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In Topic: 2016 - 2017 ski season

11 January 2017 - 04:51 PM

Heading to Park City early Feb.  Can't wait!!


 They're getting pounded now!  Wish I were getting on a plane this afternoon...

In Topic: I need help

23 December 2016 - 03:43 PM

Can you fill us in on the overall thickness, laminate schedule, core material/thickness, existing Glue used?

In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

09 December 2016 - 11:32 AM






If he fixes those and nurses her back to Les Sables... Simply incroyable!


 This repair is a fools errand.  As much as i hate to say it, he should pull the plug.


   There is simply no way to make an adequate secondary bond repair to a carbon foil on a bobbing boat in a bay.  Limited tools,  no pressure sack, heat, vacuume.


    Then after an short cure, drop it into the water and march back down into the roaring 40's.  I would give it a few days at best, then he's down to one rudder for the remainder.


    Add to that, starting a leg that would put him the farthest away from rescue at times.


  just not a good idea...

In Topic: really?

06 December 2016 - 07:29 PM

  There are not a lot of boats out there equipped with a stern ladder,  I happen to sail on one that does.  It's a nice sturdy SS ladder hinged on the transom.


  We have dragged holding on to the last rung at 8+ kts and it is relatively easy to climb back aboard unassisted.


  I would design a tether that, once in the water, would stop you exactly at the transom.  I would have a fold down or slide out ladder mounted there as well.


  in my estimation it would be the best and only way you could re board a boat sailing solo at high speed.

In Topic: Vendee Globe 2016?

02 December 2016 - 07:36 PM

Just a guess, 

 I'm thinking if Alex and Armel know they will be short jibing the ice limit for a while, with only a few hours between jibes,  they will not be making the full stack transfers below.

more than likely balancing the weight down the center and working the cant for trim.


  they are vmg running in relatively moderate breeze, 13-15kts,  so not as much speed loss compared to the energy loss in doing a full re-stack every jibe.