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  1. The Bernasconi is a kiwi thing? Proved wrong, laughed at and then you come up with your magic fern theory..
  2. As you have pointed out many times, people can post where they like..
  3. I was referring to getting into every topic going wether you have a clue about the contents ;-)
  4. As opposed to mummy hasn’t allowed you out of the basement?
  5. So you admit it was absurd to falsely claim Bernasconi was a kiwi? You just did it numerous times on numerous threads to be sure we got the message how absurd it was....
  6. You were the one that brought it up though and claimed he was a kiwi? why would you do that? Lie so obviously?
  7. So you can switch nationality back and forth with the magic fern? That’s incredible! Should solve any immigration issues or nationality Clause problems at the stop of a hat
  8. You said he was just a hired foreigner the other day;-) make your mind up
  9. Glen? You know Glen the hired ozzy? Or is he a kiwi now?
  10. This is just too funny poor 4 put a fern on it and instant kiwi haha! Sir Ben the Kiwi..;-)
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