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In Topic: I got divorced today.

23 August 2016 - 07:37 PM

The son thing mentioned by dave brings up something I've thought about. You always hear that you don't want the kids blaming themselves for the split, which is noble. But as we grow to realize that kids are individuals whose actions and attitudes can veer far from anything we have ever modeled or instructed, it becomes reasonable to recognize that a split can be necessary from the whole family, not just the spouse. I am not saying this is the case with dave or anybody here,just that as I grow older and less
idealistic I am accepting that the kid factor is less black and white than I once felt.


95% of why I am divorced is because of how we differed on raising the single son. She wanted to be his best friend and he wasn't held responsible for anything. They all live together with her mother now in San Antonio and she recently just gave him her car which apparently he has trashed and has her name on it (stupid). The son hates me as I'm the only one who disciplined him. Maybe that'll change one day but right now I could care less about him. He had a bank account that had my name on it and my ex's name as well. She text me to call my son since she is worried about him since he got fired from a job but has this magical money going into his account. This is at 8pm that night and about $2400 in deposits appeared. It was too late to call and get my name off the account so I waited till morning to call. This was last week btw. By the time I got up and looked, the account had grown to $5400 and had a big red HOLD next to it. He was depositing fake checks and the bank knew something was wrong. It took me 2 hours of talking on the phone and $650 of over drawn money to pay to get my name off that account. I still wanna kill that fucker for committing felony fraud and theft and costing me a load of money. He never returned any of my calls and haven't heard anything of the outcome. Some people need to end up in jail flat on their face before they'll change and unfortunately this is one of those people. This is just the most recent example of many extreme offenses this kid has done over the past 4 years.

In Topic: I got divorced today.

23 August 2016 - 02:19 PM


Whatever you do..MAKE A LEGAL WILL!!


That is something I need to do. My ex is actually still listed as the beneficiary on all of my accounts along with insurance. I have no idea who else to list it as. My 19 yo son isn't gonna be it. He's totally fuked up right now. I have an older sister that I could change it too but that really doesn't make sense either so I haven't done anything about it. Kinda weird when your filling out paper work and they ask for an emergency contact and I have no idea who to put there except maybe a good friend of mine.

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21 August 2016 - 03:02 PM


I'm gonna go buy a Sony head unit and some nice 6.5" JBL speakers and be done with it.

That unit looks pretty nice. The only thing I'd consider, and the only thing Fusion has that I like is a cockpit remote control. Alpine has a waterproof marine one now but it's an extra 100 bucks. They are handy. I just spent the night on my buddy's catamaran with the Fusion and I did like the remote control. Not much else I liked about it tho.



I installed the Sony yesterday. It did come with a remote and it also wants to work with an sony app on my phone. Not sure if I like that or not but I can change volumes and sources quickly with it. I got JBL speakers and it does sound pretty good.


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In Topic: I got divorced today.

19 August 2016 - 07:44 PM

This thread has diversity!


And how come the better looking they are, the more crazy they are?

In Topic: Best Boat Stereo?

19 August 2016 - 07:36 PM


I got one of these....



12 hour play time is enough for us and I don't want the weight of permanently mounted speakers on the boat.....


Thanks but I want better sound than those can play. In any case, where do live in Austin? And do you sail on Travis?