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In Topic: AUS Super 11 Sailing

16 March 2016 - 08:30 AM

Spoonie, it may well be that there's no one around with the skill, knowledge or interest to weigh and measure (in Sydney) for proper AMS ratings. For some of the OD boats, like Melges32's, FT10's, if they are in OD trim, then one measurement would surely fit all. The SMS/sportboats guys got their shit together and made it happen, so no reason that the S30/11 oriented boats couldn't. 


It may well be apathy and 'cant be arsed' is the real reason stopping forward momentum and progress. There is still time to potentially bring all comers together for the Winter Series out of the CYCA. The real issue here though, is the the 'pursuit' nature of this series - as it's always been. It's fucking hopeless starting 25 minutes behind a boat in a dying breeze on any given winter afternoon. No matter how fast your boat, you are fucked. I guess the club wants to make sure most starters over the series will win a jacket, bag or hat - and to get back to the club in max daylight hours for max ale/rum consumption. 

There are plenty of AMS measurers in Sydney

In Topic: Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

11 February 2016 - 09:41 PM

but you can buy insurance  <_<

In Topic: Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

11 February 2016 - 12:34 AM

Sinking anarchy


Anyone know which Bene 48 sank off King Island?


In Topic: Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

09 February 2016 - 08:24 AM

counting $ alright  - so the ave entry fee for a keelboat in this 'festival' was in the order of $400 - how many boats were entered ?  If a bit over 200 that's close to 100K


At least I didn't spend any $ on their overpriced bar.   Interestingly most of the results have disappeared from their site.  <_<

In Topic: AUS Super 11 Sailing

01 February 2016 - 11:50 AM

This is a bit of a dumb discussion. Anyone with one of these boats, that desires to spend the bucks on getting to those Cat 2/3 levels. Great. Go for it. The sheer weight of all the safety shit, rafts, bunks and all the rest of it, that these offshore regs require, virtually eliminate the competitive edge these boats have - not to mention fun. They are already pounded out of competitiveness by rules like IRC, so why even bother. Super 11 - which is what this thread is all about, is aimed at bringing all the fast, 30-something footers, with A-sails on the same bit of water. 


I well remember a Mumm30 (Kato/Optimumm/Cleopatra AUS6151) at the start of a Sydney/Southport. Those guys were so weighed down by all the gear, rafts lashed to the deck, you name it - that unless it was going to blow 20 knots SE, they had no chance - and they knew it. 


I don't think anyone around here is saying 'don't do it', if offshore is your thing, in a torture machine like a 30-footer, go for it. I would HATE to try and get a wink's sleep downstairs on a Melges32, offshore, overnight. What I would like to see is 20-30+ 'like' boats on the race track, drag racing downwind to the bottom mark. Some will go better uphill, others will go better downhill. Hopefully a rule like AMS brings them all together in a reasonable fashion. And it seemed to in Geelong. 

Damn right - there is a shitload of extra gear and crap once you go Cat3 or 2 - and the smaller/lighter the boat the bigger it sucks