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Flagrant Name Swiping

23 November 2015 - 09:22 PM

There's a newbie...called Ancient Mariner. Discuss.

Chain chain chain

22 October 2015 - 12:59 AM

After 10 years of abuse on rocky bottoms and running through a windlass, our 100' of 1/4" G4 chain is pretty much zincless and has surface rust but no steel erosion that I can see.


From people who have done it, is it worth regalvanizing this chain?


If not, what to replace it with? I'm a little unclear on G43, some say it's a different link length. How horrible is Chinese chain?

A curious hobby

20 September 2015 - 03:23 AM




JOHANNESBURG -- A Danish man was arrested after pieces of female genitalia were found in his house, South African police said on Saturday.

Police arrested the man at his home on Thursday, where they found 21 pieces of women's genitalia stored in plastic bags in a freezer, said police spokesman Brig. Hangwani Mulaudzi. Police also discovered anesthetic and surgical implements in the man's home.

One of the 58-year-old man's victims alerted the police, said Mulaudzi. Police have asked other women who have been assaulted by the man to come forward.

The man will appear in court on Monday on charges of sexual assault, said Mulaudzi. Police have enlisted the help of forensics experts who may find other criminal charges, the spokesman added.

Mulaudzi said it the man's motive is not known. It is not known if the body parts are from 21 different women. It is not known how the man committed the assaults or if the women are dead or alive.

The Danish citizen owns a gun shop in the city of Bloemfontein in the central Free State province, reported Volksblad, a local Afrikaans language newspaper.



Why did nobody else report having bits removed?

Cross-border harassment?

02 September 2015 - 03:19 PM

I read an article this morning reprinted from NPR that says American boaters on the Great Lakes are being stopped and turned back if they venture into Canadian waters. Going the other way we don't have to report in until we touch land, but the CBSA is demanding reporting in while on the water when you cross an invisible line.

This sounds excessively stupid, even for our government. Anyone here had a similar experience?