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In Topic: American ready to lose the America's Cup

Today, 02:44 AM

As far as I'm concerned, the GGYC sold their balls to a charlatan. If it fell into the bay I wouldn't toss them a ring.

In Topic: American ready to lose the America's Cup

Yesterday, 05:14 PM

Negative. And once its gone I'd like to see either the NYYC or StFYC get it back. Neither of those clubs can be "bought" by some freak zillionaire.

In Topic: Sailing on CNN

18 August 2014 - 10:42 PM

Jesus guys, not one of you has ever fucked up? My first Finn regatta was at Alamitos Bay out past the oil rigs. I accelerated off a wave, fell on my ass, lost the tiller, screamed "fuck" as the damn thing gybed, the boom nearly taking off both feet ( as I was literally upside down...just before I went for a swim. If CNN had interviewed me they would have filmed a half drowned guy bleeding from both shins...mumbling something about sharks and beer.

In Topic: Managing the bottom mark rounding

18 August 2014 - 10:28 PM

Where is your crew? On the rail, or cleaning up around the boat?
Are you fully trimmed and bow up, or are you trimmed and a bit bow down to accelerate?
If the boat is feeling sluggish, maybe you're strapped and high when you're downspeed?

Your pit has a lot to do, i.e. re-loading the cabin top winches so your halyards are correctly tensioned, stowing the pole, etc. have them get the sprit stowed and off side cabin top winch loaded and tensioned, then run. You can't have two people in the cockpit when you're trying to step on the gas. The trimmer can take care of loading the on-side cabin top (probably the main right?), on the way up.

We've put a camera at the stern so we can look at what we're doing when we have an issue. We discovered that we have everyone in the right spots, just not very quickly. Too many of us were f-ing around "prettying" things up. So now, our pointy end gets the kite down then sits down. Everyone else hits the rail but the trimmer, and he finishes a quick clean up on the way up. We don't do the "I'm not finished with my job" thing. until we're up to speed your job is to hike. No one goes below to straighten up the kite until we're up to speed.

"Perfect is the enemy of fast".

In Topic: Trailerable boat AND a great boat for racing to Hawaii?

16 August 2014 - 01:42 AM

Being able to go pole back on a displacement boat is huge., even with a J length pole. To me, thats the biggest argument against a fixed sprit. At some point, and your sailmaker can help you out here, the angles just don't work out. I ave an IOR influenced boat. I carry symms at the low end (4-18), and asymms above that, carrying them on the pole with a tack line and afterguys. We can sail aggressively while crashing less...which is kind of the objective eh?