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In Topic: Under-Winch Recore & Cold Weather Epoxy Curing

17 November 2015 - 12:02 PM

The actual repair would be quicker and easier from the top because you're not fighting gravity, but minimal finishing would be required doing it from the bottom - providing there is no liner involved.


While doing it from the top usually requires more finishing effort, it is pretty much the same no matter what the size.  So I'd try to ascertain the extent of the rot.  The larger the extent, the more likely I'd be inclined to do it from the top because doing the repair upside down can be a PITA if the area is substantial.

We re-cored a bunch of deck a few years back.  Much easier from the top and the Fein tool was definitely the right choice.  For core we used a pourable  high density product fro NidaCore.  It self leveled in the cut out areas. Also, it produced a fair amount of heat which helped it kick off even when it's cool.  Be careful with the mix pot and pour immediately as the larger the amount of mixed NidaCore, the more heat it will make.  We then used an  angle sander to fair out the filled area and taper the glass on the edges, then two layers of glass and faired the surface w/ 3M, painted w/nonskid.  Weight gain is really minimal in the big picture and you'll never have to worry about water in that area again.  

In Topic: Vivid bottom paint with graphite added

04 November 2015 - 12:20 PM

We're using it for a racing bottom and we clean weekly. There is no way straight Vivid will stand up to that! Thats why I'm interested in the graphite. The best answer I've gotten is that they just add it "until the color looks right". Not too scientific! I'd really like to find a better answer. I love the way Vivid buffs out but it just doesn't last.


I've been very happy with the results from VC Offshore over 2000E but man, its a LOT of work to get a good bottom! 

Gene.  We used the graphite added to 245 Awlgrip on the old boat's keel and rudder (dry sailed) mostly to see if it was any slicker.  Couldn't really tell the difference.  Maybe a test of the Vivid/graphite on a fiberglass plate hung in the water? We get 2 years out of our Baltoplate and it is a PIA to sand, but it stays nice.  We use extension poles with sanding pads to do the wet sanding - 2 guys with poles, one with a hose misting.  The poles really give good leverage and reach and the water isn't running down your arm the whole time. One other thing, if you decide to do Vivid and are not pleased, you'll have to remove 100% of it before going back to Offshore.   

In Topic: Lewmar 48 3speed racing

28 October 2015 - 11:58 AM

Send them to Bam Miller in Oyster bay for him to resurface them. He has a fairly extensive post history documenting one resurfacing job he did on a set of J/29 winches and does a great job. 

Thanks, DS.  I already have Bam's info and will be sending our drum after haulout.  I had hoped to maybe find a good one in someone's garage but no luck.  

In Topic: Lewmar 48 3speed racing

21 October 2015 - 11:18 AM

Thanks, Mike.  Checking out Winch Spares today.  Leroi

In Topic: Viper 640 North Americans - Let the trash talking begin

13 October 2015 - 10:50 PM

If yer not runnin' with the big dogs, you SHOULD stay on the porch.