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    Found this on YouTube, haven’t seen it posted anywhere in SA yet, maybe I missed it. Shows AM pop a wheelie in breeze, they seem to recover pretty quickly.
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    I speak, in this case, about those who mount oil filters on engines sideways. This has all the elements of a terrorist attack (or at least vandalism) since it causes mass human suffering and property damage to innocent victims, and the results are completely predictable and 100% preventable. In the spirit of the Mikado, I'd suggest that the punishment be that when you must change the oil on such an engine one of these engineers/product managers/CEOs would be delivered to your boat and required to stuff his/her head underneath the filter so as to soak up the hot oil with his/her hair. If they lack long hairs, then short hairs. And don't tell me "oh, you just punch a hole or stick a plastic bag over it" or whatever. Sure you can mitigate to some extent their crimes. You can also wear a bullet proof vest against mass murderers - but it doesn't make mass murder OK. Maybe I've gone a little too far with this, let me get another drink and think about it some more.....
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    Bulb is a hydro thing, well know to forestall cavitation from foil root interference. It may or may not have ramifications for volume for ballast and may be helpful in housing any flap controls. SImple concept, move on.
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    Trump on uppers McDonald suppers His breath stinks His brain shrinks He looks like Hell His mood is bad..can't you tell? Trump on uppers
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    Sometimes the mission of an organization is lost and the focus becomes the organization, how it is run, and by whom.
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    You mean the WSTV show didn't change the world, and bring untold millions of new eyeballs into the sport? Shocked, I am!
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    Where else do you store a wobbly brass compass, 2 x cracked (somewhat) parallel rules, 30x dead biros, no pencils, hundreds of spare ss fixings, 17 year old sunscreens which all reek of coconut and warn against direct contact with skin, anti-mossie spray and cream and roll on - all now banned by the WHO, 5x pairs of scratched sunglasses and two with missing lenses, 3x pairs of unclaimed spectacles, 3x pairs of opaque folding glasses from the two dollar shop, 4x horrifically uncomfortable plastic sunvisors, charts of Ushuaia and the approaches to La Rochelle and the RYA faux training chart, 3x waterproof key holders with lanyards, 4x floating key holders, spare keys for every padlock that ever came aboard in the last three decades, 4x dead penlights, 2x dead big torches, 3x brilliant head torches - albeit 2 with dead elastics, 21x assorted incandescent bulbs (blown and otherwise), 4x unused mounting brackets and 15x baggies of unused mounting screws, 23x leaking batteries of assorted size, a signalling mirror last used by a kid for fun in 1993, a selection of cyalume sticks of uncertain confidence, an amusing brass plaque, 2x packs of expired mini flares, a kilogram of coins for the marina showers but which are no longer in circulation and the showers now on a swipe card, some useful non-ss/galv chain links, 4x clutch service kits, a bunch of random length chocolate-block wire junctions, packets of fuses (blown and otherwise), many rolls of melting electrical tape, mantles for gas lanterns long removed from the boat, a couple of matching cruising guides, a set of fids, 3x blunt boat knives that can only cut searching fingers, a handful of ss hose clamps interspersed with mild steel ones, 2x half fishing sets and a 100m spool of unspooled line, 3x boxes of damp matches, 5x books of damp matches, 4x empty ciggie lighters with damp flints, some used zip ties, three rotting “Hood” labelled sail ties, spare lens for the tricolour (unused since 1986), some damaged but well greased pawls, a pharmacy of expired and unboxed médicaments, and three inflatable repair kits of a material considerably more parched than any inflatable. And in the lockers beneath....a trove too rich and complex to begin to describe for fear of causing confusion between Tutankhamen’ tomb and a Bhopal recreation.
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    It's strange where one can gain motivation, sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. Mrs Octopus, stumbled a bit and has misrepresented the facts. Curious by comparison just appears to be misinformed, I agree with some of his thoughts and principles, they simply have no relevance to actual events. I have been involved in a parallel dispute due to the same issue, and whilst I cannot speak with first hand experience on the IRC hearing and findings, I can categorically speak from first hand experience of my own engagement. Call me a soft cock, but I have too much respect for our rules and processes for me to discuss this openly whilst the matter was under adjudication. I trusted AS be the final adjudicator of my issue, and was more than happy to accept the findings regardless of the decision. And I mean that genuinely, whilst I am happy to profess that LB is a friend, I will not ignore, or break rules, for anyone. I lost my appeal, and I blame myself, it is up to me to present a clear and concise case, which I clearly did not do, as the facts are indisputable. As such I was tempted to let it rest . However, comments from Mrs Octopus right here have changed my mind. There was one slip up in a post by Mrs Octopus that proves first hand knowledge, and because i have gone to great lengths to respect the club and AS process and keep my hearing out of the public eye, nobody could know that unless they were a senior representatives of the club. It is one thing for a club to be unaware of senior representatives going rogue, it is entirely another thing for our governing body to sanction their actions, which , inadvertent or not, is exactly what they did. There were clear breaches of the RRS by the club that are indisputable. Either the process is flawed, or we did not follow process, it's as simple as that. This morning, on advice from Police and my insurance company, I have had to move my boat out of the club marina, as I have repeated visitations where the boat is being tampered with. I am sure this will transpire to be pure co-incidence and completely disconnected that this started after I protested the club. But it does give you a sense of how this mess is now spiralling out of control, and our failsafe, being the governing body, did not investigate the abuses of process, and by their actions have condoned this as acceptable behaviour. That's not mediation, that 's a green flag for a continuing escalation. And if the club want to follow up on their threat of disciplinary action against me for bringing the club into disrepute by this post, I want to clearly state I will exhaust all avenues available to me to ensure Mrs Octopus is sharing the dock with me. One set of rules gentlemen, they (should) apply equally to all of us, and we have an obligation to respect them. I do, for the club and AS I ask only one thing, the same in return. .
