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  1. If you're talking about Monmouth Hills and the Water Witch gambling clubhouse (from the lawn of which they would watch the AC races off Sandy Hook), I grew up in one of the original houses. The club house was not officially NYYC, but members were definitely well represented, and the wagers were serious money from what we were told.
  2. That's not the 'public' you're looking at - those are full functioning bots. Not only did LR's first boat turn out pretty well, but they have by far the most advanced 'entertainment'/'cross training' for the crew during the mandatory quarantine.
  3. Barry S's new boat. IMO it's going to be awesome.
  4. It was such a privilege. It's funny - I hadn't listened to that album since forever (I basically never listen to my own stuff) but this thread made me go back just because I miss Bob so much and I gotta say it - that's a fucking great record even with me on it! The amazing thing about Bloomfield was that he could pull it out right up to the end - not every night, but every now and then just nail it, like he'd traveled back in time to the Fillmore circa '68. Michael's If You Love These Blues, Play Em As You Please that he recorded with Guitar Magazine in '76 is very worth having. Roy
  5. I question the point of your vendetta. Surely a more adult solution would be to quit dogging him with personal attacks.
  6. This one - Michael at the top of his game before the heroin erosion began in earnest:
  7. Some great players on that record - Jimi Bott from the Fabulous T-birds plays drums on about half of it, John Zangrando on sax. It was all recorded live in the studio old school style, mostly first take with a few overdubs here and there. I played a couple old Les Pauls and a '56 tele - Bob took the lead on Do Me with his '53 blackguard tele and just killed. The studio where we recorded on Maui (A'ala) probably has some if you can't find it and are really interested.
  8. When I was a kid, I learned Michael Bloomfield and Friends Live at the Fillmore note for note. Bob was the drummer on that album - so when he moved to Maui in the early 2000s to restore his grandmother's house (he'd grown up on Oahu before moving to Cali in the 60s to join We Five), and a radio programmer/personality (Barry Shannon, also rip) who knew I was a Bloomfield fan hooked us up, it was like we'd played together our entire lives. Blues on the West Side was amazing to record - that's Nick Gravenites on second vocal, and Mark Naftalin on keys, with me playing the front guitar. Recording
  9. Bloomfield was one of my first guitar heroes, and I played with his drummer from the early 70s until the end - the amazing Bob Jones - for years before he too passed on. We even recorded a tribute album called Michael and Me. Man did Bob have some stories!
  10. 1) Managing aged care facilities in a pandemic is part of 'pandemic management', and -as you note - NZ has the same vulnerabilities as Sweden which suggests a simlar approach will produce a similar (bad) outcome. 2) I have never mentioned infection rates - the metric that counts is the fatality rate/million population. By this metric, Sweden is ranked 8th from worst on the entire planet. The US - which has basically blown it on every level - is currently sitting 10th. Why on earth would you wish an outcome like this on an amazing place like NZ? 3) I am not an expert, but the scientis
  11. A Swede, a Dane, and a Norwegian walk into a bar.....could happen!
  12. You conveniently ignored/failed to quote the rest of my post: Currently Italy - one of the worst hit countries that was taken totally by surprise and had zero time to prepare - also has an infection rate of less than 300 per day. And that's with 6X Sweden's population (60 million vs 10 million). Meanwhile, Sweden's neighbors - Denmark, Norway and Finland, who had the same amount of time to prepare as Sweden - have (as I noted) 1/5 to 1/10 the fatality rate and 144, 28 and 22 new cases per day respectively. With regards to Sweden 'modifying their model', yes - hindsight is 20/20, and
  13. The fact that they're both on starboard tack also provides a clue!
  14. As a Swede, I would never debate your contention about the 'denseness' of Danes!
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