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  1. Yes he did. He should stick to the square of the hypotenuse
  2. Cheers started as advertised at 11.30pm NZT and a win to the Kiwis in race one .... nice
  3. Hey peeps, question for NZ audiences. The SailGP website is fucking useless - their scheduled times to watch the replays were incorrect today ... I found myself watching netball highlights. Can anyone confirm what time the live racing will start on Sky tonight? I'd like to watch it live but I'm not staying up if they can't publish the times correctly. * I've still got to "steal" it thanks to the ridiculous paywall bullshit * ps - fuck you SailGP, you're so close to getting it right - concentrate on the details
  4. I totally agree, the minimum was way too low. It should have been around 10 knots which should be perfectly normal for March afternoon sea breezes. The 10 days of incredibly light wind was A-typical and has not been like that since the cup finished.
  5. I saw that 94km and was frantically trying to do the math. Fucking crazy they're not showing in knots. My big disappointment from AC36 was not seeing ETNZ able to truly send it in a decent breeze. I asked Blair after the cup what speed they were capable of and he just smiled and brushed me off. Bastard.
  6. I always try and support ETNZ sponsors where I can which was far from a hardship with Steinlager. Funnily, the family thought I was consuming a lot of coke this summer.
  7. 2023 Ocean Globe Race set to be the World’s biggest ever! The 2023 Ocean Globe Race (OGR) will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the original 1973 Whitbread, the first ever fully crewed race, around the world. Already, two and a half years from the start, 25 entrants are paid up and another three have committed, meaning we have 17 different countries represented. The clear expectation is, that a full fleet of 34 yachts, sailed by professional and amateur, mixed gender crews, will cross the start line on Sept. 10th 2023. If so, the OGR is set to become the largest ever, crewed, round-the-wo
  8. Just imagine, if the pros didn't place and just sailed for fun, Jake would have took 3rd and got a prize... I'll ask him how much he wanted that life vest when I see him tomorrow
  9. And the 16 year old Jake Pye in 5th. There time will come and it won't be long now!
  10. I completely agree. I've been part organiser of many regatta's and the younger sailors love being around the big names who are only there because they're passionate about the sport not because they want to beat a few kids. These guys are so generous with their time and impart so much knowledge it's invaluable.
  11. I talked to several of the VOR sailors about this during their stopover in Auckland 3 years ago. While examining the head on Scallywag the crew made it clear it didn't get used much. They just went off the back ... women too. Actually, it was Fish who told me that. He was lost almost exactly three years ago, poor bastard.
  12. A lot must have changed in Switzerland since 2003. IIRC, back then EB wasn't buying up the best Swiss sailors.
  13. I'm very uncomfortable about the AC38 clause. I disagreed strongly with the London agreement and I do with this too.
  14. I haven't managed to keep up with the radio chatter here this last week ... spent much of my time out watching the racing! Anyway, congratulations ETNZ and a big thanks to Luna Rosa. Such a shame we couldn't see TR sailing to her full potential in some decent breeze, I reckon that would have been quite something.
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