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For the classic moth enthusiasts

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28 September 2016 - 06:30 PM



There really aren't any options in Boston unless you're a member of a club.  MIT might let you put a boat there but they are very limited on dock space.  I had my 505 there for a Summer many years ago and I got regular harassment about moving it.  There is no way Community Boating will let you keep a boat there - for liability reasons - so cross that one off your list.  Cottage Park is a good club and a decent option but it can be a long, drifty sail out to water where you'd be willing to turn a 470 or 49er upside down.  I have, also, put a 505 there in the past. 


What we need to find is a piece of real estate where we can locate a club like Severn Sailing Association (Annapolis) where it's just racing sailboats!



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13 September 2016 - 03:45 PM



I will dig into my old notes & class newsletters & hopefully resolve this issue.

My boat was my own design & there weren't any others like it. Maybe I can find another photo that shows the shape better.

The photo I attached was from an old IMCA newsletter, so the Classic Moth organization is likely to have it somewhere already. In any case, I wouldn't have any objection to your copying it.

I've attached a paragraph from IMCA "World Newsletter No. 1, August 1968." discussing the sail-area issue. Apparently the quoted areas include both the leach's roach & the luff-round.

I've also attached 2 snapshots of US2775. They aren't the greatest photos, but they show the extremely fine entry, plumb bow & rounded aft sections that characterized the main differences from most of the US boats of that era.
Thanks. I'll run that by Walt Collins and George Albaugh, who have sailed Moths (now Classic Moths) since the sixties. Maybe they can make sense of it. IDK the exact rule wording then, but the Classics adopted the rules as of '65, and have only made some tweaks since. I'm sure full battens weren't permitted, as one guy back then tried sewing wire cables into the sail seams to simulate full battens and got a wrist slap. Pretty sure roach was limited in some fashion. 15' x 9' gives a nominal area of 67.5 sq ft.
Your boat looks nearly exactly like a Mistral. Still the most competitive Classic Moth. One just came up for sale, originally built by Walt Collins about '99. Regstta winner. Seller asking $750, it's in very good condition. He built a new boat to try a couple tweaks and switch to headstay- only rig currently popular. Boat for sale could be easily converted though. Will look for pic.


Where is this one for sale?

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13 September 2016 - 03:44 PM

Sweet looking classic moth:



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Looking good so far!  Good on you for taking on this project.  She's going to look great when you are done.