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  1. You might not be able to sheet the spin flat to stall it like a beach cat in heavy air. So turning down is the move correct?
  2. I think I want to pick one these up. Is the 28 worth the extra money over the 27? Would not be racing seriously.
  3. Isn't a 3200 almost double the price? If you have the budget for the boat and racing sails of course it is better.
  4. You happen to have an extra Corsair 27 or 28 you want to sell to fund this purchase?
  5. If it was the same price it's probably "better". Price is available on request so I'm guessing that is not the case.
  6. Putting that mast on a rotating step would be kind of pointless. The shape is different on rotating masts. The real problem with putting a random monohull mast on a multi is the possible difference in righting moment.
  7. Why have you repeatedly called the Rocket "a significantly higher cost boat". Is a Weta not $17.5k? If the Rocket is $20k, then it is not "significantly higher cost". Am I missing something?
  8. If it has freeze damage, just junk it. You'll never find/fix all the little leaks in the pvc.
  9. The full length amas that can support the whole boat will make the Rocket much faster and able to carry higher payloads (2 people). The sail area appears significantly greater. All carbon. Has a traveler. Two rudders. Can fly main hull. If the Rocket is really under $20k, nobody is going to buy a Weta unless they want to race one design.
  10. Looks way way better than a Weta for ~$2k more.
  11. Really seems like they should be able to get a radar post away from the running backs. That is a WIDE transom.
  12. They built at least one 5X in carbon. Not sure of the resin, So they would probably build you a 45 in carbon. But it might be cheaper and get your a faster boat to just buy the next size up.
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