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'new' product idea for sailing - Molle gear

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

I have been playing with outdoor/shooting gear recently, and it has mostly all converted to the Molle approach - which for those of you who have not used it is a modular load carrying system adapted/specified by the military (officially in 1997, but really not rolled out until after the 2001 wars). 


It is lightweight and completely non-corrosive/non-rusting/non-magnetic - so pretty much perfectly designed for sailing.


It allows you to completely customize how and where you can carry gear (from knives to flashlights to plbs/pAis).  It would make total sense of PFD's, harnesses, foul weather gear, fanny bags, and gear bags.  A huge assortment of different sorts of pockets and holsters (flashlights, phones, knives, etc) are already available (although the sailing brands might want to sell their own at 'marine' price premiums), so what the sailing brands need to do is build the Molle base webbing pattern onto their gear.


Given all the various gear we are told we should carry for 'safety' it makes total sense.


Taking it to the logical extreme, which the military has, Ideally I could see a base harness/mesh vest with molle system, which could the mount any of several optional PFD systems and any of the other other safety gear in whatever location you prefer.  But you could usefully 'start' just by adding the molle bases to existing gear.


As an aside, while talking about this gear, it is also interesting to look at military "rigger's" belts, as a really simplified 'harness' for tethering yourself to the boat.  There is some neat 'high strength, quick release' buckle technology that's been developed. 


Seems to me that the sailing gear is now about 20 years behind the military developments in load carrying gear.