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In Topic: Shipping Dinghys cross country

Today, 01:18 PM

505 Fleet does it regularly with both trucks and containers.  There is a container/truck every year from the east to west or vise versa for the North Americans, as well as multiple containers to the worlds from US.


Good article in SW about the Vipers and how they consulted with our shipping Guru to get boats to their worlds in Bermuda



Speaking of which a container (or two) could/should be going from the west coast to MA and back in June for the NAs.  Given that the Worlds are also on the east coast in September there may not be too many takers so there may be room in any trucks/containers going back and forth.

In Topic: Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

21 February 2017 - 06:38 PM

I would love to see these two twelves rescued but you're looking at close to $1MM each to get them both sailing again.  A more modest goal of getting them back to Australia would be worth putting together in a GoFundMe program.

In Topic: Craigslist Finds

08 February 2017 - 03:14 PM




This guy is selling both a 505 and an FD in Tampa, FL.

Looks like they are free. No
Money mentioned in the ad.



actually there are no details at all in the add.

sounds like the fell from a trailer somewhere... (if you know that saying in english).


Fell off the turnip truck??? Very kewl! Like me!


These are both nice boats...a Mader FD and a modern Rondar 505...the owner (not me) is a nice guy and takes good care of his boats. 

In Topic: AC50 Boat Porn

06 February 2017 - 06:36 PM


Unfortunately the only porn involved is going to be the paint scheme.  Everything else (except for the foils, of course) will look identical.  I'm having more fun looking at the 12 meter facebook page(s) right now and the various designs from 1987 than I am anticipating the AC50s.  Huge loss that this is not a design contest between nations anymore.  I digress.


These Boats are as majestic as it gets!

You must be joking. Neither class begins to compare with this...


I loved the IACCs too!  I have a bunch of pictures of them - this one included - I look at from time to time.

In Topic: AC50 Boat Porn

06 February 2017 - 04:45 PM



That thingy looks real good  :)


Not to be a negative nancy but, as expected, it looks like a slightly stretched AC45.  Now that we've seen one we've pretty much seen them all.  Going back to Patriots Superbowl LI highlights!