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In Topic: My newest project

17 January 2017 - 12:12 AM




Ed, Ed, Ed,,,,,,,,It's for sale. You can own ICON, Work nights.

Bob, for all practical intents and purposes I am retired.  I could work 12 hour days, 7 days a week here in Poland where the average annual income is about $16,000 a year, and maybe I could afford a 30 year old 4ksb.  The nice thing about dreams is they are free. 
Istream said it well, Icon is a sexy beast.  Amati's bow is quite sensual as well, another beautiful creation.  Amati, do you bring your cello on board and sit in the cockpit playing a soulful piece at sunset is some beautiful, isolated anchorage, on occasion?

Bob bows!

Used to use my electric cello for that (the paean to the sun thing), but the salt air dissolved the elaborate midi setup, so I have to reconfigure, since the pickup was custom and stuff. I remembered that Bob did a design review (I think it was) of a carbon guitar, and concluded that a carbon guitar would be a good boat instrument. And after years of trying to score a practice carbon cello (which don't exist outside of the bespoke $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ World), I'm starting to look around for a standard carbon cello. The big problem is how much room the thing will take up, especially since we eschewed quarter berths for lazarette space. I just can't, emotionally, put a cello in the lazzarette, and hear it getting squished or banged around. So I would wind up moving a full size cello around just to sleep, or eat, or cook, or read etc etc..

I know, quality problems. I should've been a violinist.......

And no Bob, a bigger boat is not in the cards. :)


Davits man, davits!




In Topic: 2017 Retail

16 January 2017 - 06:16 PM

It isn't retail but manufacturers that use non standard custom parts for everything too.

Every oven door is a different size yet there are only 4-5 different sized home ovens.

Do you know how much work it is to make a standard size screw driver? How many patents and fees must be paid per screw driver just to produce a #2 Phillips bit?

Yes the Phillips head has patents. That is why the huge push to move to non standard screw heads and why every piece of furniture uses hex heads.

To save money from patent fees


The patents relating to Phillips head screws and screwdrivers date back to the 1930's - they expired a *long* time ago.

In Topic: Well done my good sir. Well done indeed

14 January 2017 - 01:22 AM


Everybody knows that......

Shit, I guess I was hacked by the Russians. :blink:   God knows what else they will release about me.  Whatever they put out there, I swear it isn't true.  




Prostitutes and golden showers?

In Topic: Steel Boats

12 January 2017 - 07:02 PM



I don't know if they are archived, but if they are, that would conclusively prove , beyond all doubt ,what a compulsive liar  Mike  is, and how little  credence anyone should give to  any of his posts.

Any computer whizzes want to take it on?

Nope. You've already proved you're a compulsive liar. Why should I go through a lot of effort to find this stuff - simply based on the word of a compulsive liar? That's "182 degrees of positive stability"-land.

You have to be law enforcement or owner of the forum website to determine the IP address of the posts. A moderator may be able to do it.



I can make it look like I'm in dozens of different countries in a span of minutes by using proxies.

In Topic: NFL 2016

10 January 2017 - 07:04 PM

Don't worry all you Cowkids, Packers, and Seabirds haters, and fans.  If any of these teams get as far as the Super Bowl, the Patriots will put a real hurt on them on the way to their fifth championship ring this century.  


I'd be looking forward to a Brady vs Rogers game.