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  1. Groucho ready for mast lift but unfortunately I have to wait for an ugly bilge keeler that has got stuck under my pohutukawa gantry; tides will increase end of next week.


  2. On 3/18/2021 at 3:11 PM, southseasbill said:

    Haha. You got me there Stingers!

    The AC75s are in actuality, leeward proas?  Think about it.

    And don't play the ballast game; even conventional dagger/centreboards carry weight. To sink them.



  3. 6 hours ago, 45Roller said:

    And this same country was dead against building them out of fibre glass, right? :rolleyes:

    Am I missing your subtle innuendo; thought I made it overly obvious I was referring to NZ. Where the first glass 12 metre (Kiwi Magic) was built - when the 12s were all alloy - and the glass Kiwi was considered a grossly unfair cheat. Remember Conner's whinging?

  4. Always this quasi-religious reference to the boring !2 metres; the 12s, in reality of the time period, were complete and utter pigs/dogs/turkeys - and they were NOT the apotheosis  of yacht design of the period.  In that semi-outlaw/outrageous country of radical yacht design and development, you know the one I'm referring to, where the oinker 12s were blindly considered the peak of race yacht development, there had already been, for a number of years, truly advanced, lightweight and outrageously fast sailing designs from Farr, Whiting, Davidson and Young. And dare I mention the other outlaws of the time, the multihulls.


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  5. Vestas, a one way track proa with very special high speed foils, is 65 knot fast, that is definitely fast - but the AC75s, which sail both port and starboard tacks and gybes, have hit what, according to gossip, mid to late 50s? Getting close, cobra?

  6. Wing mast is ready to paint. Chord is a little less than the original at 450mm. Old wing mast was 520mm. A bit too greedy?  Conservatism rules. But new mast is lighter too. And has more carbon because the outer skin is only 2mm. Central web is also thicker than original at 4.5mm.

    About time. Groucho is on mooring waiting. Looks okay in black/yellow livery. Like a wasp.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, barfy said:

    Didn't I see that rita made 2 or three more manoeuvres against AM but still sailed heaps less distance, presumably because of better pressure?

    Always looked the faster of the competition (well, obviously) and was pointing considerably higher when beating as well.

  8. From my suck and see experience you set the D mast  rotation and automatically the windward and leeward mains move to correct? shape. Granted this setup is much smaller scale and far less sophisticated than the AC75s - but it works fine for me.  The two  mains are only connected at mast peak and clew - so the sails can slide on each other.


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  9. MOD 70 with locked mainsail sheet; just asking for trouble?

    But that system has been improved since those days.

    All I'm saying is that you could have an AC75 (with tri foiler configuration) that would be less complex to build/sail and have similar or better performance than present set up. And especially in light conditions. when the non-foiling, heavy AC75s are an unfunny joke.

  10. You could go back to single luff mains on the next AC configuration - but these expert crews and designers have made big advances with their double skin mains. Why drop that new skill information?

    Blue Arrow was brilliant but also a brilliant failure too.

    I learnt the hard way that you have to have more than just a foil out there to leeward.


  11. The 75s (68s?) are astonishing in any decent breeze but beyond a very sad joke in lighter airs. Also they are tippy (dangerous?) bastards when even the best crews in the world screw up during tacks.

    The solution for next AC round?

    Keep the same monohull configuration but dump the beyond complex foil entanglements.

    Meaning a true trimaran foiler.  With small floats.

    Not much different than present concept.

    But no ballast.

    And instead of the beyond complex canting mechanism, have alterable angle of attack foils, So the small windward float and foil flies clear. No water drag. Minimal air drag.

    Very simple. Very, very fast,  And definitely safer? No?



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  12. Both square, ultra lightweight, Auckland designs: first one, 11.3 metre (37 feet), second foil tri 7.2 metre (22 plus feet), the latter strictly a single handed design. Smaller design has a D shaped mast for double luff main.  No, not being serious.


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