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Today, 03:57 AM

Incongruous? Ludicrous? I am on dogwatch's side on that one: Much Ado About Nothing.
Insisting that the only descent venue for an AC match should be the "home-waters" of the Defender has more to do with habit (and mono-neuronal jingoistic nationalism) than anything else. From my perspective it's even counterproductive for "a friendly competition between nations".


I was referring to this thread and the process to replace the CoR. The furore about venue is far from "much ado about nothing", particularly when those "home waters" are one of the best sailing venues in the world.

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Today, 03:48 AM

Where there is possible hypocrisy is in admiring the 'Formula 1' and short-races and stadium races and sponsor-oriented and venue-paying nature of the series; while criticizing the ACWS or any other pro series for also having those factors at play.

ESS pays its way. It's a long-term financially viable proposition. Cities are prepared to pay what's needed to cover the cost of running events. Team can demonstrate sponsor value sufficient to pay for the game. That, in sailing, is hard to achieve and something to respect. Compare and contrast with ACWS, which does none of that. It is just a pimple on the bum of the AC.

As far as the sailing is concerned, I'm not very interested in either of them.

In Topic: 10,000 rooms. Where's the beef?

Yesterday, 03:12 PM

You do sport. I do sport. ACEA wants to be in show business.

In Topic: 10,000 rooms. Where's the beef?

Yesterday, 08:11 AM

For example, do you think TT would shop the venue?

Yes I do. Though I hope he doesn't as Stockholm is my favourite capital city.

I spent a day on the water with a KSSS member recently. Basically, there is sod-all connection between Artemis and KSSS as far as he was concerned.

In Topic: COR?

Yesterday, 05:33 AM

Since we've gone so cultural, I can report that I participated in the British middle-class hobby of freezing at an outdoor theatre production this weekend. Somehow it seems relevant to this thread. Different production (obviously), same play.