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In Topic: Officer sues "Suspect's" family

Today, 06:18 PM

Only if someone is paying you to post on forums :rolleyes:

In Topic: money wins!

Today, 04:20 PM

Odd thing is, SA is usually the one jumping up and down with SPORT BOATS SPORT BOATS and looking down their noses at the people polluting the race course with amateur-sailed 4KSBs and 6KSBs and now all of a sudden they see the logical conclusion of their cheerleading and don't like it :unsure:

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Today, 02:25 PM

Just make a few on Adorama or some other color book publisher. I have used them to run off small numbers of books. If you can sell them, run off a few more. This way you do not have to put cash up front for unsold books ;)

Also look into a pro for the photos if you don't have good equipment yourself. The equipment to do this right is expensive for one use.

In Topic: money wins!

Today, 02:18 PM

Well SA bent over and then some for Gunboat, which last time I checked was not selling boats to poor people. Seems the free rides thing was what it took to get good press and ignore all the things going on behind the curtain. The M20 class does nothing for SA...............so SA does nothing good for them ;)

Clean and Ed are not stupid though, we all posted on here and upped their traffic count and ad revenue that also funds threads we do like.

In Topic: money wins!

Today, 01:19 PM

It isn't like someone hired an America's Cup team to win the local Cal 25 beercan race :rolleyes:

Hasn't the M-20 class always been a pay-to-win class?