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In Topic: Bottom Paint - SD 20 Saildrive Incompatible?

19 September 2014 - 04:51 PM

Um...er...is ur saildrive isolated from your engine? there are specific steps and areas that isolate it so there is a reduced galvanic action.  I have had no problems with my baltoplate and saildrive or zincs in saltwater for over 7 years on my 36.7.


ps i did read the bulliten...some 36.7s DID have a problem with their saildrives due to this problem.

In Topic: Annapolis to Newport Delivery Advice for Oct 2013

19 September 2014 - 04:43 PM

Went from Hampton VA to Newport one shot this summer on a 36.7 right after Authur went thru...we motored the first 24 hours, then put up the delivery main (aka chicken main - as it is smaller), with a preventer on.  Was 050 degs for 56 hours dock to dock.  No radar but AIS (transceiver tied to charplotter) was awesome!  Fishing boats at night are well lighted, have no AIS (not that I saw) and changed course a lot!.  Got bumpy and busy off the enterance to the Hudson Canyon with water/waves and merchant traffic trying to get pilots.  Was never in water over 300 ft.

I had a liferaft from a good friend that i borrowed, and spot tracker.  Since it was a delivery i was running the engine at 1600 rpm - used 35 gals of diesel (20 in tank, 20 more on deck).  One thing i would want to try is get a good pump to pump from tank on deck into tanks rather than lift and tote around.

I had 4 crew, me and a 15yo nephew of the other delivery crew, the other 2 guys have about 50k miles offshore on deliverys and big boat experience so i took my cues from them. (all my offshore time was with grey funnel lines).

Used Estars offshore list as a guide (thanks!), and channeled my inner JonE <grin>..nothing broke on the way up, had a blast, raced in Newport for a week plus a week of cruising.


I am planning the voyage back now, leaving Greenport about 11 oct or so..heading back to hampton.  Looks like the weather is gonna be set up for light NE breezes with the highs a little further north, or a NW.

In Topic: Best breed of dog to have on boats when you are on them alot!

15 September 2014 - 05:28 PM

"you are on them a lot" ... the boats or .....


hat coat door rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn

LOL im with you...but the answer to your question is....


A Dachshund!  Grew up with one on our boats..car door opened on friday night and she was in the car ready to go.  She sailed on a Pearson 26, P30, and P10M.  I have her taxi in my backyard now.  She dried quickly, and would take herself for walks in the morning at the Brewers Greenport Marina (well before it was brewers)..and then bring herself back (we both slept in the cockpits as there was more room with 2 adults and 3 kids).  Later my parents had a minature that they would carry in an icebag (remember those?) out to the mooring. Neither shed a lot, only bad thing is she kept trying to go to windward and vinyl cushions down below didnt help. Because of her we put the P26 table down so she would not hurt herself hitting the pole


Friends had one also on their boats.


I have a chocolate lab and a bringer (brittaney and springer cross)..dont want the lab on the boat - she gets too hot, and bringer loves mud and wet weather - dont need one of those below either ..sigh.

In Topic: Greenport Ocean Race (Brooklyn Challenge Cup) 2014

09 September 2014 - 07:26 PM

As long as i can take the owner with me and my crew dogs..Bruce will do the pub crawl...right now i am in Stirling Harbor at a family friends house and am going to move to Mitchell park for that week.


Was in Rhumb line the other night, and was their the first night it opened back in the 70s..They dont store Bob's old sails from the ceiling anymore..


We leave the next day to head back down south to deliver the boat..hopefully before the snow starts..

In Topic: Shark Weeke

05 September 2014 - 04:32 PM

I loved the part a few years ago when my buddy Frank Mundus was driving around with the PHD guy off South Africa and there were no bites for 3 hours on the little seal silouhette...so Frank pulls it in and says "yah gotta make it interesting for them" and adds some ripped up material as streamers..puts it in the water and 30 seconds later an 18 ft White launches herself out of the water with the seal in her mouth..


I always liked that he had his x-wifes wedding ring in his ear..



Annbodey wache it?  Favrite seggmente?
I thick the 'Submarinne' sharkoff of SA was prettey coole.  I no it contervessialle if it exits but stille thouht it intesting.  Seeme oune bigg smart fishe.             :)

I always like to watch my families videos. I have sooo many cousins!