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In Topic: Which Team can beat OR-USA

Yesterday, 03:59 PM

And why would ETNZ give a shit about continuing a commercially sustained event? If no one signs up to challenge then the Kiwis will just mount the Cup next to Black Magic and have a party once a year. An excuse to shine the Cup.

100% wrong. It's a commercial team with people who expect their salaries to be paid. No event, no salaries.

In Topic: Which Team can beat OR-USA

Yesterday, 09:19 AM


Not actually true. Team Origin, which was BAR by another name, was entirely derailed by the AC33 fiasco.

As for BAR, I've said a number of times that BA has drunk too deeply of the Wussell-Vision Kool-Aid for my liking.

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Yesterday, 06:10 AM

Little doubt that ETNZ owes much to LR.  Perhaps a handshake for support, perhaps a written understanding. That suggests a return to monohulls, probably a new class.

If you live in a world where six year old favours cut much ice, that's nice for you. What exactly has LR done for ETNZ lately?

As for a return to monohulls by a team that's just won in multihulls, well I'd love to see monohulls but alas I don't believe in the tooth fairy.

We shouldn't underestimate Deano. He's running his own show, has big time Oracle support, a seemingly unlimited budget

I see no evidence at all for "a seemingly unlimited budget". Exactly how large is the design team?

In Topic: Which Team can beat OR-USA

Yesterday, 06:02 AM


Artemis' recent track record in ACWS has actually been pretty good and those responsible for the AC34 debacle have long since left the building.

In Topic: Which Team can beat OR-USA

Yesterday, 05:58 AM

Not really. BARf and Team Soft Dick would carry on Wussel Vision wouldn't they? Where TNZ most assuredly would not


Other than blind faith and mindless optimism, there isn't the slightest reason to believe that. A "commercially sustainable" event is exactly what ETNZ needs, arguably the most of any of the teams.


It's funny how those who bemoan having been fooled once by OR are now queuing up to be fooled again by ETNZ.