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In Topic: State Dept Report on Hillary's Email is In........

Yesterday, 09:09 PM

Funniest thing was when the birthers were after Cruz for a bit :lol:

Back to HRC, what I mainly get is people don't like her, not policy problems. I think she has the second highest negatives of any candidate in the history of polling. Of course we know who #1 is :rolleyes:

In Topic: State Dept Report on Hillary's Email is In........

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

OK - get it now - it was someone during the HRC vs. BO primary. A nasty trick for sure.

Still no excuse for Trump to run with that demented shit. I love his hand-wavy thing: "Well Obama is from Kenya. Or so I hear people say <waves hands around> I don't know, I hear he is" :rolleyes:

Kind of like saying "I am not saying you are a pedophile, sure everyone thinks that, I hear all about the naked boys in your basement, not quite sure yet"

In Topic: State Dept Report on Hillary's Email is In........

Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Difference is using it as a dirty trick - horrid - and *believing it yourself* - unhinged.


???  :huh: 
I thought the black love child thing was a Bush plot to derail McCain in the primaries. AFAIK we never had a HRC vs. McCain election.
Anyway, it is technically possible that any given male politician could  have a black love child, and one at least famously did, so dirty trick or no, it could possibly be true. The slimeballs that thought it up know better of course.
Now for the birthers - I am assuming it came out of a focus group someplace and THEY knew it was fake. Trump was not an originator, but he ran with it. Anyone that could believe that load of complete bullshit is very far removed from reality and sitting right next to 911 truthers on the crazy bus. :wacko:
* I was right:
During the 2000 South Carolina presidential primary campaign, a push poll (a political messaging strategy of pushing an agenda issue disguised as a survey of voter attitude and sentiment) subtly implied that candidate John McCain had an African American illegitimate child. This rumor was referencing John McCain's adopted daughter, Bridget, who is Bangladeshi and has dark skin pigmentation. This, along with other negative rumors about McCain, spread throughout the state, and he lost the primary to George W. Bush.


Given that Trump is setting some all-time world record for lying, the choice here is between lies every now and then vs. lies every other sentence.
I am not a fan of anyone lying, but that is really the least of it. Trump has destructive potential not seen in anyone else I can recall. He seems willing to do ANY random thing at any given second and was notably a birther, so his ability to even KNOW what the truth is likely does not exist. At least Hillary knows when she lies :rolleyes:

Agree about the lying thing.  I have seen it written somewhere that Trump spits out lies and bs like a guy trying to get laid in a singles bar.  
re the Birther stuff....  That started with Hillary's campaign, though her campaign did not take it to the tawdry, racist extreme that Mr. Trump's race baiting did.  Hillary's version was closer to the Bush campaign's "black love child" smear of Senator McCain in the run-up to the primary in SC in 2000.  But it's safe to say that both major party candidates tested the race baiting waters of Birtherism.  

Yup, the Black Love Child gag was Bush v McCain in SC. I use that example as being closer to what happened in the Democratic primary of 08 to Obama, whether or not it started from Hillary's campaign. She clearly was the only other candidate at the time in that race.

Trump of course took the birther football from that crowd and went full Run Forrest Run, all the way through a klan rally he failed to notice.

Just trying to show birther foolishness tied to both major party candidates, through the movement is clearly identified with Trump now, and I suspect is a part of what attracts some of his support.

In Topic: S/V Gemini

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

The deck is cored.


Congrats from another C&C 35s owner! She's a beaut!

Thanks!  They are nice boats.  I'm curious - does the Mk.1 model have cored or solid decks?  I'm sure it has a solid hull like the Mk.2


In Topic: Little Marco endores Trump

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

I would vote for either one of them over Hillary, but that isn't the choice anymore :(


There were only two marginally respectable candidates in the GOP primary, Jeb! and Kascich.   Neither has endorsed Trump, yet.  The rest are just demonstrating they are hollow whores.