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Yesterday, 07:02 PM

What I would be interested in though, is how many visitors to Bermuda this event is likely to bring.  Anyone coming?

Might. It quite appeals. I've no interest in going to SD.

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Yesterday, 04:40 PM

I agree with you.  I'm just saying what I've been told by a senior person inside ISAF, about what their plan is to fuck with GGYC.

Is that the same one who told you I'm an ISAF officer? He's having some fun with you.

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Yesterday, 02:57 PM

Gantt, on 28 Jul 2014 - 18:02, said:
Fairly sure that the ILCA is an unincorporated association

Laser International Limited is a limited company registered on the Isle of Man. I think that's ILCA, might be wrong. I'd be surprised if ILCA trades as anything other than a limited company. It only costs a few £100 a year to run a limited company in the UK and there are major advantages in doing so.

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Yesterday, 09:46 AM

Surely, discussing aspects of the next protocol has to be considering another challenge.


No. Not the same thing at all.


Asking "when will Fred and I next meet?" does not imply I'm cancelling dinner tonight with Mary,

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Yesterday, 08:33 AM

as we've seen before with New Zealand and recently with the British entry, governments ARE willing to contribute to the cause.


That's a questionable statement. The budget used for the BAR base was for city regeneration associated with the end of naval shipbuilding in Portsmouth. Not "contributing to the cause". OK, we could debate where motive begins and pretext ends. It's also pretty unlikely a Labour government would do the same and if polls are to be believed, odds are the next government will be Labour-controlled.