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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/748354018542060/permalink/2136736729703775/ dont know if this ones already been posted...
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    Share your Cal 20 stories here. ============= My first boat was a Cal 20. I got it from a marina that was closing, they donated it to the nonprofit I was working for at the time and I bought it for $600. Some long-gone rigging shop was running a contest in Latitude 38, our local rag that year for a free rigging job and I won it. I probably won 'cause mine was the smallest boat to enter. Whatever, I got a completely new standing rigging job. My wife bought me a "new" used jib and we were stylin' My outboard was shite, and most of the time didn't work, so I sailed that thing all over SF Bay. I can't count the number of times I sailed all night, usually sitting for two hours in the South Bay, just off of San Bruno mountain in the usual hole, waiting for wind. I couldn't get people to crew with me more than about 2, 3x so I got into singlehanding....without an autopilot. The rudder was a lump of mahogany, was warped as hell so I made a new one from a stack of used 2 x 4's I found at an empty lot a couple doors down from our apartment building. It didn't even vaguely resemble the profile of the stock rudder but I didn't know enough that I had to declare that on my PHRF certificate. I still got spanked in the racing. I remember sailing the Cal up to the main Bay from Redwood City once. I got a late start so I was going under the San Mateo bridge about midnight. There was a big flood running and it was blowing something fierce. The swell stacked up, really steep under the bridge. So we hit a wave and I launched off the windward seats. The boat dropped into the trough, so when my ass came down, there was no boat to land on....ergo, I kept going. When ass finally met fiberglass, my legs were in the water, off the leeward side of the boat. I barely had a grip on the tiller, yanked it some way or another and the boat rounded down. whoooieee...green water to the waist, about 50 gallons in the cockpit, scared me witless. I was tethered in, but still. The boat shook it off, the skipper hauled himself and his soiled panties back into the cockpit and we kept on going. I remember the race that weekend. I got crushed but hell, I had a lot of fun. I remember sailing up to do some midwinters, and getting to the Bay View Boat Club. It was about 1:00 AM when I got there. I took everything down, tied up to the launch dock figuring that nobody was going to launch until morning and then went below to discover that I'd forgotten my sleeping bag. I didn't know any better back then, so I wore my blue jeans under my foulies..AND...I couldn't afford breathable foulies so the blue jeans were soaked. I wound up sleeping with a couple sailbags over my legs. That was the FFFf'ing COLDEST night I have ever spent. I STILL remember how cold that was. When I got the boat it leaked through the keel bolts when I sailed it. It didn't leak at the dock but it'd leak as soon as we got going. Atter two seasons it got pretty bad, like 5-6 gallons in an afternoon. Look, 5-6 gallons of water in a Cal 20 gets EVERYTHING wet. That year, when I did the haulout....you could do DIY haulouts in those days....I dropped the keel, scraped all the crap off the top of it and rebedded it with 4200 and new keel bolts. The haulout maxxed out my finances so I had to put "regular" steel bolts in, not S.S. ones. I wonder if they're still on the boat. Dropping the keel on that boat scared me to death. I had a crapload of fun with that boat, and learned a lot. I had no money, was young and stupid and that boat let me get away with ANYTHING and it sailed pretty good, all things considered. Once, I went for a visit to the Sequoia Yacht Club. Some old arrogant shithead asked me what kind of boat I had. "Cal 20" says I. *PFFFTTT**...He scoffed, "That's kid stuff". Funny thing, but I saw him and his Hans Christian about a month later. He'd wrapped a shroud around a channel marker in Redwood Creek. I looked back, as I cruised by in my Kid Stuff Boat in time to watch his mast come down. Karma is a bitch. ....don't go disrespectin' no Cal 20's. ============== What's your Cal 20 story?
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    Don't know about Jersey. Land of my birth but have not lived there for 60+ yearS. Now I live with Chicago deep dish and Milwaukee super thin cracker crust. Funny story. Niece was out visiting a year and a half ago. Sad story why, but we will skip that. Anyhow, one night we had pizza for dinner. She looked at the pizza and gave me the strangest look. She has spent her entire life in the southern Jersey/Phila area. Out in WI pizza is cut into small squares, called "tavern cut" rather than the traditional pie shaped wedge. Could not figure out how to pick it up with no crust on a piece. She learned fast.
