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Yesterday, 02:30 AM

It was fun racing against you all also...I was hoping for a 1D start but oh well...lol now i know what you mean about the smallest boat on the line..grin...ps did the Farr 280 ever get the window put in the mainsail <wink>

In Topic: NYYC Race Week at Newport

23 July 2014 - 04:16 PM

PS - Meal was very good too..and we drank a lot of wine - and were the only boat from Virginia (and louder than the only boat from TX - grin)

In Topic: NYYC Race Week at Newport

23 July 2014 - 04:10 PM

My crew didnt have to buy tickets (and they were 75 bucks...had a much better time than Screwpile)...We went for OD, but other than Elan (IRC Optimized 36.7) all the other reindeer stayed out, resting up for the NAs in Sept (We expected this might happen but pulled the trigger anyway).  We got in IRC with a standard rating (Props to NYYC, USSailing and IRC in getting rating turned around).  We were going to sail PHRF, but didnt want to sail in reaches with 4 other boats (at the time we made the shift it was 3 105s, a J111 and the FI - who came from Southhold).


Stadium racing WAS FREAKIN AWESOME - we turned into the filling in a TP52 sandwich as we were going upwind and they were going downwind, plus being in the same division as Rambler, and seeing the Maelstroms use the same start/finish line as us, all the while sailing in Newport.


The RC for stadium was the best I and my pro have EVER SEEN - bar none!


Sunset was awesome on Sunday.


SWMBO and I go back for a week of cruising in Aug, and stage the boat to to do the Greenport Ocean Challenge, and Whitbread.


A lot of things had to happen to get there - and I thank my regular crew and my pros for stepping outside their comfort zone and hanging in there...lol no rollers at Screwpile, SBRW, or Stingray...


Bucket list is getting shorter...gulp!

In Topic: I really need some help with Volvo Penta MD2003 overheat.

25 June 2014 - 07:05 PM

thanks for the final note - too often no one comes back with what they found to be the euraka moment and the solution to their problem!

In Topic: EPIRB Type and location

25 June 2014 - 06:56 PM

Thanks Jamhass, if i am going to do this for awhile one of the other guys/gals here recommended buy a new one every few years for ditch bag, lifeboat and boat.  I might end up doing the Vineyard race this year...plus bringing the boat back...