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In Topic: Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

01 February 2016 - 10:52 PM

Congrats to Claire for having a little baby girl, Elizabeth, this past weekend!!!


Life is gonna change there :) and we have our newest sailor!!

In Topic: Historic blizzard incoming!

28 January 2016 - 09:32 PM


Hey Bus, you guys back tomorrow?  We haven't been canceled or delayed. . . . yet.  D.C. public went back today.


They just called tomorrow a bust.  Bus stops are still not clear and there is no place to push the snow.  At this point, they are loading it in dump trucks and hauling it to Pimlico Race Course (home of the Preakness Stakes) to be melted.  

I hear they are melting 72,000 tons of snow per day.  Sheesh.



Really? No way!? That's crazy to burn fuel to melt snow. That must be every Prius driving tree hugger's nightmare. I'm not one of them but seems silly. Can't they pile it into the ocean or somewhere? Again, this dumb ass dave who had no idea about snow and ice.

In Topic: Speaking of DeLorean's

28 January 2016 - 08:59 PM

Cars that scoop white lines off the road.


Cars with license plates made by the same man that made the car.



Who put that Kilo of Coke in my spare tire?


That's funny

In Topic: Foot surgery..... hammer toe style

28 January 2016 - 02:40 PM



Holy crap why did I click on this thread this morning?!  Not good news to start my day.  Same foot, same toe, February 22 for me.  There goes skiing and any dinghy sailing until May.  Fark


Rob W.


Really? You and Nacra getting this done! Well let me tell ya to first make sure you get a block from the knee down. That way you'll stay numb till hopefully the next morning. Secondly, take the hydrocodone early before the block has a chance to wear off. Also request hydrocodone with ibuprofen instead of tylenol. I like to have a few beers in the eve and tylenol and beer don't mix. I was in majorly intense pain the next morning since I did not take the pills early. It fuking hurt like nothing I've ever experienced. So take the pills right away. I was only on the pills for 2 days but constipation lingered forever. I've since seen on TV an ad about Opioid shit treatment called Movantik. I'd get some of that so your not full of shit! Also the foot swelling is unreal and all your skin will peel after 2 weeks. Other than that, it's a piece of cake :)


Good luck to you guys! Let us know how it goes!



Been reading up on this and have a few MD's in the family to advise...  I am not going to have the pins like your,s but they are going to do some sawing and planning... 


Not looking forward to it, but when after 100 yards of walking and my foot is on fire it is time get it done.


See it being we're sharing x-rays...  here is my before





Geeze Nacra, that's some pretty serious stuff going on there. A top down view of mine before wouldn't have shown much except the long 2nd toe would appear shorter. That toe was always flexed inwards not sideways. A side view showed my issue and it was just the one toe. I wondered if it was really worth doing the surgery but I had gotten a 2nd opinion from another Doc who said once one toe goes imbalanced, the whole foot can go as well. He also said that it is very hard to make things stay put and thats why they did so much work on my foot for one toe problem.


Hows your left foot?

In Topic: Foot surgery..... hammer toe style

27 January 2016 - 06:33 PM

Your doctor doesn't sail a 4ksb named Hallux Valgus, does he, Dave?  I remember seeing it regularly back in the early 80s and thinking it meant something grandly imperial and Roman.  Guess what paid for the podiatrist's boat?


No wasn't that guy. So what paid for his boat??