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    I believe they also offer half baked alien abductions.
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    Robert Mueller's investigators just keep questioning Roger Stone's associates (snip) Why Miller is fighting so hard to avoid testimony isn’t clear. The Washington Post reports that the subpoena to him asked for information on WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Guccifer 2, and DC Leaks. A Super PAC run by Stone also made a payment to a firm run by Miller during the 2016 campaign. (snip) 2) Kristin Davis: Another recurring character in Stoneworld who’s caught Mueller’s interest is Kristin Davis, the former “Manhattan Madam” who gained national fame during the prostitution scandal that forced the resignation of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Davis did some work for Stone, and ran for governor of New York in 2010 at Stone’s urging (her campaign manager was Andrew Miller). (snip) Then, when questions were raised about Stone’s claims to have advance knowledge of Assange’s plans, Stone put out a story that all his contact with WikiLeaks in 2016 was actually through an intermediary: Credico. It later emerged that this wasn’t true, because Stone and WikiLeaks exchanged Twitter direct messages. Additionally, Credico himself denied that he’d been a back channel between WikiLeaks and Stone, saying Stone was trying to make him “the fall guy.” Stone responded with fury. Emails he reportedly sent to Credico around April this year, according to reports by Mother Jones, the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo News, include: (snip) https://www.vox.com/2018/8/11/17675288/mueller-roger-stone-trump-russia-investigation
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    I wonder if Nicholson coming onboard is the beginning of the end for Witt.
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    About 4 years later I finally sold the boat to a guy who lived nearby. For some reason I was back at the non-profits dock, I don't remember why any more. Anyway, that dock was a downwind approach. Unless you had a really high tide you couldn't get to the shore-side of the dock, all the single-finger slips were downwind slips. So I sell the boat, sign the pink slip and take the cash. This guy takes the boat out for a spin. It's all good. I'm sitting on the pier about 3 hours later and I see him coming back in. He's about 150 feet directly upwind of the slip and he turns downwind....all the sails up, and heads straight for the dock. HOLY SHIT...I scream, and start to run down the ramp, but there's no way I'm going to get there in time. I watched him ram that Cal 20 into the dock at full speed. It slid up over the wooden dock all the way up to the keel.... ......slid back down again, and settled. No leaks. I put on my swim trunks and a mask and dove in the water to check out the damage. NONE...just scraped up bottom paint. Idiot proof.
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    And returning to the original subject of this thread. Oracle USA was at its roots an American defender. You dont get more American than Larry Ellison. The adopted son of immigrant parents who did not graduate from college....self made billionaire the hard way by building a company that makes and sells stuff globally. He is driven to win and he backs winner. He backed Steve Jobs after Steve was fired from Apple. He backed Mark Hurd when Mark was fired from H-P. Both turned out to be brilliant decisions. So he shook up the AC and brought it into the 21st century? Thats what American entrepreneurs do. So he sought to hire the best talent in the world wherever he could find them? Thats what American organizations do. He lost the AC more times than he won it. But Oracle truly won the AC in San Fran in one of the greatest sporting come backs of all time, ranking alongside the "4 days in October 2004". Ellision and Team Oracle USA will go down as a page turner in the history of the AC
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    It seems to me this whole dust-up misses the point.The obvious solution is simply not to play the National Anthem at silly mass entertainment sports diversions such as football games and stock car races in order to confer an importance upon them which they do not deserve in the first place. When did observing the spectacle of a bunch of over- grown millionaires running into each other become a patriotic act ? And playing the Anthem at a stock car race? OH, PU-LEESE. This "sport" grew out of "them good ole boys who soup-ed up their old cars so they could run moonshine and out run the po-lice". The National Anthem, If it's meant to instill a sense of patriotic duty should be reserved for solemn occasions as for example- when soldiers are shipping off to war or presidential inaugurations--or events that have actual National Importance. Playing the Anthem at every table tennis championship and junior tiddly-winks contest does not make you a patriot-- it only cheapens it. Please, people, this is our NATIONAL Anthem. Lets reserve our anthem for occasions of NATIONAL import. And no matter how big a football fan you may be, remember, it really does'nt matter a FUCK who wins the superbowl ! It's a GAME for Christsakes.
