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In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

06 February 2016 - 05:41 AM

If a guy can sail a Finn to the Marquesas, totally unsupported, she shouldn't have any huge problems.

In Topic: FUCKING BEE HIVE - Must Go........... But How ??

04 February 2016 - 06:09 AM

Strip naked, coat yourself in molasses, then kick the hive.

Or...call a beekeeper. Jeez you're a dumbass.

In Topic: Commercial sailing school in an amateur race

04 February 2016 - 05:56 AM

If you're discussing pro's in an amateur series: why would someone owning a sailing school be a different kind of pro than a sailmaker?

There's often a perceived difference between a person who is an industry professional participating in an event and paying one or more pros to be on the boat with you for a particular event.  Or, as in this case, paying to be on a boat run by pro(s) because in both cases it can appear that cash is being put into the specific event to influence the result.
Example: "That guy is a sailmaker, but this weekend he's just out here having fun like the rest of us." versus "That guy is a sailmaker, showed up to none of the events so far, but the owner hired him and 3 of his buddies to race the class Nationals."
Do you think sailmakers don't trim as well on there days off?
I think that many competitors feel different competing against a marine professional on his day off versus competing against a marine professional specifically being paid to race that day.
Just a personal observation about people I know.
Applicability to the original question: marine professional "on the clock" vs marine professional off the clock.  Regarding that specific question, I generally like things that bring more people into the sport.  It would depend on how it was presented: bunch of students learning how to sail versus a few people chartering a boat stacked with professionals to compete in a fleet which either in the rules or informally is understood to discourage that kind of thing.
Dangerous incompetence is a separate issue for me.

Nate, I'm struggling to find one of our local cat 3s that is ever "off the clock". A couple of them might be a bit easier on the help when they're aboard, but they're like that even when the cash register isn't ringing.

In Topic: Commercial sailing school in an amateur race

04 February 2016 - 05:51 AM

Lets get to the crux of it.  Sailing school in question:
1. Had a Beneteau 36.7.  Smacked it in to so much stuff that it had to be sold (to a newbie fresh out of this very same course) and replaced with a new 36.7. Nobody else in town would touch this boat.
2. Simultaneously running a J/29 for the same classes.  Sold that to another unsuspecting class alumni, subsequently found to have totally soggy/rotten rudder, etc etc, currently awaiting new mast...
3. That first 36.7?  Oh yeah, it burned to the waterline shortly after selling.  Probably better than waiting for the bondo to fail at holding the keel on.
4. Owner/operator gets into bar fight in Port Hardy of all places, and the ultra-preppy fashion boys off a nearby J/109 pretty much take down this "tough guy"... how embarassing
5. Same 36.7 spends the next two years getting in the way of every 30 foot cruiser racer in the next division back, despite typically a 5 or 6 minute head start
6. Now they must have stepped on MAxx's toes recently.  Too bad.

It has been so long since I've posted on here that I had to make a new username! But as the skipper of one of the antiquated 30' boats that the 36.7 in question is often messing with I have to say this guy is a jerk. I should probably mention I suspect I'm also the person referenced above when they were talking about hitting boats on the start.
I have absolutely no problems with a sailing school racing - in fact I think it's really good for the sport. We have a couple that race in our local series. This guy needs to be given the boot. not because he's a sailing school, but because he's an asshat. I will be the first to 69 this guy if given the opportunity. He is a bully, he is arrogant, he misleads his students, and misrepresents himself. Don't believe me? Ask the skipper who hired him to help his crew become better racers and ended up having to fire him halfway through the first day of a two day regatta, or the unfortunate skipper who picked him up for the second day of the same regatta and did the same... Or maybe ask his student who purchased a boat from his school, with the advice of "You don't need to get a survey, I'm a sailing instructor, so naturally I'm qualified and I can tell you it's in great shape".
Moral of my rant? (there is one I promise). Pros and fantastic for the sport, they help us all become better sailors. Dickheads are not.

Is there ANYTHING in there that you'd care to rephrase? Because...well you seem like a really good sport all things considered.

In Topic: Commercial sailing school in an amateur race

04 February 2016 - 05:39 AM

was the bar fight reported anywhere?

Can we have a video of the phuqing bar fight smack down?