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In Topic: Currency exchange rates

20 July 2016 - 11:32 PM

Go to a bar, waive a big wad of dollars in the air and ask who will change them into Chinese money.  Then follow your new best friend into a dark alley and he will give you what you want. It works great every time.



This and Scratch's plan should have me all set.


Should I insist that they are all card carrying Triad members in good standing?  

In Topic: Currency exchange rates

18 July 2016 - 09:00 PM

Thanks all!  Great tips.  


Credit card called, and no dice there. 

Not an AAA member...

I'm liking the Seattle airport idea for quick cash for car hire, then either an ATM, or bank transfer China side with USD cash for all the rest of expenses.


The cash culture is interesting, I wonder if their government doesn't want the citizens to rack up the debt like we sure do in the US.

In Topic: Autonomous, self driving cars? How say you?

02 July 2016 - 02:50 AM

Can they drift?

In Topic: Fu-c-( San Francisco bay!! I need to get my boat OUT!!

30 June 2016 - 10:59 PM

Some of those anchor-outs were super strange.


Is that crazy lady still living in that 1/2 sunken wooden tug way up near the houseboats?


Without a word spoken to her I was taken to task for all my flaws (there were many apparently) whenever I sailed the dingy or kayaked within earshot. 


Had to laugh, but it was really sort of sad.  She needed help.

In Topic: Fu-c-( San Francisco bay!! I need to get my boat OUT!!

26 June 2016 - 03:36 PM

While I have to believe that times have changed, and FastB may want to weigh in here...


I lived hassle free in two different marinas in Sausalito for 6 years in the last years of the 90's. Sneak-Aboard


Zero problems at all.  I was super nice to the harbormaster and helped solve/point out any concerns that would help the harbormaster in ways that simply made his job easier.  (not being a busy-body)


Storms I would walk the dock and tie up loose boats and furlers. (this seemed to be a big help)


Boat was kept super tidy and was used frequently.  (again important as that the squatters seemed to have more trouble)


I made blackout curtains, but I suspect that it made little difference...  I showered aboard, but did use the coin operated washing machines.


Vehicles moved regularly, and never sat in one spot for more than a week at most. (and kept washed)


Always always pay on time.


There was more I'm sure, but you get the point.


Awesome time and experience.  I loved taking the ferries to and from the city for work.


I say go for it, and if you get booted, go politely to a different marina or put it on a truck and have it towed somewhere else.  Hauling is not hard or expensive in the grand scheme of things.