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  1. That's true, but it's not an advantage anymore for them to keep the same configuration. They will need some new trick and it's not easy to find one on the second iteration of the same class rules
  2. yes yes, of course it is doable. But if I were a team principal, I would not be so confident in trying that kind of solution. Mybe I would try something hybrid for the starting box only. I think LR were lucky that it worked so well for them.
  3. I don't think that a co-helmsman alongside someone like Ben Ainslie would be easy to adapt, James Spithill also has a similar strong personality, but his position inside the LR team forced him to adapt to whatever Max decided him to do.
  4. The hidden boom is not quite the same thing as having extra square meters of mainsail as ETNZ had. If they'll decide to better specify the exact sail area, they would close this loophole and maybe the batwings as well. We will have to wait until the new class rules will be published. The dual helmsman is not so easy to replicate. Not for lack of helmsmen or sailing skills, but it is a risky move. You have to be sure that the two helmsmen go along well because, if something starts to go wrong and they blame each other, it's the end! And you can't easily swap back to a different configuration. I
  5. Problem is that it's on sky, and therefore invisible for most of the people here.
  6. Regarding Luna Rossa: The under-the-deck boom is interesting, if the loophole in the rules that permitted ETNZ to have extra mainsail area is no longer allowed. Also, the rig without runners for light winds was a good idea but unfortunately was ruled out. The double helmsman configuration was quite succesfull as well, but I don't know if it is easily replicable.
  7. Italy is not listed among the countries with an official tv coverage and so it should be a good option as a VPN destination: From the sailGP website: If your country isn't listed above, please find coverage on any of our channels below: SailGP App - Apple // Android SailGP @ Youtube SailGP @ Facebook SailGP @ Twitter
  8. Bruni in SailGP alongside Nathan Outteridge https://nonsolonautica.it/20/04/2021/diporto-nautico/sport/sailgp-e-ufficiale-checco-bruni-entra-a-far-parte-del-team-giapponese/?fbclid=IwAR2WGIzPtYWxpbG756JZy7XQfvrRGYT5481eWffQ_uaq_Za9L7gG3FqtChk
  9. The Italian team is back home. One by one also the sailing team left New Zealand towards Italy. The last to leave was Max Sirena, yesterday. While still waiting for an official statement from Patrizio Bertelli regarding the participation in the next edition of the Cup, the trophies won by Luna Rossa arrived in Italy too.
  10. 29 years ago, today, Il Moro di Venezia against New Zealand
  11. Luna Rossa (the boat) was recently interviewed about the rumoured eventuality of a 1 - 1 Match between xTNZ and INEOS. We have the picture with the answer embedded
  12. And here is the same article in Italian from Fare Vela https://farevela.net/2021/04/15/luna-rossa-cosi-funzionano-i-sistemi-che-regolano-un-ac75/?fbclid=IwAR0OzFlkQ7jue4j4UszuFSbDgMy-fYjgqy9qb3AYLdTjgYLvTv-qq9cMaiI
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