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  2. I think his students self-selected. The bright ones changed subjects in the first few weeks while you could still do so without penalty. The dregs remained. FKT
  3. The lawyer for Morries Hall the guy Floyds girlfriend said sold them the drugs while under oath and was with Floyd in his car doesn't want to testify he is using the 5th to avoid that. Does anyone think it's wise to swallow drugs containing fentanyl with unknown strength made illegally to avoid being busted for drugs? Did his lawyer say Morries doesn't want to talk about Floyd swallowing drugs as police were removing him from the car at 30 seconds? You might have to refresh link a couple of times if it doesn't load Swallowing fentanyl to avoid being busted explains why
  4. If I had have been one of his students I would have nicknamed him 'Twist'. Or Professor Beardy Homo.
  5. As I've said, his real problem is that for decades, by virtue of his position, he could force his views on others without challenge and in the full knowledge that he could ruin their future if they had the temerity to challenge him in any way. You just have to look at his early postings here, where he did his best to assume an authority and mantle of knowledge that he didn't have - and his reactions when challenged. In this place he's not by any means the smartest person in the room, it's obvious that he's not and that rankles. He also has no demonstrated SOH or ability to react gracefull
  6. The short answer is nobody anywhere knows. Some posters here do know how difficult and expensive it is. The best useless advice is to not even think about shipping anything! Sorry...
  7. You can get recycled teak from e.g. https://ringlemarine.com/ (Maybe not just at the moment!) Old growth, maybe not "sustainable" but cut well before such a concept existed. IME, a well-cared for teak deck will last many decades, and if it's on a woden boat, then probably as long as the rest of the boat....
  8. One must learn to walk carefully on the fine line. As you know I have stepped over it on several occasions and had quite a few time outs on the naughty step. I think of it like being on the start line. If you aren't OCS a few times each season you aren't trying hard enough.
  9. You are a complete Moron. I am about the least anonymous poster on here dick-wit. I have never hidden who I am, where I live, what my business is and what boats I own. Just about all of us Aussies know each other (except for the mysterious flightless Sparrow of course) but I am not about to give you my home address. The is SA you beardy Homo...The whole point is that it is a very lightly moderated forum and as the sign on the door says, if you suffer from thin skin around your butthole, fuck of and play somewhere else. You dive into every thread spewing your lunatic communist views and accusi
  10. Agreed. Even if the other guys isn’t transmitting the chance are your ais target will show up for them. Won’t fix everything but with Ais, radar alarm , turn down the music and use your ears (surprising how far sound travels in fog) it reduces the chances of trouble. don’t know what it’s like in Maine but elsewhere I’ve seen many trawlers run without ais so not always guaranteed to see them.
  11. I have one of those and it's great. I've used it for removing the trailer rust before welding, removing galvanizing before welding, cleaning off old paint on metal parts etc. It's messy, bloody messy but as my yard is all on sand it's not really a problem. Wear eye protection and an over shield face mask and be prepared to be picking sand grains out of your hair and ears for some time. The pressure of your washer is not the limiting factor it's the water flow required. From memory you need a minimum of 6litres/min or the washer constantly cycles on and off. To lessen the amount of cut hold the
  12. Wow! What a great boat to grow up on. Didn't John Street buy Waione for the wooden boat trust and restore her in about 2003? Great photo! Mai Tai was launched in 1968 and is the fiberglas version of the Rhodes wooden yawls the the US Navy sailed as training boats. Her sail number will be from a different ledger.
  13. I do enjoy the diehards denouncing light modern boats. Fugly, miserable motion, not actually fast ... so they say. The script has barely changed in the 50 years since Bob Perry triggered the wrath of the crusties who raged against his Valiant 40. Yet light modern boats are circumnavigating as if it was a routine habit ... while the Golden Globe race of heavy, long-keeled boats was decimated by catastrophic damage. If Beth & Evans's lovely Hawk had been launched in 1970, the crusties would have been denouncing her as far too extreme for coastal racing, never mind offshore:
  14. Sorry, the asshole Jeff should not be excluded. The asshole took money from the USAF for many years, and is just not the kind of asshole I ever want to be under the same roof. What a fucking jerk. Explain to us Jeff how you abandoned a daughter to make coin in UAE. Write me a page to say hello thinking to yourself, I used big words, I must be smart. You and Wofsey should enter Thunderdome! A modified Thunderdome, two men enter, no one survives. Although I don't think Mike would be much of a match.
  15. Someone needs to rename one of their socks "Matt Gaetz" stat.
  16. Yes but depends on the setup. I’ve used powered and single line furlers (a continuous line running in a loop so you don’t end up with a tonne of rope in the cockpit). Run it through low friction “blocks” , take the load off the sheet when furling and you do it all without a winch.
  17. Boat is an evelyn 32, a 32 ft ULDB from the early 80s. About 4500 lb. That's a good point about a modern 6hp maybe being equivalent to my old 8hp. I've only had the boat + motor about 4 months but so far the 8 seems like more than I need honestly.
  18. You and Gator are neck and neck for the most full of shit. The above puts you in the temporary lead, but he might pull something out to surprise us. Gator, tell us again how Winston Churchill put his V signal up your ass as you were blowing him.
  19. You are very bitter towards a man who did more good than harm in his life. Married to the girl he met 81 years ago. Impressive.
  20. Today
  21. that's a blatant lie, a complete and utter reversal of reality. I'd love to see your stupid, shameless right-wing ass come here and try to push your angle while being totally honest and factual. that wouldn't go well for you, you'd be rendered irrelevant by your own idiocy within a few posts, you'd fkn' drown. you're fucked in the head. and go get your confused ass vaccinated against covid19 for other's sake.
  22. That is a lie. I did not & have not indicated any such thing.
  23. That's a JPK 45: http://www.jpk.fr/?titre=jpk-45-&mode=voilier_jpk&id=924 JPK don't make slow boats. And as to the looks, it's like a light plastic Boreal. I think it looks great ... apart from the graphics on the side.
  24. This whole channel is worth watching if you all really want to peek into the realities of that dastardly empire. One simply cannot protest US racism or Australian racism or racism by whomever and still be a monarchist. Monarchs and their institutions by design are racist and classist. Choose!!
  25. I stand by what I wrote. It makes little sense in much of the US to use gunz on excess deer because so many reside in or near backyards. You indicated that they did not. You were mistaken. But they are beautiful creatures. A gent in our sailing club makes a most excellent deer-wurst.
  26. I would agree that the design team is more important, always has been. Which makes it even more obvious the nationality rules are an asshole move by Dalts to prevent anyone leaving. This is the only reason, the claim of taking it back to its origins is just a straight out lie. If he had wanted to do this he would have insisted the design team was the part in the nationality rule. He would have also removed any standard, supplied parts or selling of design plans. So just a shit hole move, depriving others of a chance to get a spot. All because the magic fund raiser had no funds.
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