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  1. Has anyone moved the cleat (or was it subsequently moved) for the halyard? To me, that's the hardest part of raising / lowering the sail on the water; i.e. getting far enough to get a decent angle on the jam cleat. I was thinking of just putting a cleat lower on the mast or on the deck.
  2. I'm in a similar position and this PITA is frankly a reason I barely got out this year. I've tried doing the backwind / opposite rudder technique, but apart from being exhausting you need room behind you to back up so the channel gets narrower still (or I get pushed into the boats docked on either side). I'd love a video of this technique. I need to sort this out to get over this major blocker to getting out. I was also really hoping to get to a clinic this year, but that's a whole other issue.
  3. I tucked away the boat and rig for the winter. I left the mast assembled and put it in an overhead mast rack that supports it about one foot from either extremity. Is this a good decision, or should I find a spot on the floor of the club boathouse to lay it flat without any flex?
  4. Same issue here. Where specifically did you find the cracks? Just how obvious are they? My port hull gathers a couple of litres at least.
  5. The bottom batten of my sail (the removable vertical one at the very bottom) broke. Is this batten still required / used? I recall reading that it was deleted for not adding value and just getting in the way. Second issue is that I can't easily retrieve the lower half of it... any tips?
  6. Thanks! Now that I look at the video again, he really puts the back of the boat underwater and stays on the new leeward side until the boat's on the new heading. I need to get out on a flat / light day this week (pretty much most days here this summer or choppy-as-hell) and try this out. Any thoughts on foils up/down? Early on I thought that the boat tacked better w/ the front foil up but now I think that this is wrong.
  7. What's he doing to get the boat past irons? I always stall too close to irons that the only way to get the bow around enough to pick up the new tack is the backwind & steer opposite.
  8. This is really interesting to me. I have a tough situation getting from the boathouse to the open lake. I need to work my way out between two sets of docks for about 500m. I have maybe 40' of clearance between them. The wind very often is coming right down the middle of that channel, either on the way out or the way back. I find that Heisman tacking this narrow channel so much work. Because that tack (as I'm doing it; maybe wrong) causes you to move backwards a bit, I need to leave a good 10' or more for backward travel. This means so many tacks to get out. It can be exhausting. Does the
  9. How do you drop the sail? I find that the angle required to pull the halyard out of the cleat makes uncleating the sail on the water quite difficult.
  10. Wouldn’t sheeting in be enough to depower and keep the bows out?
  11. Has anyone implemented an alternative to the halyard cleat at the top of the mast? I find it fussy to hook up sometimes and impossible to release while on the boat (it needs too much angle). There are times when, due to wind direction, I'd prefer to just dump the sail and paddle in because I have to work my way though a passage in a break wall and then down a relatively narrow channel between the wall and docked boats. I can't easily do that without capsizing the boat (perhaps undesirable in some conditions).
  12. I own hull number 36 (or thereabouts) and haven’t done any updating yet. What should I be doing? I have the new kit for the front foil (are there instructions on how to best set that up?). The boat includes the drain holes that I believe should be epoxied in. What about the similar holes through which there are cord loops that hold the boat onto the dolly? What else?
  13. I had a mishap last season that shaved a bit off the starboard tip of my rudder foil. Is this enough to be an issue?
  14. Continuing the topic of displacement sailing / tacking (for me, getting outside the breakwall), do you put your front foil down right away? I'm not sure if the boat is or is not easier to tack in tight quarters with it up.
  15. Has anyone lubricated the surface of the mast step? We were out last night and some commented that the mast was a bit jumpy rather than turning smoothly. It does squeak a lot. Question 2: What should be adjusted when you're on the water and conditions lighten? Is it just less outhaul? Should I also ease the stays?
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