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  1. and I've made it crystal clear on numerous occasions that my qualifications are in library tech . I'm not a Librarian nor ever pretended to be. Though I do do Customer reference interviews when working out on the library floor. Of course I read. Just not what you tell me to which seems to outrage you.. Because you're a bully and that's what thwarted bullies do. Get outraged. Currently I'm reading The Full Catastrophe: Inside the Greek Crisis by James Angelos and Greece: The hidden centuries. Turkish rule from the fall of Constantinople to Greek Independence by David Brewer
  2. Oh Jesus. Another one that thinks reference librarians read all those books.
  3. Tolstoy's a better writer than LB? Now who'd have thunk?
  4. I'm wondering if I should "hide" this thread too.
  5. Not exactly. Inverted snobbery noun. a person who scorns the conventions or attitudes of his or her own class or social group by attempting to identify with people of a supposedly lower class. Collins English Dictionary.
  6. You both need to go visit a big library in a "liberal" demographic. You'd be quite surprised at the magazines held
  7. When was the last time you asked a Librarian for a recommendation LB? "Les Norton" is classic Australian Lit and that's where you'll find it. Our library has 63 Robert G. Barrett items, including E books and Talking books. Has it ever occurred to you that you may be a reverse snob?
  8. Is any one really in "the class" of Dickens or Twain or a Fitzgerald?? Would you compare Lee Child to Ian Fleming? Corris's writing is in the style of Chandler. His writing is his own. He's also very much a local writer, captures the flavour of Sydney in the 80's to a T.
  9. As suspected. I also suspect that Hardy is a character that real women have sex with, Reacher's victims are male fantasy
  10. Boy's and Dead cats. Tom Sawyer excerpt chapter VI Huckleberry came and went, at his own free will. He slept on doorsteps in fine weather and in empty hogsheads in wet; he did not have to go to school or to church, or call any being master or obey anybody; he could go fishing or swimming when and where he chose, and stay as long as it suited him; nobody forbade him to fight; he could sit up as late as he pleased; he was always the first boy that went barefoot in the spring and the last to resume leather in the fall; he never had to wash, nor put on clean clothes; he could swear wonde
  11. I often wonder why men have this hard on for Lee Child. Could some of you Australians explain why Peter Corris's, Cliff Hardy, doesn't get borrowed at the same rate? Corris is a great writer, a kind of Sydney based Raymond Chandler.
  12. Um, just how old is Mr M? I've got photo's of me in my school uniform in 1977
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