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In Topic: Shipping rig with rod rigging

Today, 09:37 PM

Jerry, do u have a source for the new sheeves? I would love to replace mine, replaced the jib sheeve after 6 years

In Topic: un-&uck a forespar whisker pole

Today, 09:25 PM

Citric Acid is nothing more than sugar free kool aid  - we used it all the time to clean corrosion on our fire hose nozzles on the ship..

In Topic: Educate me about Funeral Planning

Today, 05:38 PM

My family plot in Boston allow you to bury more people on top if it has been 100+ years or something like that - Tip Oneil was in the same cemetery I think for my uncle.  Grandparents were buried together in Mass - make sure if it is winter you allow for lights out in ice storms or don't bury till spring.


When my mother's dad died (a year to the day after his wife) - my mom went to the crematorium afterwards to collect his ashes - and the owner asked if she wanted to pickup her moms too..omfg!!

In Topic: Best PHRF Regattas in the US

02 May 2016 - 03:01 PM

2nds on the Whitebread run in beautiful Peconic bay by the wonderful PBSA. (we did it in 2014), We have done Screwpile, and live in the Southern Ches Bay - so hospitality at Hampton is warm and the costs are cheap, free trailor parking too. 

The NYYC Race week is something else too, but you may have size problems and the courses are in the ocean - cept for the AWESOME Stadium racing. (we did that in 2014)

In Topic: Has anyone heard a warship sonar in port?

27 April 2016 - 11:35 PM

Hard to hear, sonar even at a low duty cycle is LOUD and has an almost song like quality (well SQS-53 - but then I am dating myself).  The fathometer is a single chirp.


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