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  1. I think the bright lights are attending boats
  2. The Romans had folding campaign chairs that they copied from the Eqyptians. Be they Roman, Napoleonic, or British Imperial...officers seem to (have someone) carry around soft landing spots for their tushes
  3. How many angels on the head of a pin? Clearly from the late 19th century into the early 20th century ice boats beat everything else. To be clear my post is more tongue in cheek than serious rebuttal. But I’d say by the mid twenties winning race cars were in contention. I’d say a Duesenberg that averaged 98+ mph over 500 miles could keep up with an ice boat. But let’s not forget the official iceboat speed record remains the one set on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, back in 1938. 143 miles an hour.
  4. 1924 Dussenberg indy 500 98mph
  5. Speaking of innovate or die nuclear-capable hypersonic missile
  6. No cardboard, no cardboard derivatives
  7. well if you are the first and for a time the only ones with tanks with rotating turret...who is to say what is forward and reverse
  8. Not all americans Just the basked of deplorables
  9. BUT, who's to say the EU would take England back. It wasn't so easy to join the first time and now you've done that submarine thing, the French have long memories
  10. Thanks for posting this, a good watch, and a vid that is NOT all about the videographer. It reminded me of two things: 1. How much I want to visit the Venetian lagoon by shallow draft sailboat; and 2. How weird some Europeans (from crowded countries) views are on what is “empty, lonely,...wilderness and wildlife"...(If I can’t go days on end without seeing another human, when I set out in my Canoe, ...well it feels like I’ve not really left the burbs)
  11. The afront of Donald Trump and the debacle of the Afghanistan pull out may finally stimulate the EU to get its act together on defence policy....
  12. Can you site a source for that. Take the Welland Canal - originates and ends within Canada and never leaves Canada. I don't think Having another country at the end of a river or canal stopes them being inland waters but I'm happy to be educated. So how about the Hudson, the Mississipi, the Ohio...clearly navigate From Canada to third countries using those rivers...are they internal to the US or subject to innocent passage?
  13. According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, a nation's internal waters include waters on the side of the baseline of a nation's territorial waters that is facing toward the land, except in archipelagic states.[1] It includes waterways such as rivers and canals, and sometimes the water within small bays. In inland waters, sovereignty of the state is equal to that which it exercises on the mainland. The coastal state is free to make laws relating to its internal waters, regulate any use, and use any resource. In the absence of agreements to the contrary, foreign vessel
  14. I’m not qualified to give advice on maritime law, so if someone here is please correct. I’m pretty sure The St Lawrence River and the Welland Canal would be deemed inland waters and thus not subject to innocent passage
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