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    For the life of me I don't understand why so many people are actively dismissive of this effort. In theory, everyone here on this anachronistic site loves sailing. In theory, everyone here should support any effort that is good for sailing. Sailing, as a sport and as a pastime, has serious challenges. Here in my part of the world, for example, I had a great afternoon at the beach with the kids on Sunday. Stunning day. SW breeze about 10-12 steady. It was the perfect day for sailing, and yet what was moving across my view? Floating RVs and JetSkis one after another, broken up by the occasional Cigarette doing 60. Only a few craft powered by the wind. Sailing is not a zero-sum game. Boating may be, or may not be, but let me pose some questions: what if there were some circus of high-performance boats traveling the world to show themselves off in races against each other? What if the local JetSki contingent decided it would be cool to do that themselves? What if some local dude who made a mint selling blinking blue lights to police departments decided to underwrite the beginning of a fleet because he thought it would be cool? Would not the world be a better place in the opinion of every stinking soul on this site? Or what if the circus only lasts a few years, is not the world a better place for having had more boats, more teams, more races? Last question to those of you dismissive of an LE-funded series that might or might not materialize with sailors you might or might not have heard of on teams that might or might not have any national identity in boats that might or might not have been used in the last AC: why the f*#k would you say anything other than "good on Larry" and then get back to predicting how much time the JC75 will spend on foils?
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    So what if he does? That's the thing about wooden boats: to maintain them properly, you replace them bit by bit. All the time. You can either do it all at once, or over time as it needs doing (and if you don't do the first, you'll end up doing the second). I'm with Leo. (And Joshua Slocum, FWIW. " “Now, it is a law in Lloyd's that the Jane repaired all out of the old until she is entirely new is still the Jane.") As long as there's something that you can point at that looks enough like a boat - keel, enough frames, enough planking, then you always have a boat. This is Boadicea. Built 1808 (sic). The only original bits left, AIUI, are two bits of elm in the deadwood. She's still Boadicea.
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    Summer Heat Update: Mrs. B.C. and just arrived at North Hero Island, Vermont for a week. Our cottage overlooks Lake Champlain. A sailboat is almost always in view. I am drinking a beer. I think we'll rent a Bluejacket 23 from a marina down the road in a day or two. High 84º F, Low 60º. I can live with that. Damn,I just finished the beer. At the end of our week, we go to Quebec City for three nights, then Franconia, NH for a couple of days, then a reunion with a Navy shipmate in NYC who I haven't seen in about 45 years.
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    Oh Jesus..... I can't believe I missed this thread. I loved Swan 65s, did a couple of Atlantics on them in the 70s. Ramon was a wonderful gent, and well deserved the win. Re Charisma, yes it was Cowes 1983, and there's yours truly in beard and shades standing under the mizzen boom. I was brought on as local knowledge. Great crew. Thanks for the pix, mate.
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    I've never seen a 100 yr old wooden yacht get restored.
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    I'm guessing you tune that guitar with a Loos gauge....
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    It's aliumininininiummmm...
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    Apparently she did a lot of guiding and teaching of rock climbing. At least that's what I understand. That's easier to understand.........thanks!
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    Great looking boat! Er--- you can get paid to climb rocks?
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    I still think filling the fin with rum is the best solution.............. I have never gotten rusty when filled with rum.
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    Those are OSHA approved steel toed socks.........
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    Re: Motion sensor lights Here are three different kinds--- Other suppliers out there I'm sure, just saw these the other day: http://www.rockler.c...83&site=ROCKLER http://www.rockler.c...82&site=ROCKLER http://www.rockler.c...47&site=ROCKLER
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    I thought that too.........shiny, verry shiny... That's important, right?