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  1. The long triangular shape on floor is the area aft of the main beam. Cockpit shell is nearest camera. The angled forward main beam lies on its side to the right. The thing above beam is the forward hull skeleton. Have been using thin ply that has been lying around in shed. Because up until the last few days it has been impossible to buy materials in Auckland because of the dreaded Covid 19.
  2. Almost finished the after and larger section of the above water central pod. When I finish the forward central hull part, will be able to assemble the tri/catamaran. Which will be named Frog 2. The main beam is finished. Have shortened it by a metre and a half because original tri platform was excessively wide for a cat. Am thinking of 5 metre length fine floats with braces fore and aft at the beam/float connection. To stiffen the area. Because there is only one beam. Will post images tomorrow.
  3. I like 4 standing up and articulating with a sharp and balanced mind to the weak and silly defecation that is often posted here.
  4. Decided the mast triangulation support was too deep, would be too close to water surface - so sawed off the lot and started again. Did I say was following my nose?
  5. You call Adagio tortured ply construction; this is tortured.
  6. Beam (inverted) with added central section reinforcement.
  7. Maybe. Aside from the central hull being above water and the floats are larger, that is pretty much the same as the original Frog.
  8. 69FU7360.xcf Decisions. So many to chose from. At the moment reinforcing the main beam .... so when finished will soon have to bite the bullet.
  9. Beyond fugly and miserable performance.
  10. Central cockpit with internal dolphin striker and carrying mast bearing.
  11. Changes: floats are now 7 metres, central cockpit somewhat shorter than the outer hulls but with rudder aligned with float transoms. Or maybe I should hang the rudder or rudders off the hulls - like any conventional catamaran. But I like the idea of a single rudder off the central cockpit. Have repaired and attached the main beam to make one unit.
  12. But I wanted the gains from wide spaced foils, meaning that the main beam could be built less wide than say, Hydroptere's way oversquare (and heavy) overall beam. So on Frog the efficiency loss was compensated by the lighter weight (and less aerial drag) main beam. On earlier designs I've played with inverted T foils also in sloping "conventional" J and L designs. To my "suck and see" amateur approach/mind I can't see or feel the theoretical differences between in facing/out facing foils. They all work. And the very high aspect ratio inverted T foils on the beyond fast AC75s, half of
  13. Extremely crude sketches of Frog 2 ideas. The middle one is of the central above water hull with rudder ideas. The floats will be 4 metres long. The windward float foil will be lifted/lowered from central cockpit.
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