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  1. You could have two New Zealander’s plus other mercenaries and nationals of the challenging YC all funded by Ernie without it being a Swiss entry you know like having Emirates as the headline sponsor, naming rights and pumping in the cash but it was definitely totally a NZ challenge as that’s where the YC is based could be fun
  2. It’s clear that emerging nations can field hired guns on the sailing team. Evil Ernie isn’t a nation, he is an individual, a yacht club in an emerging nation could quite easily get chatted up by Ernie fulfil every emerging nation criteria and then say for arguments sake hire The Dolfin defenders with enough cash to see them set for life. The “rules” as written can’t exclude that, nothing that has been published prohibits a yacht club from obtaining backing from an individual outside of their borders, as it’s a challenge between yacht clubs that’s the bit that matters.
  3. Not disputing the cuntiness then? Interesting…
  4. Grant doesn’t hold a fucking thing, the yacht club do and a sizeable portion think he is a cunt for whoring it overseas
  5. It’s hardly a secret, there have been job offers out to people for months.
  6. Why am I not surprised, you and Grant have been sucking on that Emerati cock for years must be a tough habit to kick. ;-)
  7. Worry about who Your “home” team have or as it stands haven’t partnered with before worrying about others also ownership is different from partnering. jim owns a third of the F1 team Ernesto owns fuck all of red bull
  8. Sailing at regattas in the ME is very different To being based there for three years.
  9. Odd you aren’t wondering if they tested all the men for testosterone levels.. why is that? or simply were they were lacking in the endurance and stamina department etc.
  10. So a one off, smile for the camera race arranged so late in the day that it didn’t appear on any official program in the build up to the event is somehow actually part of the overall funding master plan from Grant? get fucked haha! ( not you clew, just the big plan idea)
  11. The master plan has been revealed…the dolphin friendly racing team was all a front for GD to schmooze cities showing off Petes dominance in larrys pet project as sail GP series champion Petes stock would never be higher, the unbranded ETNZ would be the envy of the field as it showcased all those areas where they excelled , the bikes, glen on the wing, etc the kiwi sailGP boat really was the best in class. one design, no Emirates branding, no glen, bikes or ingenuity and up until the weekend, scrapping with the French and Danes as to who is DFL yup the master plan…
  12. In all the excitement I missed a pete finally broke his duck, Congratulations It was also mentioned in comms several times that he was yet to fire some would say a very fortuitous win given the recent news
  13. Says the child in his mums basement that has no idea of what those speeds are like..
  14. Or that people from here that have worked on the last AC campaign have had job offers from Alinghi
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