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In Topic: N2E is the New KWRW

23 April 2017 - 02:57 PM

Has anyone checked out the weather forecast for next weekend, from my chair it appears I need to go dust off the 6A?

Aboard the SC 50 Horizon it is all about preparing for this years Trans Pac and it appears we will be getting some good practice



"You have to play to win." 

In Topic: Is there a cheap way to ship a Lido 14 mast?

19 April 2017 - 01:59 PM

Contact http://www.doublewave.com. John will take care of you.

In Topic: PAC 52

04 April 2017 - 02:48 PM

To bad they just did not go with the Club Swan 50's they will have resale value, have to think that the cost of the boat is miniscule to the cost of a three year sailing program.

In Topic: zero the hero

03 February 2017 - 07:57 PM


I am a group 3 because of my business.  I am classed in the same group as Jimmy Spithill.  Really?  This pretty much knocks me out of crewing on any amateur only event.  I am talking about going sailing and not getting paid.  Disqualified. 


I think it should be performance based, and the rules should account for those who are paid a daily rate to sail vs. those (me) who work on boats, race boats, occasionally coach crews, etc.  I think it could be a simple % of income.  If you get say 80% of your income to SAIL (not sand, sew, splice, etc) then you are a 3.  If you work in the industry, you could be a 2.  That way each class can set rules on how many pros, Minor leaguers, and amateurs can race.  If I built Bats and Gloves and was a batting coach for a local farm team I should not be classed the same as A Rod. 


I thought merely working for a company didn't put you in group 3. However, the coach part would even if it is occasionally.



I don't think this answers the OP questions. But this has been my concern with todays World Sailings definition of "Pro Sailor". I sell racing sailboats therefore I am a Cat 3 pro. I also sell Sport fisher power boats and do not know how to bait a hook. Under this example I am also a pro fisherman. This is why I feel the local fleets should define and determine the pro status. 

In Topic: zero the hero

03 February 2017 - 07:40 PM


Of the questions asked:

1. What can or should be done about people who lie about being paid to race when they register with ISAF Sailor.

2 The owners who falsely register sailors they pay as Group 1 sailors?

3. What are the flaws in the system?

4. Would there be a better system and if so what would it be?


I feel strong class rules have come the closest to answering most of these questions.


The definition of a professional sailor should be defined clearly in the class rules, rather than differing to an outside authority.


An owner driver rule along with a crew participation rule during fleet or championship regattas might solve many of these questions. For the major regattas the owner would submit his crew list, for example the crew would have had to sailed in four regattas that season to participate in the major events. Should the owner need to fill an open spot they would petition the class board to allow the perspective crew members. 


This concept will increase participation throughout the sailing season by allowing the lower skilled crew members to participate in the major events and keep owners from stacking their crew. Which I feel is the flaw in the system.


​It still comes down to getting involved with your local fleets be it one-design, handicapped racing or volunteering for race management. 

How do class rules help PHRF, ORC, etc?  Not everyone being paid to sail (to win) is sailing OD...



I consider PHRF, ORC, and ORR a class that can be governed by their local and district boards.