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  2. Yeah, but when I see a picture-perfect home, like in Architectural Digest, I have the urge to wipe my dirt feet on the carpet!!
  3. if sailing upwind with a trysail I've found it sets best as a Swedish mainsail ie attached to the boom. The leach doesn't hook half as much. You do need a proper topping lift to support the boom. In the picture we were seeing how the storm sails set; the trysail was sheeted to the quarters and one of the reef pennants. It wasn't that windy - the decks are dry.
  4. You’ve not addressed why you want us to nationalize the energy industry. Other than fascism, of course.
  5. An error in my view. The law presumes a legal possession. The fix was obviously in here. Big Whoop. What's new?
  6. Surfer doesn’t understand the term “hypocrisy”
  7. I did manage to attract the attention of an old dude on Saturday who asked me if I was “sailing around the world”. Actually, yes, that’s the plan, I replied somewhat/slightly annoyed by people —lots of tourists here for the day who walk down to the docks, and it was a non-rainy weekend last weekend, so more people out— who walk by wanting to talk/making small talk/inane comments, etc. (Boat slip is right on a main dock/walkway, not on a finger.). But, turns out this guy was a pretty experienced offshore sailor, and a nice guy to boot! So we ended up trading numbers/emails and he gave me som
  8. I bet Zuck is not a fan of Tax The Wealthy. How "Leftist" can he be?
  9. And CNN ran the story. They just didn't pepper it all over their website: Biden caught on hot mic calling Fox reporter 'a stupid son of a bitch' - CNNPolitics
  10. Uh... Not particularly. He did it multiple times at every single press conference. They would not be able to run any other content. Maybe you are missing the entire fucking point.
  11. Please don't quote the RWNJ's! Many of us have them on ignore.....
  12. I can grab my current stern ladder and pull it down from a MOB position. If the solar panel is folded down, I may need to hump myself up a bit to flip it out of the way. If I remove it and install something like the Scanmar ladder shown upthread, I would definitely need a toggle I could pull to bring the ladder down.
  13. It’s not to often a president is caught on an open mike calling a reporter a stupid son of bitch in front of his peers. Almost as unusual for a president to call that same reporter less than an hour later, on his personal cell to apologize. As to FOX running with it do you honestly think CNN or MSNBC would not be doing the same thing if Trump said the same to one of there own?
  14. They've got a thin skin over at the propaganda factory. Womp Womp
  15. Ladders usually go at the end of the fingers, so they don't limit docking space. So the hammer head could have one on each end of the hammer Seem to be required by some type of health and safety rules around here. In the last 15 years or so the marina operators and gone around installing loads of them. Slug mentioned boat ladders that can be dropped by a person in the water. There were some nasty incidents near here a while back where an old boy would go out to his boat on a swinging mooring on his own. He'd end up in the water and he'd end up fucked. It wasn't nice.
  16. No goats are trapped under there, so the real answer is to strap a goat to yourself Seriously, hurricanes are enough of a pain as it is, but at least once we got up a creek and anchored we could relax except for checking the anchor rode and for dragging. I can't imagine adding "If the boat takes off flying into town, someone look for a nice liquor store to land on" to the standing orders for the anchor watch Those issues aside, if you ever get a chance to sail a nice racing trimaran all other boats end up seeming slow.
  17. Shady looking? Look at my Avatar pic. 'course that was maybe a few years ago... and nobody bugged me then!
  18. Don't buy a house. Boats land on them. Get a tent. There are no tents in that picture with boats on them, must be safer.
  19. Not sure why that matters no one is disputing it’s his gun. The jury ruled that the gun was not used in a crime so it should be returned. This is just more red tape being created because the DA didn’t like the verdict. Personally I think he should let it go, but legally they have no right to refuse to give it to him.
  20. I think you just like pretty girls walking down the dock asking what are you doing big man working so far up your huge mast
  21. I can believe you penned the bolded sentence as it's gibberish. The remainder has very little if anything to do with 1/6.
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