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  1. And now the shit will hit the fan. Construction's been halted for the next two weeks. The Victorian government will forcibly shutdown all construction sites in metropolitan Melbourne and all other locked down local government areas in response to violent protests on Monday. Key points: Construction sites in metropolitan Melbourne and all other locked down LGAs in Victoria will close for two weeks Union leaders have blamed "extremists" for the violent protests Building industry groups have criticised the government's handling of the industry
  2. Yes but that's just vaccines. What about the 5k limits, the mask wearing and 5 reasons to leave home? These are all the things being used to charge anti vax protesters. Not the protesting it'self. So, if it was up to politicians, they'd likely to be changing the laws regarding protesting. And as you point out, Politicians rarely repeal laws.
  3. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm guessing that public health orders disappear with the State of emergency because that's where the authority comes from. But if you're about to say "you can take off a mask but you cant undo a vaccine" Suck eggs Repealed laws are usually grandfathered.
  4. Is that a problem? Maybe you'd prefer a bunch of politicians wrangling for months and actually permanently changing laws about protest or face coverings
  5. A question. Has China ever invaded another country in the last 80 years apart from Tibet and a brief spat or two with Vietnam in the early 90's
  6. So you're repeating gossip. Now If I'd done that You really think us having a handful of Nukes would deter someone with a lot of Nukes? As it stands, I firmly believe that in the event of a Nucleae showdown between China and the USA, they won't be wasting one of their rather meager supply on US. Unless we have some serious shit belonging to the USA here. And that wont be stored in our capital cities. It's all bullshit. The whole point of the USA and Russia having the tens of thousands that they have is supposed to deter anyone useing them. Isn't it?
  7. Wrong. It was a protest by tradies, construction workers and others. Some of whom may have been CFMEU members. It was NOT a protest sanctioned by the CFMEU.
  8. Shit? has China threatened to Nuke us? I must have missed that.
  9. Good as far as it goes. As long as they are actually breaking the law. And our laws don't change.
  10. No, of course it wouldn't be surprising...to you. It's too far a stretch of your imagination to think that Extremists will use any protest to further their agenda, regardless of the fact that "It is unclear whether all of those protesting are construction workers, after a message on the Melbourne Freedom Rally Telegram group encouraged anti-lockdown protesters to join them." Even your beloved R wing media outlets are reporting that there were infiltrators at that protest. Must be a hard choice for them. Admit that the CFMEU were not responsible for the violence or let a go
  11. So, are you saying there have NOT been Extremist anti vaxers and right wing agitators on the front lines of Melbourne protests? While the CFMEU is one of our more militant left wingUnions, It would be a bit odd for them to be hurling crates and bottles at the CFMEU secretary and headquaters and chanting anti left slogans. It's people like you that are willing tools of these people. Think.
  12. I don't know what's happening to this country. This is like something out of the USA https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/daniel-andrews-slams-tradies-as-protests-heat-up/news-story/955d0f06f3e0115bc2a7252e98094193 More than 100 people dressed in hi-vis gathered outside the Melbourne building on Monday, rallying against the state government requirement that all construction workers receive at least one Covid-19 jab by September 23 It’s believed the violent protest was infiltrated by right-wing extremists and anti-vaccination activists, with police now wo
  13. Seeing as they were throwing crates and bottles at John Setka, Things may not be quite as they seem. A dreadlocked Xavier Rudd-looking hippy currently banging out reggae ballads outside the CFMEU head office in Melbourne has told reporters that he’s just a hard working tradie who disagrees with the idea of mandatory jabs for construction workers. This comes as more than 500 people dressed as construction workers have gathered outside the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) Victorian branch to take their frustrations with the state government out o
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