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  1. He has to maintain the "defrauded" election line. He crossed the Rubicon on 1/6
  2. Great optics. The Resident of the White House give a rally speech outside your seat of government. (was he still technically president? Caretaker President? Whatever) On the steps of the Capitol there are 2000 armed national guard standing by. Putin and other "not friends" of the USA would have had a Propaganda gleefest.
  3. Off topic, but what happened to KSFB? Step on a rake? refused tetanus shot and died?
  4. No, just misguided. You wouldn't know what a Die Hard Labor supporter was if they kicked you in the arse. It involves immutable principles, one of which is not fraternising with the enemy :D Your friend was probably just a poor soul who wanted more and would do anything to get there. Join the Union, Vote Labor, schmooze with the dim daughters of wealthy Liberal Party members and even attend groovy Young Liberal tea dances. .anything. :D
  5. Diehard Labor and pursuing "better social activities"? I find that highly unlikely. Whereas one does meet many people with money and/or solid Labor principles, I've yet to meet a single one that would joint The Young Liberals for "better social activities" or their women. And I've known a quite a few. Maybe you're mixing the plot up with "About a Boy"
  6. Queensland has recorded nine new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, all linked to known cases in the community. There are now 18 cases linked to the cluster of the highly infectious Delta variant that was first detected in a student at a Brisbane school. It comes as millions of residents remain under strict stay-at-home orders on the first day of a snap three-day lockdown across 11 local government areas in the state's south-east. Deputy Premier Steven Miles said this was the most number of new community cases Queensland has had in almost a year. "The last time we were at
  7. Queensland has recorded nine new local cases of COVID-19 today, all connected to a rapidly spiralling outbreak linked to a Brisbane high school student. "This is the most number of new community infections we've reported in Queensland in almost 12 months," Deputy Premier Steven Miles said. "The last time we were at this level was August 2020." Four of today's new cases stem from a karate class held at Ironside State School in St Lucia. The class is attended by students and their parents from all over Brisbane. Three of the
  8. There's been much debate about children and the spread of Coronavirus. With the delta variant dominating now, a new look at how this variant is a game changer is warranted. One of Victoria's recent clusters seeded at a primary school Keep an eye on the latest Qld outbreak While numbers are still relatively small, one can track how this has spread, with children being the principle spreaders via their schools, their extra curricular activities and pass on to their families. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-01/queensland-coronavirus-brisbane-school-cluster-ind
  9. Talking about breaking the spirit of the rules. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-31/bondi-bars-ban-selling-takeaway-alcohol-amid-covid-concerns/100339716 Takeaway pub crawls in Bondi.
  10. How can you fly Sydney to Hobart? Hasn't Tassie got NSW locked out?
  11. There's always a way to escape, but the above would involve doing something that's against the spirit of the rules. Where would we be if everyone did that? Ha ha NSW!! Nah, though I'm not worried about "getting back" ( I intend to be gone for 6-12 months anyway) I'm not going to sneak through loopholes to get there. Just having a whinge.
  12. really? Gen Why? waiting too long for your own fully furnished three bed home, two cars and a boat and your inheritance can be so annoying. I've worked 25 years of my working life in hard manual work at minimum wages. and my annual income is under 55,000 pro rata No help from working class parents. No superanuation for 20 years of that. Entitled boomer? entitled brat. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-30/wa-premier-says-under-40s-should-not-get-astra-zeneca/100255666 Just the same as the rest of us WA Health will not be providing
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