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  1. 17.2 on a J/27 surfing near the Coronado Islands in an uncharacteristically breezy ( we saw 35+) Whistler race. Bow said don't look back, helm said don't look down. Those waves were huge.
  2. There was on in Long Beach with a shoal draft keel, but had the regular keel. Extremely well kept but no sprit. Only had mine sailing 6 months so too early to sell
  3. CaptiveHeart - Below (full length) is what a really top South African J/27 sailor sent me may years ago Enjoy! I too, have recently acquired a new mainsail trimmer. A guy called Charles Crosby. He is an engineer - in fact a fluid dynamicist to be precise - and Charles was one of the consultants on the Shosholoza AC boat build project. He understands the intricacies of sail trim so finitely, that I find myself at a loss sometimes - unable to explain why we are going fast or slow. This guy is so slick, that he in fact totally controls the boat speed from the MAINSAIL and we seldom adjust th
  4. Its pretty easy to fix actually. The mast sounds set up for way too much luff curve. Matching that to the mast is critical for main shape and boat speed. Clearly you have a very small luff curve on the main, which by the way was always my preferred main shape. The answer is to move the mast forward so its about 9.0'-9.5" from middle bulkhead aft of mast (you may need to drill some more holes in the butt I beam to do this). Set the mast at that location, ensure the headstay pin to pin length is around 31'-6" (may need to add a toggle at bottom of headstay to do this). At this time you should ch
  5. :-) I developed the sail shapes with North for my boat, and they used them for all J27's. Main, Genny and Spinnaker, including the weapon the squaretop main, which cures a lot of things. North loft had several rejections from me.....
  6. Definitely easier to handle and better in 15 knots and minimal chop, you'll be reaching at 9 knots...27 is a beast on a reach. Upwind with a #2 or big blade you'll be outpointing everything, including the 29's. Downwind will be easy and fun. Nothing against the 29, a great boat, the 27 is misunderstood and suffers from lack of effective rig tune and sail type. I had a 27 for yes 27 years, did everything with it. Great boat the deck is at least 20% carbon now :-)
  7. Assume you mean the masthead outboard 29? Light air and chop, the 27 fares a lot better being much narrower and lighter. For same reason 27 accelerates faster in gusts and slows faster in lulls. We raced 29's for many seasons, the 27 is a much more tweaky boat demanding good sails, especially genoa and spins, and rig adjustments for differing conditions. In heavy air the 27 will win, especially offwind.
  8. "posted May 27 I always thought the 100 was a pretty boat but anyone who ever tried racing one in the UK under IRC got destroyed. Rates the same as a J109 with a non overlapper and slower on pretty much every point of sail. I think some of it is partly because the ones that are getting raced aren’t optimised. Rolled antifouled bottoms, Furling headsail and asymmetrics tacked at the bow wouldn’t be as competitive as a hard racing bottom, jib on a tuff luff and a symmetric kite for the racing round here" According to ORR the 100 is only faster than a 109 offw
  9. I thought about the same thing only maybe in reverse, having owned a J27 for 30 years. She was a great boat and really good with performance upgrades, SQTop main, asyms, OSP and masthead kite. However, age and community intervened and we left her for a J100. In truth I think the 100 is a grown up 27, bigger cockpit (27 is generous but the 100 is huge), more interior with head and diesel, more electronics. The 100 is a much heavier boat, more stable and more solid than the 27 but of course quite a bit faster, plus you can get to walk round the boat without a lot of heeling and movement, and th
  10. Someone, probably the rigger who loaded out the forepeak with rigging, snapped off the y valve handle from the head overboard/tank discharge for my 2006 J 100. So, the yard says they have to completely take apart the sink/top to get to it, many hundreds $$ so I wondered if anyone knew what the part make and number was,, and if you could get to it to replace just the handle..
  11. Its cheap because the mast is already stripped of rigging and boatyard have to rig it after anyway. I'm not worried about aesthetics just UV damage.
  12. Boatyard says original (15 yr old) paint on my carbon mast is oxidized and will only last about another year. Does everyone repaint their mast that often? Its a Hall spars mast. Their price is reasonable at $1500, but....
  13. love the pics, the 105 looks like a good choice. We have typically light air in San Diego, so the boat having 150 genoa tracks and a decent shaped 150 is a plus. She has Black Widow on the bottom now.
  14. Adrianl, seems my earlier post did not go through, amazing you owned her as fist owner. Yes she looks good, believe it or not she sold me on the photos and the condition, as I've never seen her first hand so I can't wait till hopefully this weekend. 2nd Owner kept her on a lift and the sails in nice dry storage. Did you use the jib boom and small headsail?
  15. G, saw you are a 100 owner, what did you do about inhaulers? seems like they are also needed for the 150 genoa.
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