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In Topic: Documentary: Pros and Cons of living aboard in the Caribbean

Yesterday, 10:46 PM

I have known of more than one cruise that didn't go well when someone used to a structured life found endless free time and rum or other substances. There are a few ports that seem to have a lot of these cases.

I totally get the sunrise to sunset thing though. Assuming you aren't just sitting on your ass, a day of up at dawn and swimming/diving/hiking followed by a nice dinner with a dark n stormy has me ready for bed for sure. 

My one question is what does he do all day?  Sure, going down to the market to pick up a fish and a beer is fun on day 1 and day 20, but what about on day 120?  He says he goes to sleep at sundown and wakes at sunup.  This means that in the tropics he is in bed for nearly 11 hours a day.  If he was actively sailing around the world or something, I would understand that he is busy. And if he was writing a book I'd say he has a job. But does he just stare at the ocean all day, every day.


I keep thinking back to the Andy Griffith show when Howard retires to a South Pacific Island.  He walks into the local store and sees some very old men with long beards sitting on the bench mumbling to eachother. The proprietor says something like, "they where just like you.  They moved here two months ago."

In Topic: 100 amp shore power receptacle - two 30 amp

Yesterday, 10:38 PM

They do not fit 100 amp sockets. 100 amps can be 3 phase and it can be 120/208 volts or 440. There is no one standard like the smaller cords.

There are smart adapters to make two separate single phase feeds into one two phase feed. Smart Y I think they are called. Marinco or hubbell will be the brand

In Topic: Looking for a 33-35' R/C

Yesterday, 10:36 PM

Not all C&Cs are cored ;)

In Topic: 100 amp shore power receptacle - two 30 amp

Yesterday, 09:18 PM

100 amp connectors are expensive enough that it is likely cheaper to just hire an electrician to hook up a 30 amp outlet or run a long cord.

In Topic: Lightning Anarchy

Yesterday, 03:03 PM

You need a good metal path for lightning. My boat has a keel stepped mast and the mast is wired to a keel bolt that goes to a lead external keel. Lightning hitting a deck stepped mast will blast its way through to the water and do damge, perhaps a lot of it. A friend's boat was sunk that way and I wouldn't have wanted to be an obstacle down below when it happened. The cheap way to be safe that we did back when I was a kid was hang a jumper cable from each shroud into the water. The theory was to give the lightning a path to the water not involving the inside of the boat. The expensive way is to install a grounding plate and tie to shrouds, stays, and the mast.