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In Topic: Best place to start for an aspiring cruiser?

Today, 07:10 AM

Well, there are a few ways to go.

1: buy a San Juan 24 and just go. Go anywhere, because wherever you end up will be different from where you started...maybe. You'll be heralded as a heroic figure by Bitchin Bob and his fans.
2: get married to a nutball, bang out two infants, buy and refit a boat and go. Write a blog about it. Go anywhere, because your spouse is likely to melt down causing you to initiate a rescue. You'll be heralded as a hero by cruising families.
3: recognize that those ASA certs are total bullshit, and start sailing/crewing for really good sailors. Do a few offshore deliveries where you get to stand watch on your own. Pay attention, LISTEN, and ask questions...lots of them. Trying to bullshit your way along won't work for very long. Basically serve an apprenticeship with good sailors and become one yourself.

Or you could just say fuck it and use method #1. Lots of people do it that way.

In Topic: Low draw laptop

Today, 06:56 AM

The only issue is Windows being able to detect the monitor.

In Topic: Pacific Cup 2014 - Q&A, Tips...

Today, 03:24 AM

An H2O bladder...what are you doing to me here? I'm trying to be helpful.

In Topic: Looking for good emergency rudder suitable for a J/120

Today, 01:29 AM

Drop me a line when you get here. We might be able to set you up with a series drogue for the trip. We used it as our e steering solution in '12.


In Topic: Pacific Cup 2014 - Q&A, Tips...

Today, 01:25 AM

The quote I got for shipping back to California (San Diego), given having a trailer, was about $5,000. $20K would be a non-starter for us. Our boat is a lot shorter though, and would impact the price.

Make sure you check out Pogen's link regarding shipping. His $19k is all up, but only $8k was the actual Matson freight. The rest was all the before and after costs associated with a Matson shipping. Great info!
Pogen what boat was that for? We shipped the O34 back on a borrowed J105 trailer. We did the haul out in some hole in the wall spot in Waikiki after we dropped the rig our selves, paid a local with a big truck to drag it down the street and park it in the Matson yard. I sorta recall sending the trailer over and bring it back was like 5K. I think we had like an inch to spare on the height to fit it through the door on the ship.

I think pogen paid for a house to get Temerity from the Oakland terminal to Svends.