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cold sailing gloves

14 June 2014 - 01:06 PM

I have found cold weather gloves to be the hardest part of the kit to get just right.  All the other clothing is pretty easy, but the gloves have to be waterproof, warm, easy to get on and off and flexible enough to handle lines and knots.


These are my latest favorites:


They have a double lining (knit and fleece) which both make them warmer than most of the rubber/grip coated gloves, and  seem to make them easier to get on and off. . . . and note the price, hard to beat.


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Best pump for deck/chain wash down

10 May 2014 - 02:08 PM

Need to replace my deck wash pump.

What I want is very high fire hose pressure coming out of the garden hose nossle.

And reliability.

And it needs either to be able to run when the garden hose nossle is "closed" or have an automatic pressure switch.

Don't really care about any other features.

I bough and installed a west marine brand "50psi" pump and it is disappointing. Does not seem to be delivering anything like that pressure.

Any suggestions.

H2000 compass swing?

09 May 2014 - 03:47 PM

I have not done the auto swing in a couple years, and tried this morning and could not figure it out.

I have a Halcyon 2000 compass (blue) wired to the main CPU (not the autopilot box).

My memory is that I used to swing using the autopilot set-up, but when I go thru those steps, and toggle
The swing from off to on, the lower part of the pilot display then shows err - I think when I had done this before that showed the compass heading but not quite sure.

There is a compass swing feature on the main ffd's, but when I bring that up I can't figure out how to toggle it from off to on. I can't find a button that will toggle it.

Any helpful advice?

Spring . . . . Getting the boat ready

03 May 2014 - 04:21 PM

We had a discussion about passage prep lists . . . . I do not have a written spring last, but I do the same stuff every year. Some of what I do is, I think, not so common among cruisers.

On deck . . . .

Check that all the shackle pins are wire tied (or moused)
Check the nav lights (a surveyor friend tells me that inoperative bow lights is his single most common "failure")
Mark the halyards, reef lines and sheet block positions. This is "nice to do" for the regular sails, but important for the storm sails and deep reefs - you don't want to be messing around when you get to setting those.
Clean the mainsail track and the furling foil grooves.

Below. . . . .

Flood the bilge with fresh soapy water, pump it out, and then clean the pump strainers.
Pull 2lt of fuel off the bottom of each diesel tank sump (into seperate bottles). Let sit for 24hrs and inspect. If there is any water or crap, repeat.
Put vacuum suction on the diesel and water tank breathers - to pull any crap out if those hoses.
Equalize the batteries (only for flooded batteries, which I use)

I am fortunate to have a simple boat, so there is not a lot of equipment to spin up. I make sure the voltage is good at the windless and autopilot terminals.

Parody . . . Cruising gurus

30 April 2014 - 03:15 PM