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    The # of soldiers is irrelevant - the green light to Turkey to attack the Kurds and seize territory is the salient point.
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    Talk to Ross MacDonald at North. Guy is a legend. You may already know him.
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    This is a Big Change of tactics for fire prevention this season. Anyone affected? OC coastal may have Santa Ana’s next two days but, as yet, Edison not talking,
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    It’s called breaching.
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    Sounds like what Brent would of said.
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    Hi Gree, the rules are about calling someone the pedo word. I know that you are amazingly educated on all things sciency, like hot and getting hotter. Dying and extinction stuff. But you seem to have missed what puberty is. Maybe you are so angry that you failed to notice it happening. Once you have gone through puberty you are of no interest to the P people. Therefore there is no way that LS was in anyway out of order, nasty, yes, but that’s just him. I would hate for all the nasties to be kicked as it would make this place boring. Maybe it is time for you to go back to school and broaden your knowledge base a bit.
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    Realistically, cannot see a minimum windspeed being as high as 12 knots. Nor can I see them going off in sub 5 knots. I know that at these speeds it is as much about how you define or determine that measurement. I.e. height of measurement or mean over gust etc. The change between 5-8 knots is truly transformative to any sailor who knows their stuff. I think this is the ball park that those who determine the limits will be looking, and possibly made following or in conjunction with the experiences of the sailing team. They have earned the right to be Defenders after all......
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    May I suggest becoming your own investigative reporter? This requires gathering all the information you can from as many different sources as you can find, then go back and fact check the information from as many different fact checking sources as possible and then determining the truth. Same thing investigative reporters from reputable news outlets do. But before you begin, a word of advice: do not seek out affirmation to your presently held beliefs. You must be prepared to open your mind to everything. This way you won't have to rely upon anyone here to help you.
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    Schiff had no direct contact, never talked to him, does not know his identity. A staffer acted as an intermediary and the whistleblower was directed to file his complaint directly to the Intelligence Inspector General. According to all reports, that was the sum of the contact. No advice on what to add to the report was given, but I am sure as you are, Congress will have plenty of questions that go nowhere at all.
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    honestly - what the fuck? What's with the underpants?
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    When they are foiling, they don’t need hulls. Why these shapes are interesting is because it is the result of a lot of research and considered opinion of many experts as to how go fast enough to help get up out of the water and foiling as quickly as possible using narrow hulls. With regard to spray, flat bottoms throw it out flat and low, most deep V speed boats have projecting fillets on the chine to do the same thing. U shaped bows throws spray up higher and it travels further in the wind. If you want to go U, at least build in some spray rails/steps and recycle some of the dynamic lift being wasted. if your multihull spends most of the time doing ~8+ knots, you ought to think dynamically......
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    He certainly is a character, always joking and making fun but meanwhile a fierce competitor who never gives up. At 60 years old he is still keen to stay relevant and do one more VG, and being such a sympathetic communicator, could in fact be a real asset for the right sponsor. Wouldn't be surprised if he then would want to do the TOR as well. After all he started off his career with Taberly (like so many) on Euromarche/Pen Duick VI in the 1981/82 Whitbread. For those who don't know him, this short video, even so it is in French, gives you a good idea of his sense of humor.
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    My shirt will read, "Viking Cruises 793ad-1200, 2020 - Its just tourism... With battle axes!!!" - Stumbling
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    OK, you liked a post that wasn't intended to flatter you, so it seems you have a sense of humour. We should be able to have a sensible discussion. I get that you dislike the person at the centre of this bunfight, and think that he is getting his just desserts. But that shouldn't close your mind to the principles arising. As I've said before to "Curious", if the process is followed, and the conduct of which you disapprove is found to warrant the outcome that has occurred, your position will be vindicated. So it seems the only reason for not wanting to follow the appropriate process is a fear that the outcome could be found to be disproportionate, and that the guilty party will "get away with it". Seriously, any adult is able to deal with that degree of disappointment - if that's the worst thing that has happened to you or others who share your views on this, you've had a very lucky life. What has happened is NOT GOOD FOR THE SPORT. Some leadership is required and I despair of seeing that from AS - or, apparently, RQ. Who is left? Do we really want to drag the sport (and RQ) through the civil courts? How does that assist anyone? RQ members will pick up a hefty bill, a couple of QC's will buy larger (power) yachts, and those on the far side of the chain mesh fence will continue to snub their noses and poke fun at those inside. Is that counted as a win? I think this is an excellent opportunity for alternative dispute resolution - a negotiated outcome where both parties give a bit and in turn get a bit. It's the grown-up way to put the whole thing behind and move on for the good of the sport. Seriously. But it's not my call - over to you guys. Cheers
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    Happy Jack already has his pre-order in for the commemorative coins. I haven't seen anything this promising since North Korea completely halted their WMD program.