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In Topic: guess what it cost to do a out of town race in a 29' boat?

Yesterday, 12:45 PM

You're asking others to take time away and basically work for you to win you a pickle dish-

Unless you are actually being paid to sail, it's not work. It's a hobby. Adults pay for their own hobbies.

In Topic: guess what it cost to do a out of town race in a 29' boat?

Yesterday, 08:52 AM

For some reason racing culture has always been the guy who puts up all the money for the boat and keeps it in race ready condition ($$$$$) also pays all expenses for crew, including travel, lodging, food, etc.

Is a USA thing. Not normal in GBR until you are getting into high-level programmes. Owners or crew collectively may pick up the tab for those in education but those in employment pay their own costs and often will also pay a share of the entrance fee.

In Topic: Team UK

Yesterday, 08:41 AM

As noted above Ben Ainslie has admitted that LBAR failed to make a proper evaluation of the power requirements and the option of using pedal power.

Read it again. He's said nothing of the kind.

In Topic: High Speed Chopping

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

And motorsport, for example, has gone to great lengths over the years to reduce the risk. So does sailing. We run safety boats for dinghies. We require yachts racing offshore to conform to stability and equipment standards. The vast majority of skiers and cyclists now wear helmets. There is not much evidence that many people crave unnecessary risk and plenty to suggest they prefer to manage risk.


But that wasn't my point. There are people here who don't apparently run any higher risks themselves than being hit in the head by a golf ball but bemoan "pussification".

In Topic: High Speed Chopping

Yesterday, 07:42 AM

Keyboard warriors complaining about pussification. It's not a good look.