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In Topic: AUS Super 11 Sailing

01 February 2016 - 11:50 AM

This is a bit of a dumb discussion. Anyone with one of these boats, that desires to spend the bucks on getting to those Cat 2/3 levels. Great. Go for it. The sheer weight of all the safety shit, rafts, bunks and all the rest of it, that these offshore regs require, virtually eliminate the competitive edge these boats have - not to mention fun. They are already pounded out of competitiveness by rules like IRC, so why even bother. Super 11 - which is what this thread is all about, is aimed at bringing all the fast, 30-something footers, with A-sails on the same bit of water. 


I well remember a Mumm30 (Kato/Optimumm/Cleopatra AUS6151) at the start of a Sydney/Southport. Those guys were so weighed down by all the gear, rafts lashed to the deck, you name it - that unless it was going to blow 20 knots SE, they had no chance - and they knew it. 


I don't think anyone around here is saying 'don't do it', if offshore is your thing, in a torture machine like a 30-footer, go for it. I would HATE to try and get a wink's sleep downstairs on a Melges32, offshore, overnight. What I would like to see is 20-30+ 'like' boats on the race track, drag racing downwind to the bottom mark. Some will go better uphill, others will go better downhill. Hopefully a rule like AMS brings them all together in a reasonable fashion. And it seemed to in Geelong. 

Damn right - there is a shitload of extra gear and crap once you go Cat3 or 2 - and the smaller/lighter the boat the bigger it sucks

In Topic: Knockdown - 1998 Sydney Hobart account

11 January 2016 - 10:07 PM

nice work JS - yeah Cat 2 races - particularly in VIC have been smashed

In Topic: Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

04 January 2016 - 07:36 AM

she's at Pier35

In Topic: 2015 Sydney to Hobart

26 December 2015 - 11:18 AM

Can we start a campaign to get some noise generated about how shite the fucking tracker is.


We have had the same shit software, logics and graphics for more than 12 years - it was ho hum ordinary even when new - but it is down right 3rd world computing by todays standards.


You can't see shit, the data doesn't match live, even heading and track are not representative. As mentioned above the COG is saying one thing, the positions relative to each other another, and the track path just re-updates as a straight line from when they exited the heads. Way to go CYA......


FFS, I got to watch the start and the guys you missed nothing in terms of commentary - which was cringe worthy. I mean FFS they were talking about Kevlar and Steel cables......


I refuse to watch the start any year with non-sailors around - the production is so amateurish as to confuse the hell out of anyone who doesn't already know what is going on.


Only the onboard mics of KR and MR make it worth keeping the sound on. KR dropping the F bomb was choice. MR doing his usual cocaine fuelled rants was embarrassing.

Yeah ^^^ the tracker is seriously so fucking bad.  Crap on mobile devices too.  And the Ch 7 coverage of their advertisements was top notch.  I've never seen so much advertising crammed into a program.. Fucking shit.

In Topic: Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

24 December 2015 - 06:02 AM




I owned the Davidson 40 Blue Max 2 for a few years. It was on gumtree last time I heard.

I raced against a blue davidson 40 called blue max in Port Lincoln this year.  Prolly same boat.Weird owner, screamed like fuck at his crew the entire regatta.  Then we sat with em at preso nite - what happened at preso nite stays. at preso nite.  Suffice to say that we started a pretty good paper plane war outta the menus.
Have been waiting for this opportunity, thanks Dark Cloud.Blue Max were the cunts who stripped everything they could outta their boat to lighten it for the last race at Lincoln Week when they had a sniff at a trophy. Not being overly bright, they had it all stacked up outside their marina side apartment for all the world to see. And I mean everything, bunk cushions, doors, galley drawers, spare sails, rope, the works. Check it out here:attachicon.gifIMG_2464.JPGAnd then they had the hide to collect the series PHD trophy after that. Can't stand cheating at any level.

All they would have to have done was kill all the cockroach's and it would have been 100 kgs lighter. It had 4 front opening fridges when I owned it. Taking a few draws out wouldn't have changed much. Still debouching move but you will sail PHS...


I wasn't aware of that.  Yep, on PHS in a regatta, that's cheating.

My boat was a Cav350 - so we were similar speeds and could never quite get away from them.  Cunt dumped on us at every opportunity, even though we were not racing him in PHS.  His crew thought his behaviour was normal.  We said, nah...yeah you don't have to put up with that shit. They were green.