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  1. I thought you might be refering to Ian Dubin, styled Lord Dubin of Kellet Island. But as you spelled it Dublin (auto correct?) I was wondering if that was some referrence to how things got settled during the troubles, though the nastier score settling was usually ~100 miles north of there.
  2. I was thinking more like the private conversations many people have been kind enough to engage in with me when I’ve screwed up in the past. The most effective ones have used humour to disarm resistance and appealed to my empathy to help me appreciate how others might have interpreted my interventions differently than I intended.
  3. I don't know what club Bump belongs to. Enough others may know for it to be a public chastising but as far as I can tell the only one who has done the public chastising is the Commodore. I’m assuming the commodore is a volunteer. That is why I’m not suggesting C should be shot. I’m not even suggesting C should be publicly humiliated the way C treated the volunteer members of the RC. I’m suggesting C should resign based on self reflection. I’m also suggesting that Bump take C aside and role model the sort of positive and constructive leadership C is not showing. Talking through with someo
  4. It sounds like your RC did a poor job, needs attention and leadership should address it in a constructive way. Your commodore demonstrated he is a shit leader and therefore he should resign immediately. Public humiliation of the those serving (poorly or not) on RC will leave them hostile, disinclined to serve or volunteer, and less enthusiastic/loyal to the club. Awesome job commodore. Others observing the treatment of the RC may do a better job going forward and they may seek to avoid serving in volunteer capacity, especially under the direction of this commodore. Awesome job c
  5. Yeah I read a lot of weird stuff (off curriculum as I was in geophysics) from Wealth of Nations to Das Kapital...Old Man and the Sea to Finnegans Wake OK tried and tried but I could never get more than ¼ way through Finnegans Joyce broke me.
  6. Why not the second. The academic research suggests: There is generally no evidence that the combination of the two drugs does more than enhance additively the already strong tendency of each drug to induce a variety of physical and psychological disorders
  7. I read this in college...mostly to help understand where some of the people I didn't favour were comming from But I didn't know anyone who actually thought it a basis for rigorous economic analysis.
  8. 18 or 19 (depending on source) I got it wrong he flew from Helsinking not west Germany (would have been less of an obvious threat). Best part total of 50 hours total flying time before his big adventure.
  9. And then there was the inboud GA....like the teenager from west Germany who dropped in on red square.
  10. American healthcare...the source of Canada’s economic advantage in attracting jobs
  11. Fascinating the discussion and diatribes triggered by a mooted Canadian tax.
  12. Fair enough, is that affected by geography or local cost of living?
  13. Or is it an aspect of common law?
  14. Are those two of three alternatives? Or are they mute or moot
  15. Pano, I think you may be experiencing a culture clash here. Much of the time you operate in French which benefits from l’Academi francaise who ensure words mean what they mean, Although you French could benefit from the rigour of Quebec, as I child I was shocked to hear “stop” regularly used in France after we had managed to eliminate that evil Anglo word from our road signs. Words in English are defined by usage and the role of dictionaries is to try to keep up with usage rather than to constrain or enforce usage. This drift in meaning seems particularly rapid in American political disco
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