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  1. Maybe the guy was having a bad day and had rant. So what, we all rant about something or other. Are we condemned forever because we expressed an opinion? But this thread has become hate on America and hate twice as much on Texans. I love America and every Texan I've ever met has been open and welcoming and I've spent allot of time in Texas. One last thing, if your an American and you want to bad mouth America, fuck you, go find another country to live in, there are plenty of people dying to get here who are happy to take your place. Rant over.
  2. We try to go beyond just a fresh water flush. We wash the boat down with fresh water after a sail, rinse the anchor chain as it comes aboard with fresh water and run fresh water through the outboard after each use. Salt water is so corrosive in the Caribbean we do everything possible to try to minimize it's damage. I think we make about 1500 gallons a month for these needs. Plus the misses like a hot shower after a swim or scuba.
  3. Honestly, I don't watch any YouTubers channels except for Leo. We're out cruising, sailing or fixing our boat so we can be cruising or sailing. I don't have time to watch YouTubers. Personally, I don't know if you can judge a person by their online videos. What they think is humorous or poignant may come off differently to viewers. It's better to judge someone in person. The cruising community is pretty small and we've met very few asshats. Almost every cruiser we've met is ready to help a fellow sailor and I would bet that goes for the YouTuber cruisers too. A video is just
  4. We always flush with fresh water and we are only at a dock every six months.
  5. Refitting an older boat is not for the faint of heart or financially challenged.
  6. Wow, 24 pages of bitching and whining about someone you've probably never met. Do you kick the dog when you come home too?
  7. I guess you carry crew Incase the worst happens.
  8. Kick a bucket over the transom
  9. Sounds like a good plan. Are you going inside Long Island?
  10. We've heard all about the stuff. Do you have a route?
  11. Sure they do, they just cost a lot more.
  12. Well it's beautiful in Portland today, fog free, sunny and 75. Hurry, it's not gonna last.
  13. Bulkheads in a Lagoon 44 power cat.
  14. So we dropped and bricked everything last week. The main has a couple minor issues to be fixed, the staysail is fine but the laminate jib is coming apart. The milar holding the scrim is disintegrating. It's not long for this world and will be replaced with a radial hydranet soon.
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