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  2. Excellent - Trump officials can testify on former President's actions leading up to insurrection, Justice Department decides https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/27/politics/doj-executive-privilege-trump-capitol-riot/
  3. The word 'instead' suggests that it was either AM or S+S, at least from AM's POV. Terry makes himself available but states very clearly that: “since early June, American Magic has been navigating its way through an AC37 partnership agreement discussion with the New York Yacht Club. It has proven to be more difficult than expected. Instead of finalising an agreement with American Magic, NYYC’s Commodore and Board of Trustees has decided to announce a “joining” of Stars & Stripes and the NYYC. This is an agreement separate from the American Magic team and mandates the ‘participation of
  4. World Sailing obliged to use “Laser” instead of ILCA on their broadcasts? Haha. After all that legal b.s. it’s still a Laser!
  5. They are doing just that. Over 500 minions so far. But those rednecks didn't organize, advertise, pay for or direct this spontaneously. It's time to move up the ladder. Edited for simplicity.
  6. I don’t pretend to understand all the various Competition categories. However, I’ve heard that Bill Shaner’s score is near miraculous. And I think I remember that because of japanese laws, no gunpowder firearms were allowed. Hence the air guns. Ahh… China’s win was for Women’s 10m airgun.
  7. It's a toss-up between you and the Papered Faculty BarcoLounger who is the most annoying, the most tedious and the most pompous blowhards on S/A. So in all fairness.....you both win a trophy. Seriously, you two should get married.....'cuz you're both a perfect match for each other......
  8. One of the directions I read suggested that the hole be filled with unthickened epoxy and allowed to sit for a few minutes so the epoxy can "soak" in to the wood and then the epoxy removed and replaced with thickened epoxy. In my experience, glue of any kind doesn't really get all that far into the side grain of wood; it's probably more important to create crannies for a mechanical bond.
  9. I thought he gave up on Arkansas years ago.
  10. im a fat guy, and i have regularly hit 20 on my well abused Supercat 17, with a beach bottom and old sails. verified on my Garmin Marq watch.
  11. Hi everyone, I bought a UFO this past March. It’s taken me until now to reach the final page of the forum. Luckily I’ve had the chance to sail the boat 4-5 times in foiling conditions and starting to figure it out. Largest issue is finding time/wind. Nevertheless, lot of good stuff here. I’m sure I missed a lot of it but a great resource. One question, are there any events on the schedule, or is there a schedule? I think it would be fun to sail with/against a few more boats. I sail from Larchmont, NY where we have 3 UFOs, but so far I’ve only been out with another UFO once.
  12. What I don't get is why people keep repeating bullshit time and time again. I've been burned by sources that I've posted before. I've never gone back to the same shitty well again after being burned by someone. The last thing I want to be is a bullshitter. My folks taught me better than that. I want to be able to tell @Movable Ballastto point out the untrue statement that I made when he calls me a bullshitter, and know that he is going to run the fuck away and not provide the cite. Constantly repeating bullshit from right wing outrage pages would make that impossible. Being honest is just eas
  13. that sounds very Pastafarian, and as one, I agree with you and I will strive to do better to remember the teachings. 'Suggestions 13. Thou shalt be amused rather than angered by the words and deeds of Idiots; for I am the noodly Lord and I have created Idiots solely for entertainment purposes, Mine first and thine likewise.'
  14. I noticed the disappearing cans going into St. Michaels this weekend. What was more frightening was the missing buoy shown on my chartplotter in the Eastern Bay.
  15. George Gascone for one. And apparently Soros and the Hollywooder Elites who financed his campaign and unseated Jackie Lacey.....one of the best D/A's we've ever had in Hell-A County. Look it up.....
  16. Don't worry, Bill Barr will shut down any repercussions for ignoring subpoenas. Wait whut?
  17. The paragon (sarc) of all things nautical, USPS says this: https://www.usps.org/national/fecom/faq/flag/stateflag.html I was brought up with the only flag to be flown is the US Ensign or US Yacht Ensign are the only 2 flags to be flown from the stern or 2/3 up the leach.
  18. China took the gold in women’s air rifle
  19. Two things... police are cooking the books on the crime, and people don't even bother reporting when shit that happens because the know nothing will happen. Go look at the stats, since the passage of the above legislature your crime rate has been creeping up. I know, it is all Trump's fault
  20. It helps to know the difference between sympathy and empathy. This helps explain why I don't approve of people not getting vaxxed and have no issue with ending the medical free ride for those who become sick or die after refusing it. I am in favor of vaccine passports, requiring employees that have any interaction with others to get it and would prefer some way to segregate the unvaxxed from the rest of us. Your rights end the moment they impact others. Empathy is the ability to understand someone and has nothing to do with agreeing with them. I never get picked for juries because I am
  21. #1 Yes. #2 Yes, Explained. She understood and was fine with it. The candidate was studying to be RN. Incidentally the nursing school has announced all students need to be vaccinated .
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