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In Topic: She sets off- Abby Sunderland

11 June 2010 - 02:09 AM

So much self serving crap on this post.

Really guys, whether you agree or disagree with the voyage really doesn't matter, right now there is a 16 year old human being possibly fighting for their life - or has alread lost it with the nearest physical help close to 2 days away asuuming they pinpoint her right away which is unlikely to be easy with the conditions that exist in the area at the moment.

To hell with the criticism of her, or her family or the others who encouraged this venture - this is a young girl in trouble and we should stop the speculation and simply wish her well and the rescue authorities every luck and success in locating and resuing her.

C'mon guys - grow up

Shanghai Sailor

Thank you for saying that so well.

Abby Sunderland? More like Abby Sunderwater!!

Fucking idiot! Do you think that's funny?

Not one poster here would like to be in Abby's shoes right now. Have a little decency and keep it either positive or, if not, factual.

If you are a sailor, close your eyes and try to imagine the conditions Abby has been through and is right now experiencing - if she is still alive. And the worst your imagination can come up with won't even come close. All sailors should be empathising with the young girl who is in very bad trouble, in waters very few of us have ever sailed.

Well said Reci. I have been sitting here for 3 hours going thru my head what I would be doing. What my Priorities should be. My health,My ships health,plan for future, Keep wits,inventory-what works what don't. Anybody else thinkin that way? Care to share!

In Topic: She sets off- Abby Sunderland

10 June 2010 - 10:03 PM

Any official word/update/news conference from the family?