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  1. Colgate 26 owner here. They do NOT plane. Launch the boat off the back of 8’ square chop off Diamond Head and they’ll surf for a bit, but basically it’s hull speed and then the boat starts trying to dig a bigger hole in the ocean. Also, fixed keel, and raising the mast is a 2 person job even with an A frame. No good for the OP’s shallow water / one person rigging requirements. Now, if you had a dock or mooring and you wanted an easily sailed boat that could happily accommodate 5 or 6 people and which has a real cockpit with actual backrests, plus very comfortable canted life rai
  2. Anything’s better than a CQR. I’m now going into hiding until the inevitable storm blows over.
  3. It is a little known fact that the Civil War was fought over the South’s refusal to stop using off-centered companionways, despite the tragic human cost.
  4. First of all, Jesus would never let that happen. Second of all, the world is only 5000 years old. Stupid libs.
  5. “Manors.” Manors are more important than laws. At least according to the wealthy.
  6. I had some threaded fasteners back out of the base plate for my spreaders. Damn near lost the mast. I went to rivets, despite stainless rivets being a PITA to put in without a pro quality pneumatic or electric rivet gun.
  7. Offset, forward-facing companionways are the next big thing. You heard it here first.
  8. We had a big cruising boat in at the Hawaii Yacht Club for a whole that was homeported in Aspen, CO. I liked that: I pictured the oxen laboring over the passes with the boat in tow, the exciting running of the rapids (keel and mast presumably stowed below somehow), the joy of finally arriving at deep water…..
  9. I’m sure glad that the boat sails nicely. At this point, may I suggest that you rip out the engine and shaft, pound a wooden plug into the hole with some 5200 on it, and contract with the local boat boys to tow you to and from the starts? Bene should be cringing with embarrassment. And yeah, I love it when something is clearly wrong with new machinery and the factory says “Oh, what you are seeing can’t be happening.” Wankers.
  10. These European lake boats assume that there will never ever be any chop, much less wave action. Stuff the bow of that “couch sailer” into a good motorboat wake and watch your crew, drinks, and fancy cushions wash right out the back end.
  11. If you drop the stick to take care of something, the mount pops the extension up so that it doesn’t get caught against the inside of the footwell or some such and jam. Ask me how I know….
  12. Sparkling water in cans. Makes the right noise when you open it, has a little fizz, contains…nothing.
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