's not their fault they weren't called over.  If they were called over (via X-Ray), I assume that they would have restarted and it might have cost them a point or two.  Why should they have to eat all the points associated with a RET?  I'm not being obtuse; I'm simply asking the question.  It's different than hitting a mark and only finding out about it later, in that case I agree you need to do the right thing (which I suppose is to ask to be scored RET, thank you Christian).  In the case of the RC dropping X-Ray, they are actually saying "all clear" in the affirmative, and if Hamachi was relying on the X-Ray flag to determine whether they needed to restart, which is reasonable (correct, even) to do, then they were right to not come back.  
I suppose none of this is controversial and that the real issue is whether they should have bowed out after being shown evidence later that they were indeed over the line.  For the reason stated above, I'm not so sure.  This was an RC error more than a Hamachi error, and the consequences of being called OCS three hours after the race versus five seconds after the start seem pretty unfair to me.  

I wouldn't want to play golf with you if you really believe this. Both sports are self policing, and neither sport would be worth two dead flies if the competitors waffled on calling their fouls and accepting their penalties. It isn't that hard to do the right thing guys; and its free.

In Topic: Rolex Big Joke Series

18 September 2014 - 02:36 AM

In response to Post #75 by Hamachi.  Posted on behalf of Don, owner of Whiplash.
It was a refreshing surprise to now learn from your post that on Hamachi we had agreed that if we beat Whiplash and won our class, we would have withdrawn from race 4.  Your admission is consistent with nearly everyones view that factually you were OCS in race 4 (though perhaps you didnt realize it at the time of the incident-- to give you the benefit of the doubt). The problem is that based on your forum post, your moral compass is still pointing in the wrong direction because your admission that you would have withdrawn doesnt automatically make it all right.  You correctly point out if you withdrew that you would still be on the podium, however, the problem is that you have improperly claimed the wrong trophy on that podium as 2nd place should belong to Beecom.  As time passes, I doubt anyone will remember whether Hamachi got a 2nd or a 3rd but people tend to have long memories for stuff like this.  If you know or subsequently learn that you are OCS, the fair and sportsmanlike thing to do is request that you are scored OCS, not fight to have your score re-instated and then hang onto that score despite the knowledge that you now know that 2nd place score is incorrect.  In a sport where sailors, for example, voluntarily accept penalties when they touch a mark and nobody sees them, it is corrosive to the integrity of the sport we hold dear for you to know, at whatever point, that you are OCS and not formally accept it, even when it is caught on video and asserted by the Race Committee which you protested.
Addressing some of the points that you raised --- so you won your redress procedural battle based on the sole Jury conclusion of the RC made error using information not of its (sic) own observation to score; not a complete surprise there.  We respect the decisions of the International Jury in your case and others, none of which we were a party to.  T2PTVs policy is to intentionally not be on the start line so they dont get dragged into every protest hearing for every regatta they cover.  That said, it is pretty obvious that you are over early from the linked video segment starting at 8:03. https://www.youtube....h?v=F_2JZFu8LlY.  Normally, it would be difficult to see an over early filmed slightly away from the start, but this is an interesting case, in that you were book-ended by boats that all were called over early on both sides of you, which gives perspective plus you can see the puff of smoke of the start gun, quite literally the Smoking Gun. The two boats to port of you and the boat to starboard of you were all called over early, so how could you, the furthest upwind not be over when the gun sounded at 8:12 of the video?  But judging by your admission, you already know that you were OCS, so that wasnt the point of your post.  
When you said that we should just settle this on the water before the last race, you cant imagine how great it felt later to actually beat you on the water in that final race showdown when the points all tied up for first.  Aside from just the competitive angle of it, now we can encourage you to take the fair and sportsmanlike action with absolutely no benefit to our own scores for the series.  Had we not delivered the beat down on the water in the final race, you might just say we are crying sour grapes about losing on the water, so we had to resort to other means to win.  This is now only about Hamachis integrity and doing the right thing.
As you know (since we told you), when the start happened from our vantage point it was clear that you were over early.  You can clearly see in the video where the boat to starboard of you (Whiplash) dove down to parallel the line, was pointed at your stern and still Whiplash was over, so we turned back to restart. Also, a bummer for you that your bowman didnt realize he was standing on the wrong side of the line.  I can understand that it is hard to accept the RC called three others over but not you, so I appreciate your posts recognition that rules are clear RC is not required to hail all the OCS boats.  So, why didnt they call out your numbers? We dont know. We guessed that because we couldnt read your numbers at that time (we were looking) that neither could the race committee, so therefore they didnt call your numbers out.  To be clear, we dont think you intentionally chose such difficult numbers to read; its just a fact that might mitigate the RCs failure to call to be understandable.  Our red numbers arent the greatest contrast either, but were certainly clear enough for the RC to see and call out our numbers as over.  At the end of the race, we were surprised that you were scored, but we were not going to protest the race committee over it another competitor, Tai Kaui, seemed a whole lot more mad than us. We felt that it was just bad luck for the fleet that Hamachi got away with one.  But then the video surfaced and played over and over at every single monitor at the club, the event website, and the Mount gay rum party, where it was clear that you were over --though ultimately not in a legally admissible way.   We were surprised that after seeing that video you filed your protest and were fighting for your score re-instatement. Or maybe if you wanted to make a point about the procedure of it, you could have protested, won your protest on the procedural point, then took your OCS.  But you didnt.   So the Rule 2 sportsmanship protest and request for redress for the whole fleet other than Hamachi was prepared by Whiplash. After we beat you on the water, it seemed vindictive to go to the room after the war was already over. But now youve started in the Sailing Anarchy forum, and thus our response.
So there is lots more that could be said, speculated or quoted about this incident, but in the interest of brevity, we summarize: Hamachi currently has a 2nd place in race 4 for which it was OCS. For some reason understandable only by you, you would have withdrawn if you beat Whiplash, but havent withdrawn as of now even knowing that it impacts Beecoms podium position-- Had we withdrawn from race 4 we still would have had a podium finish (3rd instead of 2nd).   So do it, take the OCS--- you still have the ability to do the right thing.  Ill close with a Paul Elvstrom quote that yet another HPR class competitor on Rock and Roll (Farr 400) apparently sent to your tactician prior to the last race:  "You haven't won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors."  To be clear, right now you do not have the respect of your competitors, but you have the ability to change some of that, now that the adrenaline of competition has faded.  We have no hard feelings and hope you do what is best for the sport.  We wish Hamachi well and let's all move on.  

And that, my friends, is what I call a well reasoned, sportsmanlike response. Well done, Don. And congratulations to you and the team for winning the regatta.
Kinda guessing that "Don" is not the author.....  Being on behalf of "Don" and all.....
Any guesses as to who "Don" is?  
. You shouldn't need to.

In Topic: Rolex Big Joke Series

17 September 2014 - 05:24 AM

All this is a very good example of why the RC should never call over early sail numbers on the radio.  Just put up the flag and take it down when they've all come back.  Or not.

What's really weird is that the Rc didn't notice the J125 over early until they say the video....
Mind control... that's what it was!

I can see it happening..."holy crap, they're over...who is next?" Hamachi was so obvious the RC dropped them, focused on the next two or three, then forgot them.