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In Topic: Mocking Ads on Craigslist

Today, 12:56 AM


OTOH there are some shenanigans going on. The boat is listed at $175K:



AND this listing:




$50 saved already :rolleyes:  :lol:



Nice boat, but the price is a little eye popping.





In Topic: Israel vs. Hamas - no one cares

Yesterday, 09:22 PM

Yeah - in real life Hamas are considered worse enemies than Israel by a good chunk of "Arabia" including Egypt. Ever wonder how Israel turned Gaza into a giant open air prison while only controlling 3 sides of a rectangle? Egypt guards the 4th side for them ;)

In Topic: Swan 40 (Frers) vs S&S vs RH

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

This is a newer version of my boat with a bridge deck. You still get to use a normal dodger and all. Stepping over it is a minor pain compared to climbing right on out of the cockpit and dodging the mainsheet on the way.


In Topic: Israel vs. Hamas - no one cares

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Anti Israel and Anti Semetic overlap, but are not the same thing ;)

Anti Israel and Anti Semetic overlap, but are not the same thing ;)

In Topic: Israel vs. Hamas - no one cares

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

I was thinking more like watching Crips and Bloods fighting it out, but YMMV.

I wrote this and posted it in that other thread.  I think it's worth another posting.




Let them throw stones.


Let them throw stones and call each other names and fire missiles and bombs and shoot bullets.


While we may build a society that is just and fair.  We will build a society that educates the young and cares for the old.  We will build a society that is open and inclusive and welcoming.


Let them throw stones. 


Let us study science and medicine.  We will look for a cure for cancer.  We will harness energy and bring technology to everyone. We will study the stars and learn about the origin of the universe and the edge of knowing. 


Let them throw stones. 


We make music and art.  We will dance and sing and be joyful.  We will build great buildings and cars and phones and airplanes.  We will build railroads and bus systems and communication systems to share our knowledge.


Let them throw stones. 


We will write books and poetry.  We will take photos of the glorious world around us and share those photos.  We will celebrate.


Let them throw stones.


And some day all the stones will have been thrown, all the names will have been called and all the bombs and rockets and bullets will have been fired.  And some day they will say that they have had enough of throwing and name calling and shooting. 


And when that day comes, we will welcome them.  And we will share with them what we have learned and built. 


But until then, let them throw stones.