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The Jim DePue Memorial race



The JDPMR is not a typical 6mR race. It is a point to point race run by the PMYC from Pt Monroe to eagle harbor red nun to the west point buoy to Jefferson Head and finish at Pt Monroe. It was fore cast for under 5 knots and rain the day before so i stoked up on beer, sammies and rum to keep us more happy. However, the day dawed sunny and blowing 10 knots by 9am. 


At the start line We had only five minutes to run the line, pick a start point and we were about 20 seconds late at that.  We did have clear air and good speed. The only prob....we deciced we wanted the right side after just a bit and most every one else was right of us and wanted the left. We finally got up enough on the j105 Dulcibad nea and could go over her and under  the C&c 43. we made out well over by the beach with better wind and probably some + current. There were one  or two odd moments: Great white came up from under us out pointing us by 15 to 20 degrees. I didn't see how she got going so high just below us but  she soon fell down to our course. abit later we werer coming up on another 35'er and she was just pinching like a bad aunt. we didn't and couldn't  live that high so we had to take a hitch to the right to get a clear lane. it was a bit wierd to run into such various tactics in the middle of the sound in teady wind. we held our time quite well to the windwrd mark at eagle harbor and on th3e dead down leg to west point but the better wind and a reaching leg found us settling back in the leaders. The 11 meter smoked by us on that leg. I blew the douse by forgetting i had to get the pole down for a windward takedown. I still not sure why that was called for because we were not going to set it again. We llost about a minute on that fiasco and we were in 5th place by 70 seconds. It doesn't sound too great but compared to the masthead and Assy kites ahead of us we felt entitled to drink Joyce's Rum. comgratulations to the winners. Steve Trunkey always makes a great showing in the old Egress and we love having the West sounders com out for our annual opener.  Sockeye US119




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