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Today, 11:56 AM

Because rather than it being a private matter, that could possibly have been resolved privately, all his or her sailing friends will now know. Maybe as a child you'd have liked that. A few might. Personally I'd have been mortified. I'd have never have gone near a sailing club again.


If the parents had chosen to publicise this, I would not have criticised them, that's a choice they would have been entitled to make.  What has instead happened is that someone not directly connected to the family has taken it on themselves to do so. Inevitably, the dots have been joined up to identify the child and the situation is escalating.


I've expressed my opinion over a number of posts here and I'm done. I hope SA deletes this thread though I don't expect they will.

In Topic: Outing and arsehole

Today, 11:33 AM

"Concealed" is one thing and taking it on yourself to publicise a dispute involving a child whose family you don't even know is another. Your apparent belief that nobody would close the loop back to the identity of the child is extraordinary.


"Great public importance" is just grand-standing. It's an Optimist regatta, not Watergate. It's an issue that should have been dealt with but dealt with by the family, the MNA and the IODA, I think you may have had good intentions but have done harm to the child involved.

In Topic: Outing and arsehole

Today, 11:02 AM

Invitation declined. Yes I can read and I invite you to take a good hard look at your own behaviour. You've chosen to publicise a situation in a way that the kid concerned can be identified by anyone with search skills, with no authority from the parents to do so. I don't much care if your judgement was affected by drugs. Most adults develop the basic good sense not make public statements involving other people in that situation.


And before you ask I have nothing to do with the IODA. I don't know anyone involved in the IODA.

In Topic: Outing and arsehole

Today, 10:30 AM

Right. So you have posted on a forum in a way that would allow anyone with an enquiring mind to identify the kid involved. Did you ask the parents before you did this?

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Yesterday, 06:03 PM

Given the same boat (I am talking match race in the AC Class) Oracle and Japan are pretty evenly matched.

We've a pretty clear idea how even they are in the same boat and the answer is not very. ACWS Oracle 2nd TJ 4th. Oracle, ETNZ and BAR have all been close to consistently on the podium, TJ has not. I see no reason to believe they would be closer match racing. I don't think Spithill wakes at night in a sweat about having lost to TJ.