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In Topic: Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

21 July 2016 - 11:55 AM

For some reason I found myself checking Google Maps in Valencia, Spain last night and noticed a few things:


1.  Alinghi 5 (cat) and one of their IACCs are still parked together

2.  Two other IACCs are in the basin - the German boat and the hull used for the AC experience

3.  The two Desafio (I think both are ex-One World) hulls are laying on the ground with their keel bulbs cut off on one of the breakwaters


Sad end to such an ambitious project to create a sailing community there in Valencia.  I wasn't a fan of Alinghi, back in the day, but I have to say I am less of a fan of Larry Ellison's show now...come to think of it the common denominator is Russell Coutts...

In Topic: Need a Good Laugh? - See My First Trapeze Attempts

19 July 2016 - 04:09 PM



If you haven't already ordered non-slip for the rails consider Pro-Grip (see link to Pinnell & Bax - one of the UK's best shops - and the UK does dinghy parts much better than the US does, btw).  Hydro-turf is cool and all but it can be pretty thick and too grippy (at least for my tastes).  I have hundreds - if not thousands) of hours standing on the rails of 505s so I have become pretty opinionated about grip tape.  Too much is as bad as too little and these self-adhesive strips of Pro-grip are perfection to me and should be able to stick on your pimply gunwhale.


One other piece of advice if you don't mind.  Your weight placement has a lot to do with the boat's tendency to want to head up towards the wind and dump you overboard.  If you can move your weight forward you'll have less influence on the helm and, therefore, better control of the boat.  Try it out some time...get on the wire and walk yourself forwards and backwards a bit and see how much it causes you to have to adjust the steering - and in what direction.


Last, to help you get in and out of the boat don't be afraid to take up on the trapeze a bit (raise it up so when you are sitting on the rail you have to do a small hip thrust to un-hook it).  Too low and you go straight into the water when you try to push off...too high and you have to, basically, climb a mountain to get overboard.  It's a bit of an art...getting the main pulled in enough to get you powered up but not so much power that you have to fight your way overboard.  Here's how I would think of it:


1.  As you complete a tack (or just go for power) trim the main in enough so that the boat has enough power to heel over slightly

2.  Hook yourself in and push yourself overboard with your feet (this is assuming the main sheet is in your forward hand and tiller in your aft hand)

3.  As you go overboard maintain firm control of the main sheet - essentially locking your hand's position with respect to your body - so as you move out you trim in the main sheet just enough to add some more power to the main to support the additional weight going overboard


http://www.pinbax.co... Grip&ordering=



In Topic: Craigslist Finds

26 May 2016 - 10:28 PM

A classic Finn on Cape Cod:



In Topic: Craigslist Finds

02 May 2016 - 05:15 PM



For all you Texas-based Flying Dutchman lovers!

In Topic: Craigslist Finds

14 April 2016 - 01:10 AM

This is a special 505...it's an Olympic 505!  ;-)