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Today, 06:17 AM

So there is in fact no published marine investigation or coroner's report  and my original question still stands. Thought so.


My mistake for imagining MSP might, for once, have something of interest to contribute.

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Today, 05:44 AM

MSP, I don't normally read your innumerable posts, because too many contain bluster without substance and they are verbose and barely comprehensible. It is a little rich to communicate in a way deliberately designed to be opaque and then complain about being unread.


As for what you've posted above, if you can post links to full official reports, I will read them with interest thank you.

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Today, 04:48 AM

"after 16 months with seemingly no one else giving a shit, weve stopped caring too."


And I was thinking SA was pursuing a personal feud with PC when actually it was all about caring. Silly me.


What puzzles me is how there can be a high-profile accidental death yet, apparently, no marine accident investigation or coroner's report. Can anyone familiar with processes in California explain?

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Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Under, ORR, IMS and IRC they are prohibitted.

Not prohibited in IRC. http://forums.sailin...741#entry435641

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Yesterday, 06:01 AM

   I am sorry that we don't have huge marketing budgets or forum trolls (paid or otherwise) but are happy that the boat sells itself :)


Who the hell in dinghies has "huge marketing budgets"?


"Forum trolls" is a silly accusation and you do yourself no favours in making it.