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  1. Plus you need to capture the smell and share it. Because a picture is worth a thousand words but the smell will be indescribable. Not just on the day but every time you turn on the shopvac until the day you take it to the landfill and they grudgingly let you deposit it.
  2. I'd go for the twin wheels. Lower back is dodgy and a recent 12 hour sailing day into a violent storm followed by an eight hour motoring day reminded me why it's not good for the lumbar discs to sit for a long period of time with a 45' twist in the torso.
  3. If you want to feel *a lot* better about it, ask for a quote on having it built in carbon.
  4. WHOM THE GODS WOULD HUMBLE, THEY FIRST GIVE A "FREE" BOAT!!!!! DONT DO IT- IT'S A TRAP!!!!!! That said, and as the possessor of a pretty good jacknife of a boat right now (J/35) as well as a dodgy back and a gut, I'd like something bigger and cruisier, and more aimed at blue water. But still fast enough to do local distance races, some ocean races & transits, and to cruise the Bay with aplomb. I'd like a Hylas 46, a properly kitted out one not the lighter rigged charter version. Since the boat is paid for I'll have money to take the time off... Poseidon might also inflict a
  5. People say 5200 is permanent but a gently wielded propane torch and a heavy push / pull from a big boy will bust loose a through hull. [<- Voice of Actual Experience.] The wider body of a rudder bearing secured with 5200 or similar tenacious adhesive is likely prone to getting a little sideways and binding up a little as it's removed so it would make sense to keep it as straight as possible (both on the horizontal and vertical axis) and pull it out carefully, in line with the tube. Slug's idea of a bung (to help keep the pulling effort straight and even) sounds smart here too... [&
  6. That is one of the two standard fixes for the questionable original Catalina 27 keelboat setup with dissolving steel keelboats, based on my thoroughly faulty memories of my own Catalina 27 and my time in one of the Catalina 27 owner's group. Owners did the bore-in-from-the-sides solution with fat barrel nut type fittings roughly the diameter of the bore holes and possibly bedded in with epoxy if memory serves. Catalina Direct provided the alternative light weight solution with some lag bolts sistered in next to the rotting original J-bolts. The lagbolts had what my classy British friends wou
  7. I believe the "Charge" light being on means the diesel mech is going to be at my boat about three weeks from now and charge me a lot of money to fix something.
  8. Always the prettiest race of the year, possible exception of any race that I'm in.
  9. I've watched a bunch of his videos, incl. crossing the Atlantic and riding out storms. He's no Webb Chiles but he's figured some things out and seems to have the right "I'll just deal with it" attitude. I have a lot of respect for the guy.
  10. As a married owner who grew up in a rural area, I've finally figured out that with boats, women and horses, it makes more sense for most people to ride other people's. And if you have to whip out your wallet to make it happen, it's better to charter than to own. And that IC 37 is a rich guy boat. Nothing against rich guys - they make it so my sailmaker doesn't have to rely on my cheap ass to pay for his kids' college, and places like NYYC have done amazing things for sailing. But a $340k entry price with a $50k annual sail budget ain't going to "maximize participation" unless yo
  11. Aw shoot. You guys are too kind. As for this: As if you could rein it in... it's your brand and keeps them of us in the peanut gallery amused most of the time. As for being a recidivist F[h]atebook offender, well, aren't you just the Chopper Read of dank meme posting... Don't talk to me about Fb Jail... I've been there and have the Fb sock puppet account and Gill sailing shorts worn halfway down my ass to prove I've been on the inside, man.
  12. As with every boat decaying year to year in a yard, on a hook or in a marina, The Dream Dies Hard.
  13. I'm posting mainly because this is going to have an interesting follow up in a year or two, or in three weeks, and I don't want to miss it. This Anarchy place is filled with the biggest bunch of mountebanks, villeins, lunatics, egotists, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists. But I would probably sail or booze quite
  14. Is your strut really short on the bottom? Asking because I had a strut that had some rot toward the aft end of its upside down T. The yard ground about a quarter of inch off the bronze and put in the next size shorter cutlass bearing. The guy who ran the yard - a fellow with a marine engineering degree - said I'd have to replace the strut in another 25 or 30 years, but it would be fine until then. Not sure if your strut has enough length, fore-aft on the bottom of the inverted T, but I'd look into it. Struts ain't cheap.
  15. Glad you made it in safe and sound. The short period Chesapeake Chop South of Cove Point is miserable in 25-30 kts particularly if the wind and ride are not in agreement. I think you at least had a southerly which would have made the trip North much more relaxing than a beat into the chop. And all that just makes the placid creeks of Solomon's and the bars and restaurants that much more welcoming and memorable. Have a safe sail back.
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