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  1. Sorry, maybe you misunderstood, that's my family.
  2. Can I ask, and i might be missing something here, when you sign-off with 'lol' what are you trying to convey?
  3. I'm extremely glad that you continue to confirm your own failings.
  4. Well that's exactly as I predicted - ad hominem.
  5. Interesting you say that, the family actually came to the UK in 1884 to escape persecution, i'm glad they did. Obviously i'd appreciate a retraction of your comment but I don't think it'll be forthcoming.
  6. Apologies if I wasn't clear, to clarify - his ideas during his 64 years of tenure. One of which was (possibly) the worlds first charity single.
  7. The discussion isn't about the British Empire - which hasn't existed for many years - it's about a man who, finding himself at a loose end after his wife became Queen, sought out ways to introduce young people to sport as a means to make them fit and more independent. His ideas for the Playing Fields Association led onto the DoE award scheme which has helped many youngsters through their teenage angst and given them a positive outlook with which to face the future; my youngest son amongst them.
  8. Thanks Andraz. Unfortunately where i'm currently sited most of the pictures/links/detail won't work.
  9. Andraz, does your 27 have central lifting points and will it weigh under 2.3 tonnes? I have some UK requirements and these criteria are the cut-off for my dry package agreement. Thanks
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