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  1. Still rumours but found several sources on the matter. http://ventoevele.gazzetta.it/2021/04/12/nella-prossima-coppa-anche-ferrari-sara-con-luna-rossa/
  2. As it seems, for winning the AC you need not only to be the best helmsman in the world, but also the best in driving the development and give the feedback to the design team. Ben is still one of the best helmsman (if not the best) in the world, but I don't know if maybe Burling was better in the other aspect. And being also the boss of the team didn't help him focusing on sailing and development. In Luna Rossa, thanks to Max Sirena, Jimmy and Checco were 100% free to focus on their sailing and developmnet tasks!
  3. Interesting! What is the source of the rumours?
  4. I've had the same problem!!!! Eventually, I asked a Kiwi friend to call them on the phone and he had to try many times! That's absurd. I wrote them a letter of complaint on the subject. Unsubscribing should be doable with a mouse click!!
  5. Here you are. Bertelli didn't even thought of a 1 - 1 match when became COR, and in 2017 he was in a position to easily ask for that if he wanted, considering the huge help given to ETNZ.
  6. 1) true, but AM and LR are not less in reputation. 2) LR participated in the last 20 years of AC with the notable exception of 2017 where they withdraw in protest. And everybody knows the history of NYYC 3) name another of the current challengers that doesn't 4) LR stated they would continue with the AC75 as well. Two rounds of AC cannot be decided (DoG). 5) Being in amicable relationship with GD, today, does not mean much, unfortunately. We have examples. And as soon as Ineos become a little more competitive than today... we will see. And this is very concerning if they pl
  7. True, but it is also what modern AC has evolved into, and the only 1-1 matches in recent history were not among the brightest moments of AC history, in my opinion.
  8. What I really would like to see is a SailGP with one design AC75s. But probably this is because I'm not a great fan of catamarans.
  9. I like SailGP too, but, no, I disagree. Just think of the level of preparation, innovation and adaptation in sailing techniques and tactics required by the most advanced sailing vessel ever, the AC75. Three years of work by some of the best sailors and designers in the world.
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