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  1. Maybe try Pineapple down in Alameda? https://pineapplesails.com/
  2. No, at some point around the time Navy went to the Mk II version of the Navy 44 (the sloops), the Coasties awarded Morris Yachts a contract to build "Leadership 44s." Similiar to, but not the same as the Navy 44 MkII, they were very well built. https://www.cruisingworld.com/sailboats/leadership-44-sturdy-and-progressive/ https://www.practical-sailor.com/sailboat-reviews/new-boat-review-a-look-inside-the-new-leadership-44 Leadership 44: Navy 44 Mk II:
  3. Honestly, I think half the time, the skeg was supported by the rudder, not the other way around To get a skeg that skinny to provide any real support would be A: Heavy, and B: Really hard to build/mold...
  4. Artic Tern was one of the four boats fiberglass versions ordered by USCGA. It was never a USNA boat. Look closely at the spin and you'll see sail number CGA 1
  5. Amati, There is no doubt that either biased or poor officiating can impact the results of the game (as it were). But to me, a sport has an "objective score." Score more baskets, more goals, swim faster, etc. Art is judged to be really good, or not as good. That is not to say that judged events don't require great athleticism, as many do. But like ballet, which while it requires a great deal of athletic ability is not a "sport" neither (IMHO) are "sports" such as skateboarding, snowboarding, or gymnastics. There is no objective scoring. It's not how fast you go, or how many goals yo
  6. This is officiating, as in "did a rule get broken" vice judging to determine a "subjective" score based on how well the judges believe a performer did.
  7. Actually, you could give them the choice to either sail from their club (not in Hawaii), or sail from LA or San Fran (Hawaii Clubs, and anyone that wants to). Takes out the "I have to sail farther" than you did factor... Then you need to institute a decade long nationality requirement. If the Cup is every 4 years, then being a resident for 10 means you largely stop all this jumping around by Barker, Spithill, Dickson, etc, etc... Finally, you have to pick a class of boats (Like the 52s) that are an active class that has been in place for at least the last 9 years, with class rules
  8. Take some slop out of the foreguy. If you have rake and shrouds set per tuning guide, and still have a bunch of slop in the forestay, you have too much forestay. tighten headstay to have only a little slop, and genny 2 inches or so off shrouds...
  9. The Navy films all flight deck operations and radio calls to enable it to conduct a more thorough mishap investigation and be able to accurately determined what happened and why it happened, so that we can make appropriate changes to training and procedures to minimize or mitigate the risks inherent in landing aircraft on a ship. I think the email author's intent was to try to replicate that idea or process. If we know how someone went overboard, and what the crew did/did not do while attempting to recover that MOB, we would be able to take much more effective and positive steps at both prev
  10. By the time I was on the team, 79-83, my memory is that all the boats had the mod. So they must have done them right in the late 70s, early 80s allowing for some mis-remembering...
  11. Yeah, don't look to closely at the very pointy part of the bow either. Though it was mostly just scraped paint. The other guy didn't fare quite as well... Did mean my name was on the Port/Starboard Trophy at the old Marmadukes. I was, at least, on Starboard...
  12. Linky to J/9 BIRW write up by Al Johnstone... https://www.jboats.com/2021-newsletter/newsletter-july-7-2021
  13. Why end the bow pulpit so far aft of the bow? I get the pulled back headstay, but a longer pulpit would seem to make sense (at least to me). I'd hate to have to climb over the pulpit to sort and anchor chain/rode issue in a lumpy, windy anchorage (which is when those sorts of things happen to you)
  14. Plus mine always made me look like a better sailor than I was! Great all round boat with lots of strengths and no real weaknesses
  15. Funny how that boat presaged so many of todays cruisers. Portlights in the hull to disguise the high freeboard, and emphasis on volume for accommodations over sailing performance, and, for its time, a fat ass, also for accommodations.
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