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In Topic: The First Lady of the United States of Americia

Today, 03:30 PM

Troller was trolling - there was no discourse involved. See YA

In Topic: Unbeleivable Conflicts of Interest!!

Today, 03:25 PM

JFK had RFK.

If Trump hiring an in-law was the ONLY issue we had it would be a happy day.

In Topic: Can YOU land a plane if you have to?

Today, 03:22 PM

I sure hope I can land a plane, otherwise my passengers will be mighty pissed off to say the least!

This video caught my attention today. I couldn't take my attention away.

In Topic: 20+ Firefighters Killed

Today, 03:17 PM

Please take this shit to PA. Whole section of SA dedicated to shit fights - enjoy it over there.

Respect to the Iranian firefighters.

In Topic: It's funny, the WH web page looks like its from a different world

Today, 03:11 PM

The professional civil service, the one that Trump just cannot wait to wreck, is expressly designed so that it does not matter if the employees are "onboard" or not.




I wonder if those that maintain it are appointed or civil servants? Be a tough job if you weren't on board with your president. 


Tid bits


Mrs. Trump cares deeply about issues impacting women and children, and she has focused her platform as First Lady on the problem of cyber bullying 


The White House Internship Program is now closed.