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In Topic: Down the Bay Race 2016

Yesterday, 10:35 PM


I'm a Great Lakes sailor.  It will be my first race in the Chesapeake.  I'm looking forward to it.

Well it won't smell like a mixture of horseshit and fudge when you finish


Really?  So they've moved the city poop pump building at HYC already?  Seriously, though.  There's no Yellow Brick, I hope the navi-guessers will keep us updated on progress.  Looks like pretty consistent light/med. southerly so East or West vs. tides will play heavily.  Good luck to everyone!  We're delivering back to HYC from Fishing Bay Saturday noontime.  Hope to see some of you.  VC

In Topic: Cabin Window Replacement Anarchy

28 April 2016 - 12:33 PM

As an aside, we did our windows this spring using the same stuff only instead of buying new acrylic we got a headlight polishing kit and shined up the old ones.  They look new.  I did substitute 3M HD Rubbing Compound at the final polish rather than what came in the kit and it did a better job.  

In Topic: Gel coat planing

29 March 2016 - 10:59 PM

My friend Scott has a gel coat plane he used once. He'd like to sell it.  PM me.  

In Topic: Hull prep mistakes and speed question

29 March 2016 - 10:57 PM

An orbital sander left visible marks in gelcoat?   I doubt it.


Sounds more like they used an 8"  disc sander.  Great tool for removing lots of material fast but noobs/the unskilled can do a lot of damage.

This.  What's the difference between a good bottom and one that's not?.....Some years ago I had foam rolled my Hobie 33 and didn't have time to wet sand before launch.  I motored to our slip in flat water at a constant 6.4kn.  The following week we went to a sandbar with a steep drop off to sand it in the water.  Actually, easier than spraying with a hose and block wet sanding on the hard.  The next day motoring out - same full throttle-  we motored at 6.5-6.6, a full tenth faster.  This difference it mostly noted in light air, not when the the boat is powered up. Nonetheless, even in heavier air, the boat will accelerate faster out of tacks and through waves/chop, yielding a difference that is measurable.  A tenth of a knot over a 4 mi. course ( 4/10 mi ?, I'm no math major), excluding errors, will win a lot of races.   You can't always be on the inside of a lift or find the right side or have great crew, but you CAN be sure your boat is 110% prepared before you leave the dock.  By the way....Tits?

In Topic: extra Sika 295UV

14 March 2016 - 08:00 PM

We finished installing our side lights last weekend.  I have 2 unopened tubes of Sika 295 and some primer if anyone is doing similar work.  Shipping and $50  $25 get's you everything.  Leroi