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  1. At 145 pounds, 66 years old and a bad leg, an Aero is as much as I want to haul up a ramp (all up on a dolly it's more like 100 lbs., not 66). But I don't want another adult in my Aero at any point. Plenty of folks my size can manage getting a Laser up and down a ramp, but if you get anything above 160 lbs, I suspect you'll struggle. You said nothing about the other adult, whether they're an active participant or animated ballast, but if they're like most other people who "would love to go sailing", you'll be solo most of the time. I had a Feva and loved it, and I agree those above that it's t
  2. I don't have one now, and I don't see them racing anywhere. The few I see around are pretty beaten up. I had one in the early '70s and really enjoyed it - we routinely beat the Lidos and did really well with the generous handicap the C-Lark was handed. After 48 years or so, I can't remember any tips, or even if I originally had any. For a while there were C-Lark fleets all around the NW. As I recall, there might be a few still sailing around Lake Chelan, but I never run into more than 1 or 2 anywhere in sailable condition. If you're after good fleet racing in a 14' two-hander in the NW, the Li
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