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06 August 2014 - 03:33 PM

I think they have the target market off a bit. 20-30 year olds would want a kite I would think. My 54 year old ass would love to sail this thing and no kite means i can take a newbie or kid along without any issues. Just looks like a lido 14 on steriods bet its pretty fun to go blast around in


You would be surprised.  The V-15 was very successful for a long time.  As an example me and my buddy talked about getting one for a long time, and it just never came together.  It might still, work in progress.  The thing is we spent so long college sailing, that we wanted something similar, just the next step up.  I've sailed I-14s, very complicated, expensive, steep learning curve.  The cool thing about the V-15 is that the maintenance is extremely low.  There is minimal to break, do some hull work every winter or so to keep up, but we're not replacing parts every time we go sailing.  With no time or money, this is huge.  The idea of showing up to the boat park, rigging in 7 min, being on the water with a bunch of other people our age, de-rigging in 7 min, is very compelling.  Also because it is simple you can grab anyone to go sailing with you.  No need to try and round up 4 more for a J24, cheap sails, and low maintenance.  


In Toronto there are about 300 albacores in the area.  Friday night they regularly get 40-50 boats out.  All for this reason.  I would think this is easier to pull off in the NE where you have an abundance of ex college sailors floating around looking to relive the glory days once a week or month.  I know it's not for everyone, but this is who the boat is for.  Is it better than the V-15?