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  1. Couldn't have said it better. And you know what's more, just about everyone is happy with the exception of a small handful of basement dwelling kiwis who are adamant in dismissing a brilliant new format until their hometown heroes performance begins to match their recently inflated national sailing egos. The tune will change as soon as PB starts posting more impressive results than just sandbagging the brits... It's sailing, and it's even on the TV! What on earth could we possibly have to moan about?
  2. It's an interesting twist on a match race finish... a match race that keeps the lead boat a bit more honest by incentivizing the 3rd to stay split causing vmg and tactics to remain relevant at the front. I think it's smart as shit.
  3. Holy shit, what a day! This format and these conditions are the clear future of the sport. I desperately want to see this fleet in smaller AC75s like Te Kahu. Those rip. I had significant doubts after the production issues on day 1, but what a spectacle this is turning out to be! Can't wait to see these 3-boat finals with a more competitive 3rd place disrupting the match race... tactically incredible development to the sport format. I'm hooked.
  4. Yes, which was apparent because of the difference in jib choice. Easily remedied by LR.
  5. I think we're all making a bit too much out of the observed speed difference right now. It was a few meters of headsail choice away from being another masterclass in match racing control by JS.
  6. The racing is just so fucking good from the pre start all the way through the second leg. Incredible, nail-biting edge-of-your-seat stuff. I've never been more entertained.
  7. In all likelihood ETNZ has both between the seamless single alerion and increased sail power from their boomless main extension. Some of the recent footage of them in the light stuff seems to me to support the idea that they're just making way more lift than the other boats with less foil area.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG-rCop-c1I&t=0s Ultimes blow my fucking mind. Ocean foiling is such a gamechanger.
  9. What a show this restart is shaping up to be. I've been getting such a kick out of watching the absurd distances that are eclipsed between each transmission. Absolutely unreal, I think there is a legitimate future in Ultime racing like this, not just record attempts.
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