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  1. The one thing that Catalina knocked out of the park with the C275 is a longer cockpit at the expense of the cabin. Granted it is a slug, but for daysailing in the cockpit, it pretty much has everything my wife wants. My wife is almost never below, so cabin space is really low on her priority. Lack of doors and floorboards are not the concern. She actually doesn't mind it. It's all cockpit, cockpit, cockpit. I on the other hand, would love more speed. I definitely have my work cut out for me to convince her to move to something else. In the end, I know my limitations and she will get the final
  2. I fill 1 lb camping tanks from a 20 lb bbq tank. You can buy an adapter and there are youtube videos on how to do it. Just don't overfill. Also, you have to be careful that a spare 1 lb tank does not leak afterwards. I put a little super lube on the adapter before screwing onto the tank and cap with a brass cap that I've added an o-ring to prevent any gas from leaking. You don't want lp gas floating around your boat, which is probably not a problem if the gas compartment is sealed from the boat. Alternatively, would a 4.25 or 5 lb lp tank fit into the opening?
  3. Definitely unique, but would not fit the bill. Too long, still too much draft, too old and with a crew of 10, doesn't look like short handed sailor. I'm also leaning towards a boat with dual rudders which will greatly reduce weather helm. When it gets too windy, my wife usually hands the tiller over to me and I don't think that will happen with the Pogo. That in itself may be a problem as she is going to hog the tiller.
  4. Looked at the Corsair some more and it's just not practical having to have to fold for tying up to the dock.
  5. Given both the Corsair and Seascape some thought, but would like something bigger in case we decide to cruise from the harbor. And ideally have a diesel engine, which my wife can easily start if she goes out with friends. But the 12.5 is too big and even just for a ride would not be a fair comparison.
  6. Have a Catalina 275 (3'8" draft), which is only daysailed. Yes, it is an overweight slug, but the long cockpit is where it shines the most. I now have a bigger slip than when I purchased the C275 and considering going bigger. Biggest problem with the harbor is that the entrance can be quite shallow, which did extensive damage to a 4'11" draft Sabre Spirit 36' a few years ago. This alone eliminates many boats. Seven years ago, thought about the J/95 (3' draft), but now I'm leaning towards a Pogo 30 and maybe the 36. Biggest problem I have is convincing my wife who is concerned about all o
  7. That's exactly why I avoid watching it on TV. It amazes me that they could go to commercial during all the fluff before/between/after, but no, they have to go to commercial during the race and miss a full leg. If they did that with any other sport there would a huge uproar. The uproar would be out of control if there were points or lead change during the commercial.
  8. Another option to at least reduce the $160 fee is to share with a friend where one is willing to time shift. It is what I'm doing with my wife as she works in another state. NBC Sports allow multiple devices, but only one at a time.
  9. Too funny, I went to everywhere except the home page.
  10. Where's the best place to get the daily scheduled start time of the races?
  11. But not with my remote and I would have to buy an usb to hdmi cable/adapter and a cable 15+ long. I use to connect my iPad 3 until Apple bricked it by no longer supporting the OS and it wasn't as convenient having to jump off the couch, kneel on the floor to pause/rewind/fast forward. If I wasn't so busy right now, I would have tried harder with ExpressVPN at $40 for the 3 months. In the last cup, I did use ExpressVPN and I did spend the time to write an app for the IPad and my wife's iPhone to relocate myself to Bermuda to bypass the devices' location services. So I am willing to go thru the
  12. As much as I hated to support NBC Sports, I ended up shelling out the $160 for the gold package. Got tired of waiting for youtube to unblock the content. And figures, we only had one race last weekend. I tried cheating with ExpressVPN, but I just couldn't get it to work with my AppleTV and my router. In the end, my time is more valuable for this once every 3-4 year event and besides, my wife said she would pay for it. I just need some races and I'll be happy.
  13. After listening to Dalt these last couple of years on the accessibility, I'm a little disappointed on what happened in the US. Never thought it could get worse than when Larry controlled the rights, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised when it comes to the AC. Servus.tv worked well for live but the replays are geo-blocked. After watching live on the computer, I've decided I'd rather watch a replay from the couch with my AppleTV. Anyone watching replays on an AppleTV from a geo-blocked country? If so, which app and if required, which VPN? And no, I really don't want to reward NBCSN's robbe
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