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  1. Is there an actual documented proposal? Where would one find it, if so?
  2. They're great. I think the speed readout on the trailing boat show whether they're in the right place.
  3. They've both had their turns, Jimmy tacking at under 28 knots then falling off the foils, for example.
  4. Sprinkling chilli seems to have worked for me with someone else's cat.
  5. https://www.metservice.com/overlay/locations/auckland/rain/radar?range=300&tab=real-time https://www.metservice.com/towns-cities/locations/auckland
  6. If the wind limit is changed the foil and sails will change to take advantage and the boats will still be marginal at the limits. You're dreaming.
  7. https://www.metservice.com/maps-radar/rain/radar/auckland?range=120&tab=real-time
  8. Unless the designers have made the compromises which allow a boat to get back up on its foil more easily.
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