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In Topic: Pros in sailing

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

I can't race my car against another driven by a F1 driver very easily, play golf against Tiger Woods, play football against an NFL team, etc. etc. etc.

Sailing is fairly unique to where you CAN go out against top talent.

OTOH getting beat by a tosser that doesn't know port from starboard but can hire a rock star crew and buy new sails every week and doesn't give shit what damage they have to fix or pay for can wreck a class.

In Topic: Surface supplied air diving

Yesterday, 05:00 PM

My fear is finding out some Chinese toxic chemical has done something horrible to me because no one thought anyone was using their compressor for breathing air. I have done emergency ascents from 30 feet before in training, so I am not overly worried about the thing dying when I am 6 feet deep.

In Topic: Surface supplied air diving

Yesterday, 04:42 PM

Just to be clear - if I do make on of these things I will be cleaning the bottom with it and going maybe 6 feet deep. I would rethink the operation quite a bit if I were going down 50 feet. I have also thought about just buying a long hose for my rig I have now and leaving the tank on the boat. Our local bottom cleaners all seem to use the long-hose-tank-on-dock system.

In Topic: Surface supplied air diving

Yesterday, 01:22 PM



Single Diver 12 Volt Battery Stationary Hookah Diving Systems......................................

track~and~hookamax~025.JPGModel E2005C-12V 1X50                        **Standard features**                     

One 3/4 hp oilless breathable air diving compressor, one 50 ft certified breathable air hose,, one 5 micron in line air filter, one weight belt/dive harness and snaps, one 2nd stage 65 psi hookah diving regulator, two 5ft standard battery lead cables and an Introduction to Hookah Diving DVD.      

**Warranty                         1 Year complete factory warranty                    

**Factory direct price:         $849.00 us    plus shipping


I keep thinking about making a DIY system, but I get paranoid about breathing something nasty. $400 extra is real money for sure, but I would be tempted to spend it for peace of mind.

In Topic: "King" Obama. For him laws are simply "advisory"

19 April 2014 - 06:30 PM

A long time ago I mentioned any kind of "war president patriot act" executive power would one day belong to Hillary.

It seems that is well on track to happening...