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In Topic: Charleston Race Week 2014

10 April 2014 - 12:30 PM

There is no good solution for PHRF - we struggle with rating bands / class splits all year, just like every other PHRF racing scene. PHRF short course racing sucks


CRW is a one-design regatta with some PHRF thrown in to keep the (us) locals happy because our local OD racing consists solely of J24s.

You should have been on Echo for the Spring Harbor race. Race one took 22 minutes. No time to breath but we had a blast. 

In Topic: Charleston Race Week 2014

08 April 2014 - 07:50 PM

Also i think you would see some of the smaller od fleets come back to as you could give them an inside start first part of the week. When you guys kicked the tripp 26's outside that was it for them. for that matter you could split it up and take some of the presure off the whole deal


I'm not part of the regatta, other than sponsorship, this was just an idea they had while we were discussing logistics in the future.

As a sponsor you should have some pull.  I would really like to see the two 3 day inshore regatta's like you mention, with one day being a distance off shore race. I am a CORA member (the organizing club) and will inquire. That sparks my interest big time. I would race the PHRF big boat series and volunteer for the sport boat series. 

In Topic: Charleston Race Week 2014

08 April 2014 - 01:59 PM


Hi Alan,


Total PHRF boats are only down by 1 compared to LY registration.  However, the point to point distance course regestration is up by over 10 boats.  We're seeing a shift from the bouy racing in the PHRF fleet. 


There was also some early confusion about slip space at Patriots Point Marina.  All the staff there this year is new and didn't understand how we handle the smaller OD boats with tthe rafting so they turned away some folks early thinking they were "full".  Randy got on them and straightened that out, but it didn't help.


Still going to be a killer regatta! 




Looks like a good 30ft division off shore. Should be some pretty close racing. Sad to see that the offshore numbers are down.

At 288 registered it should end up a bit down from last year, which saw 275 on the actual line.  I'd think this year it will end up at 265 or so.  I'd suspect CRW will put more effort into recruiting more big boats next year, maybe with format changes and maybe with marketing.  Personally I think you could do a full day or two of point-to-point for the handicap racing boats; start them in the harbor and send them out to the sea buoy and back to a finish in front of downtown or something.  


Very excited amigo, looking forward to seeing you.  I'll hold my analysis of the fleet until we see just how many boats show up.


The 'shift' in handicap buoy racing is nationwide BTW; I've been looking for windward/leeward regatta for PHRF racing that's doing well for about two years and can't find one, because handicap racers seem to have finally understood that, if they want real, competitive racing, they need to sail one-design, and if they want to race in their handicap boat, it should be fun, and not require a shitton of work every 12 minutes. ;)

Hmmm, that one PHRF boat must be us. ;-)  Among the reasons why we're not doing it,  I was tired of the trip out and getting back so late.  By the time we got to the party we were almost spent.  Looking at the splits we (First 36.7) would be racing against way too many sprit boats in B fleet.  If we participate next year, I hope to with new sails, we'll would probably race in the Pursuit class.


Otherwise, I hope it's a great weekend for you guys. I'll be cycling in the NC mtns climbing thousands upon thousands of vertical feet. Then watching the USPro Crits in uptown Charlotte and breaking in our new triple A baseball stadium.  

In Topic: Long multi nat'l park trip planned....Any tips?

26 March 2014 - 01:26 PM

In Canyonlands stay at Deadhorse St Park and check out that side of "Island in the Sky" District.  Why not Bryce, Zion and Capital Reef?  I would forego The Grand Canyon for them,  IMHO. 


Also, if it fits in, check out Hovenweep on the CO/Utah/NM border area. My brother was a NP Ranger in Albuquerque.  We hit some very cool "off the beaten path" places during his time out there.   

In Topic: What is the Best New Entry Level Racer Cruiser?

21 March 2014 - 07:53 PM

. Hell, you can get a nice 10-12 year old Bennie 36.7 for less than any of those and race and cruise in style.

 Yes,  Yes you can.  PM me if interested...