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In Topic: The OFFICIAL No.6 vs B.J. Porter Thread

Today, 05:39 AM

I started this thread with the intent that the ongoing, and excessively wordy BJ vs No 6 shitfight would reside in one place, rather than permeating every thread on S.A. I stole the idea from Art Buchwald, who at one time proposed that Greenland be reserved for ALL global conflicts.

Unfortunately his idea didn't catch on, nor has it here.

In Topic: Pacific Cup 2014 - Q&A, Tips...

Yesterday, 05:31 AM

Hey Roleur! If you get on line and read this......Aloooha! Welcome to HI. Nicely done. Enjoy the mai tais, jump in the pool to rinse off, and get some sleep. Then we want to hear about the shit that didn't make your blog.

In Topic: Rebel Heart, rescue underway

20 July 2014 - 09:23 PM

IMO it is your classic "deep pockets" story.  They can't sue the CG or the Navy, she could sue her husband because he didn't want to leave her with the horny sailors, so he scuttled the boat, but he doesn't have any money.  So who else to sue but the satphone company, they have lots of money.  They are quite narcissistic and their story is everywhere and some lawyer called them and for only 30% of the judgment offered to take their case.  Notice they are suing not only for actual damages, but for emotional damages.  Pitiful that such stupid people should do such a thing, but hey, they lost their boat and it dammed sure wasn't their fault, right?  Another thing, say the phone did work.  Any doctor that is going to give medical advice over the phone about a sick child far from any avaiable medical help should have his license pulled.  I notice the doc was in Mexico, no doubt they have a different standard of care there.  What if the doc said, gee, I can't evaluate the kid in any prudent way over the phone, you better call for help.  Then of course they could have tried to sue the doctor for losing their boat when the rescuers said the kid wasn't in any danger.  The boat was leaking, the kid was sick, what option was their but to activate the EPIRB or keep sailing and see what happens.  Fucking idiots.

Actually, there are a number of medical services to which one may subscribe that will provide advice to sailors at sea.

In Topic: Team AlviMedica

20 July 2014 - 04:34 PM

Hey Edith, you don't really expect us to take crap from some tottering Brit who likely brushes his/her teeth with a screwdriver?

In Topic: Pacific Cup 2014 - Q&A, Tips...

20 July 2014 - 04:25 PM

Ocean Prediction Center
U of HI

Are you crewing on a delivery?