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In Topic: Another incredibly bad AUS Challenge

Yesterday, 05:07 AM

Yes RC's bargaining ability just took a huge blow. If he really is forced back to negotiating with SF it was be a case of "adopt the position". I know there are many here still banging the drum for SF but I can't see it. Bridges are burned.

That's sum pretty utter bullshit right there. The bridges are never burned. SF would be perfectly happy to host the event. They just have to accept that the city is not going to fund the event. So long as the AC is willing to pay its own way, like every one else, then they are welcome to have their party here again. No more special breaks for Billionaires.

What you are describing is precisely "adopt the position". SF laying down terms, take or leave. If you break off a negotiation and then come back with your tail between your legs because you have no alternative, your negotiating power is zero. Do you think LE can be seen to allow his agent to adopt the position?

In Topic: 2014 Moth UK & World Championships (July 16 to 25th)

Yesterday, 04:50 AM

Tides, mud, gravel beaches, shallows and no wind, that UK.

My God, Aussies are certainly world champions at whinging.

UK, being in the firing line for Atlantic weather systems, is, on average, one of the world's windier sailing venues. It hasn't so far been a very windy summer but there's some breeze this morning.

5 knots in the channel, not vaguely close at neaps which as what you are experiencing. The club fixed start line goes across the channel. Do you think the club could do that if the tide ran at 5 knots?

Huge waves in the channel. Yes they can be very impressive for a couple of hundred metres, in 20knots+ southerly, on a strong ebb. I've sailing through there 100+ times, I've experienced big standing waves exactly once and that was because I decided to head home early. If I'd been returning when the race officer planned, no waves. HISC will plan the event so you don't see those conditions except, possibly, people wanting to sail home while racing is still going on. It's right that the safety officer covered the point but most if not all competitors will never see those conditions.

If you've found mud, you were seriously lost. HISC is on sand and gravel. The peninsula is called "Sandy Point" for a reason.

Shallows. Yes, there are shallows. Not in the race area but on the way there, if you ignore the safety briefing. I'd avoid them and go where the locals tell you if I were you. Every year a few visitors think they know better, every year someone capsizes and breaks a mast bouncing on the bottom.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

In Topic: Ben Ainslie Racing to become new Challenger of Record?

20 July 2014 - 06:04 PM

i see no evidence that Ben has the money in the bank.

Then you really ought to pay more attention. $50M raised here.


Another $10M since then. That was my money. Well, I'm a taxpayer.

In Topic: Another incredibly bad AUS Challenge

20 July 2014 - 01:24 PM

With fava beans and a nice Chianti?

In Topic: Another incredibly bad AUS Challenge

20 July 2014 - 08:13 AM

No, no, no. ACEA is running everything, ACEA is OR's creature, ACEA if going to be negotiating with SF if anyone is.