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  1. You can also write a direkt mail to Andraz M. (Sesscape founder) great guy ! Maybee he deserves a trip to China.. Big market for a little company. Guess the boats are still produced under his and Christians supervision and if there is a customer oriented CEO than Andraz...
  2. Wouldn't be a layer of Sikaflex or 5200 around the GRP tube before fitting the shaft seal a possible fix? Wait some time before tightening the hose clamp so the sika could form an elastic layer to seal. But yes if the tube is to small a glass/epoxy wrap to the right size is king... pretty bad place for laminating and of cours it has to be 100% dry and clean before..
  3. If it was hot while unwinding, better dump it! Had the same thing on my Melges24 sized rigg with similiar turnbuckles from Bluewave (DK)... The topshrout turnbuckle "exploded" while setting up rigg-tension one day -luckily still on the hard... Would have cost me the rigg and sails 24h later.... Bluewave swapped all 4 turnbuckles (from the same series) for a very good price and had a happy costomer for the next years!
  4. If you would replace a real torchlight always with your Mobile LED flash go on...
  5. ....guess its more the other way round...dump the Tacktick and replace with B&G..Question is whats on the other end ( instruments...)
  6. And don't forget the Aeolus30 project, the boat the Farr forgot to built themself...thats a quantum leap 30 footer...
  7. D30 OD 2.800 KG ...same kind of boat but 35% cheaper??
  8. Do you mismatch the Liion batteries with LiFePo ? The LiFePo mostly with a BMS do not thermals "Run away" in abuse ( OK if you try to light them up with a torch maybe... The LiIon do ( in VERY) rare cases. But with a notebook, tablet or even mobile you already have the devil on board so all is relative. My last 3 years with my LiFePo on a 24 feet day racer gave me a never before known independence with minimum care about the batterie. They have nearly no self discharge last twice as long an weight less than half ( OK Not the point here...) You can get 10-20AH for 100
  9. 10-20AH Lithium (LiFePo3) does not cost a fortune any more and will last even with abuse (BMS inside.
  10. Wouldn't say so.... look at the the lines pic is from behind, rudder and post are out
  11. Starboat upside down for keel fairing
  12. Hi, in terms of KISS the now Raymarine Sailmaster systen does not need any updates to work..just go sailing! ;o)) And yes standard Raymarine update process via plotter is a bit odd
  13. Still happy with my bl/w Tacktick aka Raymarine wireless. If it realy get's wet (sportsboat??) no cable and no power connection is a BIG plus! Also no holes for cables - no battrie (or empty) NO problem it's sun driven.... Sailmaster system speed /deph / compass If wind is needed just add.
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