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In Topic: Sail Material/Fiber Choices and Design???

22 July 2016 - 03:55 PM

You really should talk to a good sailmaker, who does multihull, not leaner, sails. Two battens WTF?


--Smyth or Calvert if you want it for all-out racing. It is difficult to get after-support from Smyth, I speak from experience.

--Schurr in Pensacola was building sails for Smyth and is now doing their own thing. Schurr can go racing but is sympathetic to the cruising sailor. Smyth does not design for cruising, not even a little.


There are options within the ranges of laminate versus woven, f.ex. Contender's MAXX (a cruising laminate), DP's Hydranet (HMPE woven)... talk to someone who knows. Is John Oliviera still making sails? What about Banks in Kemah?

I left a message at Banks yesterday and they haven't called back. And Larry, the UK x-drive was not quoted with spectra material. Technora base is an option at no extra cost but won't last as long as the polyant version.

In Topic: Sail Material/Fiber Choices and Design???

21 July 2016 - 01:59 PM

Check out Rolly Tasker sails. Made in Taiwan and they use challenge sailcloth. I have a storm jib and trisail from them. The price and quality was great.


This is the quote I got from Rolly! Price is crazy!


Custom built in premium Challenge 7.62 oz High Aspect dacron, to the dimensions we have on file, luff 32.3', foot 10.75', with top 2 battens full and 2 reefs and Cunningham, a new performance mainsail would be priced at $1,398.


I am leaning towards UK x-drive at this time though! They priced in at $3700

In Topic: Sail Material/Fiber Choices and Design???

18 July 2016 - 04:24 PM

Thanks guys!! I really appreciate the info, ideas and opinions here!!

In Topic: Sail Material/Fiber Choices and Design???

15 July 2016 - 08:59 PM

Dacron sounds like a good choice for this application. Certainly, it will be less performance than a Carbon sail, but should last a long time if done properly. I would spend some of the savings on quality battens to help maintain the shape longer too.


Yeah that was the North mentality about the sail is since it's all a full batons and sewn all together that the sail will retain it's shape.

So what about Triradial vs Paneled sail??

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13 July 2016 - 10:09 PM

Is this some sort of virtual geocache game?