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Expedition > H2000Herc, TWA table upload problem?

08 July 2014 - 01:04 PM

Recently I've been experiencing a weird issue while trying to sort out the calibration on a new to us boat with an H2000 system:


When uploading the TWA calibration table from Expedition to the B&G the numbers are changing somewhere during the upload. This can be confirmed either by immediately downloading the same table to Exp, or checking it manually on the FFD.


Inputting the values manually or doing the same transfer via Deckman works fine - but its a stopgap and not an ideal solution.


The changes do not appear to be repeatable - uploading the same table 10 times results in 10 different tables, and it does not seem to matter how close the existing table is to the new table (or even if they are the same) and as far as I have been able to tell it is only the TWA table affected - the single calibration factors like MHU angle seem to be fine but I cant say for sure if any of the other tables suffer from this issue... I will need to check next time I'm on the boat.



Anybody out there seen anything like this before? Any suggestions for things to try?