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Yesterday, 08:24 AM

I can remember the Hastings race being very popular amongst the Melbourne keel boat offshore  racers. Most boats and newbie crews enjoyed their first taste of racing out of the heads and sometimes blasting their way into Western Port Harbour to the finish line off Hasting Marina. It was always a laugh to see some of the boats running aground negotiating their way into the Hastings marina. There was great atmosphere after the race under the marquee and later at the local Hastings Marina pub. That all finished once the new marina became full.


The ORCV then raced to the NAVY base near Hastings and then to later raced to a mark in the Western Port entrance and then to a finish line off the Flinders Pier.


Please ORCV, bring back another version of the last race of the ORCV series to be raced out of the heads towards Western Port and back to say a Port Lonsdale finish line. This will provide the newbies a chance to taste a short ocean race and then maybe back to the Blairgowrie marina/yacht club for a beer and stay the night.


The Geelong Yacht Club does not have that same  atmosphere after the Geelong race to the same level that was in the past with the last ORCV winter series race being a short raced in the ocean to Western Port Bay!


Agree Chucky.  But they would not want boats potentially re-entering the rip in an adverse (ebbing) tide, so logistically it would be tricky.  Perhaps they could make the Latitude race, Race7 of the winter series.

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15 September 2014 - 10:12 AM

The geelong race is always held this weekend - so i'd say SYC over ORCV 

With all due respect Pete that is not a great argument. How long has the winter race to Geelong been going for now? Not that many - maybe five? ORCV (rightly) has ownership of the holiday weekends to run their offshore races but apart from those dates they don't have the right to exclusivity of a date at their choosing. How many months has the SYC Winter Series NOR been out for? More than enough for other Clubs to set their calendar sympathetically. How many yacht races are going on next weekend?

These sort of clashes are not serving the Melbourne racing community at all well. I would never be so arrogant to make demands of the other Clubs but I do hope that we can (continue) to work in a co-operative way to prevent these clashes. It does frustrate me that they still occur.

Dave, prior to the race being re-located to Geelong, it was the traditional Hastings race - been going for as long as i can remember - 14+ years ???  Anyway, agree with your point - the clubs should always communicate and avoid clashes if possible.  And to a large extent i think they do - i know SYC avoids putting on a race during the Lipton Cup weekend as an example.  Don't know what other clubs do.


I think this year SYC may've fucked up.  Happens.

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15 September 2014 - 06:42 AM

The geelong race is always held this weekend - so i'd say SYC over ORCV 

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10 September 2014 - 01:33 PM

uhhh yeh it was - yesterday




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22 August 2014 - 06:57 AM

thx change, how would we know that.