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  1. I picked up on that too. I couldn't decided if he was wanting time out from TNZ or the AC in general. He'd get paid well by any team to come back.
  2. Funny video but that sure as hell wasn't an italian car at the end. Looked more like a Vauxhall Viva!
  3. Described as a "glamorous socialite".....well PB is fucked now. Nah, this is a sham relationship of convenience. Pete and Blair have been in a committed, monogamous relationship since they won their first world title.
  4. I meant to give Bay Sailing Week a plug. Get your entries in now https://bayofislandssailingweek.org.nz/ ... and to their credit, Georgia has already entered!
  5. And who is Farmer's friend that often sails with him on Georgia as tactician? Fucking Brad Butterworth. Butterball is always trying to shit stir TNZ and I find it highly unlikely he's not up to something behind the scenes right now. Keep looking over your shoulder buddy. (I couldn't help slotting in a nice photo of Georgia - Bay Week 2014)
  6. What kind of operation is Cunty running anyway? Have you seen his website? Image below shows the home page (I kid you not) of the fantastic global operation he is running. Check it out for yourselves www.greymouthpetroleum.co.nz Edit: Not too many South Is. prefixes there
  7. So many ways to boot these mutherfuckers. I'd love to be in the room on the night the future of their membership is debated. Any SA representatives in here? I bet there are.
  8. I'm only going off what was reported by ETNZ. Cunty clearly doesn't know sharp end from blunt end and ... "Furthermore, Emirates Team New Zealand now release details of an email (dated 26/8/21) to the Commodore of the NYYC from Dr. Hamish Ross with Mr Dunphy (both members of the RNZYS) ... " I'm guessing bringing the club into disrepute is good enough reason for a lifetime dismissal.
  9. Cunty and Ross are sidelined to the "who were those fuckwits?" annals of AC history. I hope the RNZYS are already calling for a special general meeting to have them barred from the club for life. Fuck off
  10. I think you'll find it's pronounced "Shihad". Like if you know what I'm on about
  11. Exactly. You cannot force a yachting event into a 90 minute window that is decided a year in advance. This is ridiculous and SailGP's biggest weakness.
  12. Is the Spanish government trying to sweeten the deal by giving us more vaccines?
  13. I think we all wanted to see Te Kahu line up against an AC75. That was one cool test boat.
  14. Has anyone heard of Dunphy before the last few weeks? Dunphy is in the shallow end of the gene pool, rattling his sabre and pretending to be the big man with the big money and the big friends. We all know someone like that. He wants attention he wants validation. He is a tool. Anyone remember the fourth challenger for AC36? Team Altus Malta. Pasquale Cataldi is the Maltese equivalent of Dunphy. A man who wants to be bigger than he is. Make lots of noise. Be important. By the time AC37 gets underway, nobody here will remember who he is was.
  15. My preference: Auckland, Valencia, Cork Who will it actually be? Well, whoever has the money. If Valencia can tap into the billions of Euros been dolled out in Europe for events to stimulate the economy then they have a good chance. Infrastructure in place and a good place to press the flesh and sell NZ to the world. Jeddah *shudder. If they want to throw a mountain of cash - chump change for them - then maybe .... I hope not though
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